'Stan & Ollie' stars on playing the famous dynamic duo

John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan talk about how they prepared to play comedic icons.
4:01 | 12/20/18

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Transcript for 'Stan & Ollie' stars on playing the famous dynamic duo
Ladies and gentlemen. News channel missed all of a hot. But thank you both some pictures you're talking to us I'm a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy. Is another nice nest. Can you give us a little bit of background asked how you prepared for your girls. Well it's. Finally has it in the you have the rehearsal period and the actual preparations to make the movie but then both Steve and I have been aware of Laurel and Hardy our whole lives so in some way. It's sort of preparing or lose meditating about these guys and thinking about them they do that for your whole life so. And that is a really intimidating jobs take on we found a way to it by doing the things that they did which is doing to our news scenes and rehearsing songs and dances. Times that not. Oldest. We really need that trunk well analyst Janet together. We've got albums cost from makeup John. Huge bonus faces many thought they had a big. Fat suit and had little makeup and use the study myself when he's have to best up candy trying to figure a way through all of. Looking in the marriage you know I'm sure if all the Mika that helps you get into character to range. Well he and that's funny thing like. Unlike most movies I've spent about fifteen minutes in the nick of two Erica I'm very impatiently contrary easily you sit there and think you look at your lines visiting America and often do you work. In this case it was sitting there for three hours. Thinking about the scene that day thinking about our party and it careful because of the make up time and afforded me this long kind of like. You know time to ponder what we're doing yes I felt really prepared and in the in the zone by the time I got this early Tuesday because at O time. And Mike sure you both to the story when major Miami this town I think it was because. It wasn't the regular by epic in terms of trying to. Chart every moment of the lives it was like a slice of the lives really sets in the period where after they were famous. When they were the stars it's the stock had fallen as she told you yet was setting up a RO. Pass. It might be best if you could seal way to a small grease you're setting up on your own time. How about this baby still under contract with me and I -- releasing you can't have hardly without more. There were trying to revive the career isn't in lights for Europe. And the UK just that two some money has the room broke. And when you when you down and a look at that's when you really find that your friends aren't they discovered kind of belatedly that. Best friend was to each other two they hadn't on that when there will look into. Hard to believe looking at their earlier work that they weren't just minimal because the end zone. Going home last night together and having dinner like. But in fact during their negativity they were very different people and they spent the social time apart. And then it was during these tourists the which is why. Makes it sets her fertile time period to focus on for a film about them. These these fiasco Torres is where they became closers where they learn to love each other as human beings. And it's also a nationally sort of retrospective moment in a life. You know they're both older guys towards the end of kicker all right Steve died within two years of this two or so. Excuse and actually kind of looking back is zip rather than having to do every single little bit of their life and his uncle biopic way. These member and actually looking back on their lives at this time so it was a really evocative thing to focus on. Congratulations. Folks incredible incredible lack thank you. It's it's.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan talk about how they prepared to play comedic icons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59937685","title":"'Stan & Ollie' stars on playing the famous dynamic duo","url":"/Entertainment/video/stan-ollie-stars-playing-infamous-dynamic-duo-59937685"}