Sunny Anderson, from Air Force to Food Network Star

Sunny Anderson on her path to becoming an author and Food Network Host.
3:09 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Sunny Anderson, from Air Force to Food Network Star
I'm Sonny Anderson host of food network's cooking for -- own homemade America and now -- -- -- kitchen easy food for a life. This get smoked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a passion for to us lives and living you know and I think a lot of times people you get a job her career and he basically go home. To work parliament where you get into this vicious cycle where you're just basically working to live in living at work and I've always. Made by example of my parents and growing up. Tried to catch life when I can't. And part of catching life is doing things if you love that week off work. And it does make biscuits all day every day. I decided I wanted to be in broadcasting. So I went to didn't vote I am a -- -- trained -- killer. And it gave -- a career field that -- only that I love to do before I got in. But that I can continue to do when I got out of the air force so my transition from the air force started before I even got in the air force. That some. Glaze is just so simple to do just a little bit of the orange -- -- -- brown sugar and then pumpkin -- with. Being part of Food Network can have my own show national -- and even now you know international. Is still is flag what. I was so nervous when Alex -- it's the first time had ever roadmap. For nerves -- of this. Think things that hey you know you can help me out that's and I realize there's like Johnny Carson you know he's pulling me on. I was so. Shocked. That you'll never see this -- that solidly re -- but I snapped some military attention. I popped up message yes there. Back I don't like -- and by general. My first book is -- -- Easy for alive and I'm really excited about because it -- lie I've been waiting forever to write this book. Isn't is really simple recipes -- -- There are America -- you know things like. -- acres -- that I loved from Germany in her time there at an army brat that suspending its chicken fried steak. So it's really also just making some international foods. Not so international. I get to do and I love which is cook. And share talk and laugh at -- Still to this day -- night his. Like I don't even believe I'm saying goes on the military. You know like -- done so much and I'm 38. Got hopefully you know time left to continue to keep doing war. I feel good.

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{"id":20600440,"title":"Sunny Anderson, from Air Force to Food Network Star","duration":"3:09","description":"Sunny Anderson on her path to becoming an author and Food Network Host. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/sunny-anderson-air-force-food-network-star-20600440","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}