Russell Brand Asks Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

The comedian's reaction when a girl brings up Katy Perry is a must-see.
4:45 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Russell Brand Asks Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving
Each year on Thanksgiving. Americans yeah. Nancy feasting and football and family. The theory asks. Come Thanksgiving really don't do we know. Comedian and actor Russell Brand decided he went to pull himself and take a look at what happened back. That's an. Continuing American find out Thanksgiving ugly stuff off the truth about its genuine American love vigils and now. My name address to a living. Can you help me to understand what Thanksgiving Maine's yeah. Yeah yeah yeah they hear much. Drive colonized so maybe you'd like if thank like a fire and then you got bank gave thanks to put in my house out dump fire. Having been let go. Wall is Thanksgiving. Beauty therapy. And thank you. And yes yes and I've been. And now these thankful for life yeah. Found lying. Blame. It was you can tell you something. And a baby. I don't think. Okay. And by any fun. In the low. Giving him a really great. Okay. We need punishment both. And. Any Ariane. Be okay. I want you aren't gonna drive his eye on the ground by the best builder in the invading. On the ground he traveled in. Yeah. Okay okay and that was how Thanksgiving. Was in pain yeah. Hello Clement I'm building fewer children. I help. Okay okay united tonight about Thanksgiving walk actual noise visit Turkey night yeah. And melodic. Oh. I sometimes I think I'm learning less about Turkey day as we've got a long night. Think they precedent with Becky diamond is not great. 200 minute. The UV. Until the recorded vote. When you think you get in the Malcolm Kelly wasn't. You tell me has infringing Thanksgiving and classical. The mice that let you know when it came look I'm from. Who invented Thanksgiving yeah. Yeah Elaine found anything. All of them. We'll I want you to try to look at it more relaxing. Thank jaded Americans are high Russell Branyan English man. How and that couple mention of my ex wife I've ever. Okay. I'm not bad yeah. Well I'm Margaret. All. Cook Thanksgiving the tradition with. It's very very happy you can't let it avoid. I think I'm Cuban Americans and Ingrid. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The comedian's reaction when a girl brings up Katy Perry is a must-see.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27174050","title":"Russell Brand Asks Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving","url":"/Entertainment/video/russell-brand-asks-children-meaning-thanksgiving-27174050"}