Spotlight on Latino Film Festival

Actor and writer Eddie Mujica of "UNO POR UNO: The Cuban Missile Crisis" and Diana Peralta, director of "De Lo Mio" talk the importance of including various experiences of the Latino community.
2:59 | 08/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spotlight on Latino Film Festival
Before we go I have to tell you about something really special if you didn't know this week with the sixteenth annual New York Latino film festival presented by AT BL. It's the premiere internationally recognized the band for Latinos cinema in this country there's so many great films and docs. And panels to check out and I'm happy to be joined by two of the filmmaker that we're feet Syrian. Any move he and Diana restaurants. Personal congratulations. You guys this is a big deal right yeah well that's your first. Festival this is my fair festival but the second time I'm playing in the IX it's just awesome to be back home showing the fountain my people. Yeah I had my shorts have been a couple festivals as well but it's always greats Indian Latino vote soon enough and played for. Our friends and I want to talk about your your movies because I watch them their incredible and I want everyone to watch them you have to short yet. Yes in this festival. Jeanne ringer and therefore we know Cuban missile crisis and you the filmmaker four days Lumia yes Salem Leo amazing. Now let's start with you. You're funny. If you're funny. Things they're really funny but it's it's interesting because the stories you tell really. Tapping into the issue is that Latino people are facing also yes so talk about Cuban missile crisis could I was cracking up and our thoughts and Alan. Thanks so much so for both I'd like T you know. Bring the audience in by making them laugh but also you know having something to say. And Cuban missile crisis was something that album huge basketball fan I love ESPN's thirty for thirty's documentaries so I thought let me make a documentary. Based on my love of basketball my grew greater brotherly critically split basketball for the Cuban national team. So little bit of that it's a Cuban immigrant that comes to play at a picnic basket while the candidate and he's really again but he's dressed in jeans and I think he's got to cross and England's like was this guy. But he's actually really gets it tells that story. And what about your is yours was more serious hour long. Really slowly let him breathe it's beautiful cinema tiger being what's your story about. Car herself. My story is kind of homecoming sorry it's about these two Dominican American sisters where super close. Who have acted Dominican Republic for the first time in years to reunite with their exchanged half banner because their father passed away and they are reuniting to ante up his childhood home. So it's a bit about coming home stay for the girls we're going back to their roots. And it's a bit of the drama there's also comedy casino that he knows where we're funny people we deal with. I think through comedy is lines he now yeah. Sell the siblings reunite the kind of love each other have a good time that they expect to come mid. Terms of the fact that they're losing their connection with each other and losing their connections islands. Some serious do that stuff. Seriously you really put a lot of culture and there's some guys you have to check it out again. Gala meal from Diana Peralta and Roanoke Roanoke. Cuban missile crisis and dreamer from any leak incredible talent unsafe you guys for being with us leads dated.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Actor and writer Eddie Mujica of \"UNO POR UNO: The Cuban Missile Crisis\" and Diana Peralta, director of \"De Lo Mio\" talk the importance of including various experiences of the Latino community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65018474","title":"Spotlight on Latino Film Festival","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotlight-latino-film-festival-65018474"}