‘Schitt’s Creek’ pop-up shops open in Los Angeles, New York

Pop TV opens a “Schitt’s Creek” pop-up and over 2,000 fans are expected to attend each weekend.
3:45 | 11/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Schitt’s Creek’ pop-up shops open in Los Angeles, New York
I'm running a coup that for ABC news life in Hollywood think David it's the end of the full comedy skits creek. Get to experience show you real life that is pop up experience. This weekend in Los Angeles next month in the inner city pop TV has put on. This immersive experience you've been living in this that's from the fountains. Rosa poppy carry you got. The motel room with that cute green tie help people call it that you got that family portrait that was the family's prized possession. In their older life and then kinda comes back. Upon them later on and of course you've got the winner is. We call. We think the average gallon a little closer here and they show airs on pop he even got hot heat president Brad Schwartz here in cafe tropic house. Brad tell me a bit about this experience all huge fans we'll meet you guys on it did it. You know you know it's we've we've done five seasons of the show and it's are going into the sixth and final season. We are thinking you know we got to thinking about how much. This show is just been driven by fanned them and how fans of meant so much of the show and as we walked in the sixties in the final season we. How can we reward the fans for all of that love and dedication and to try to recreate the town and allow people to come and visit the town and take photos in the town. We just that is a wonderful way to get back to all of the fans would've meant so much the show. The actual menu from the show if you remember they get overwhelmed by all of the items and like. More pages of food. This is actually looking actors are looking at. In the show when their act happy prophet out there is so much love for the show its Emmy nominated. The pop up sold out immediately eat. Let me your network tickets hands on the show and did you guys know we do this well hope. Take a question oh. So when they were when they are putting the show together. Dan and I had worked together previously at MTV in Canada and and he was doing this show and he brought it to us. And obviously Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara were and it were to legends. Chris Elliott whose four time Emmy nominee was in it. So you kind of put it all together and those like you know that on Dan once before and we did great things together that's gonna bet on him again. And and this noon. He turned in this jam. Our whole office is accessed with the show anyone who doesn't show in our office gets cornered by every line in this does go home and binge watch again. Immediately. And it's interesting because these characters are. So absurd and unlikable and deplorable but you root for them and you ended frying with them and laughing with them. Did you now or at the show creators Dan. Know that you would have that connection with audiences like that when you are going in ten. Yeah it's it's really tested to Dan and and how he's developed the show's season after season I'm I think in the first season. It was easy to say that it's just this kind of wealthy family that lost all their money and and and maybe not mean not weren't the most likable. I think that changed over and over the seasons. The character development in the show it's extraordinary how you know this experience that they're all put in changes. And that's at the character development it's very rare to see in television you know like the people that they are in season six are very different than what they were in season one. And all of the things that happened to them throughout the seasons have impacted their personalities it's. It's just brilliant and that we all get to go on that ride with them. If you don't get to experience the pop up don't fret because the sixth and final season comes to pop TV in January up. Fourteen final at this that's violence sit regrouped with my parents Johnny David and access I am in need of food in Hollywood and you're watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Pop TV opens a “Schitt’s Creek” pop-up and over 2,000 fans are expected to attend each weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67211523","title":"‘Schitt’s Creek’ pop-up shops open in Los Angeles, New York","url":"/Entertainment/video/schitts-creek-pop-shops-open-los-angeles-york-67211523"}