Sunny Hostin speaks to film producer Will Packer

“The View” co-host discuses diversity in the film industry with the producer of movies such as “The Photograph” and “Girls Trip” as a part of ABC News’ Black History Month speaker series.
37:52 | 02/12/20

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Transcript for Sunny Hostin speaks to film producer Will Packer
I'm really thrilled to be here with olive view I'm fortunate to be a part of the national dialogue on the view every day to talk about issues that matter the most to me. We've talked a lot on the show about how diversity and equality in film and TV still have a really long way to go I'll. And remains in my view especially slow for people of color. We saw that this past we saw that this past weekend with the Oscars right it's it's when he twenty and only one actor of color was nominated. And it's not just isolated to the Academy Awards the Baptist. The British version of the Oscars didn't nominate. One not a single actor of color. And I want to point out though people of color are making strides in the film industry. And here with us today is a man who has carved his own path to success despite the roadblocks and has become an undeniable. Figure in Hollywood. Thanks to his love. A black audiences. He's behind hit films like girl strip. Write a law straight out of Compton think like a man and the upcoming romance the photograph which I saw last night and it is fat meal us. It's films have grossed more than one. Billion. Dollars at the box office please welcome Emmy nominated and and my friend. We'll pack. One billion dollar Eric. No I get nervous and you say that it. I got my year robbed in the parking lot. Was gone over it but it is not a nice you know that can say is that miss okay I got a lot of good. Good okay. The other good news. I cited before we start I heard the the the power cameo yes OK what was your favorite cameo ever in the history of your movie career this is. It was girls' trip and my girl trip yet you know it yet it was yacht fleet say no way girls' trip you did you have great thank you get as good of you can be reassured if she didn't say that they'll use. Your very last day you now Betty did that come on I you don't jump I'm just happy you're here. Osgood and you're here and that is back in you know be in a position in my life down. A part of this kind of Madonna. Yeah well you may hear your name in Hollywood. And I'm so proud of that thank you and you know I've always been a big fan and a a supporter yes you have but I want to star from the beginning because there people don't realize that. Personally went HB CU yes proud family right lord Danielle. Thank you got a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering yes. In Agnes who allowed by athletics yes how on. Earth did an electrical engineer. Become a Hollywood mobile producer had no idea I don't know I mean is is simple let's ask you literature. They do you know what's interesting is that I was always semi that was good in math and science on high school right. And I got a scholarship to go to fan you in engineering I didn't want to go. Brilliantly I got accepted into 'cause I was like you know I was this kid that had -- test scores and that was my thought I was just that issue right. I was I want to Ivy League school and I sept I was gonna go to actually the it doesn't go to Wharton. Yeah and down I got a scholarship before I Scots had to go to fan you because it. Time it would trying to get more African Americans in this still programs signs not mathematics. And so I got a full ride to go to Pham human pin was offer me nothing. And me saying that same story really yeah yeah my parents. CA I. Listed. You cannot do anything you want in life. You can see any game if you want to be in life. But it's no look Glaxo bid go and be applauded and America being hot hot hot yeah full ride scholarship. In the fall pigs I had if they. Story did he really I want it to goats Cornell aisle and I just got no money I got the big offered at Binghamton offer beautiful ride of my father convinced me that I was so Smart people should they need to go to an. How about that tough cover up that and I am glad that went yeah so I have ever. Have a bad season never real because I definitely grew into into who I am today it was an a nurturing environment level of support people think about HB CUs and think well it's. You know there's not enough diversity is not a lifting but it could be farther from the truth it's such a competitive environment yeah and I didn't have I didn't stand out any. Right like even a high school I was like. The black kid in the AP classes and blanket and on his program and that gave me a leg up and I use that rang. I would ban new and they it was like aunt. I'm. Everybody was like yeah. Top of the line you know yeah and so I had to find other ways it is to get but it was it was the right experience for me. And that's why I started making films really and you and what what. Me to start making films what what was the love what was this park you know one of the great things about any Cox especially species is the relationships right in the network and so there was a guy's name Rob Hart. My differences and easy as a very active Hollywood director Nina a lot of television. And he wanted to be the next likely. And I helped him to make our first movie was caught shocked the city. And it was a movie about college life as we knew it and so it was a movie about like fanned you about a arm you know friends in life on campus and all of that. And I helped him like two to tested it to find the the money for it and we made that move the incident to Hollywood because we dot that's that you do you make movies about Hollywood frail what's. Oscar has beens is and it. Nobody I would care about our little movie. However. At Fam you. They really cared about him. And so we would do small screenings there on campus and in Tallahassee for our movie and down we got crazy support from the campus. And that's what really launch a career lasted you know what. This is the business I've been looking for like I don't have to go to warned this is the business model for me and so that's what really kind of lost my fill out yeah well Kendall and I've been to Europe offices and in Los Angeles yes and you built it from the ground up will pack a production yes. What was your initial vision of what kind of content you want to create and how difficult. Was it to bills that come out what to do all kinds Wisconsin yet thank you we're doing okay. I want to make content for. Am I learned about niche audiences while I was you know making my first movies and so I want to make sure that. I've made movies for an audience OK but that felt like they could before anybody wanted to tell universal stories but has specificity for specific audience. Now one of your firsts films was swapped yet romance thriller out at someone like dad asked that let us to freak you view of the not. It's. Pop pop. Hot swap stance from an odds that's why I'm not. It was an erotic thriller and it was cannot take on a on a basic instinct of failed actually kind of move yes but of. Some of your more notable films are different films are stompie art yet seen that yet at a Compton. The Alex really. What's just. Incredible news of huge movie for you and of course girls chant yes. Throughout your career you focused on a lot of female driven films I've noticed is their particular reason for that is that an underserved. Community or are people just finally catching on to. Our power you know women I hear you talk about it on the show yeah bow in the political process if you don't have. At Comerica when yep you don't have black women you can't we night as as a candidate. Well as a producer as a mighty that is is creating content for audiences. I can't win if I don't have that went to have and it is. News it's. A good. There's power there there's no question power because at the united demy industry is a creative industry has driven by business and that operates under an economic imperative and African American women are are one of the most loyal. Persuasive. The Lao old and I mean that in the best of ways. Demographics apps and that's what unique yes man down and an underserved and underserved app so I have com. Then extremely supportive by that audience and I wanna continue to get back to tell those stories until full. Stories of black women in all kinds of ways it not just black women and I always like having a black woman at the sinner. Of a lot. Must films what you've worked with some very big names in the industry but you also tap a lot of fresh talent which I love you build careers really. You've launched the career of the amazing Tiffany had she I believe that have launched our career. She played dean and girls kept me up. What was it like the consulate Kevin hard I don't yeah. That could let's let kids immunized child pick up. These two joke with each other we had Kevin on the show and Kevin was like so you wills for and I say yeah he's at Tel wall of teeth I says hello pat pat pat pat. Your idle about all of my he has been that I had I loved it. But what was it about Tiffany. That. Said something to the spoke to you and did you. Believe that she would be the break out in that film you know what it's just lately Latif I mean. Gina call Jim Hall do you they have them already set up. And the studio kind of wanted somebody else on their level to be in the movie and Tiffany CA I just one audition give me a chance. And we went out to actually other actresses who were better known and and they were all good but they were like reading the lines of the character. Tiffany was that cared yeah fifth and he made headlines patter like she won out Dina from girls' trip when you find that congress Barak. Yeah that go Ahmed Zell is was awesome. If he's really is I mean that's hard internationally it natural energy and means get a lot of things she's got great range plan no question that was the role for her. At that time to really takers in the that you saw Elliot whose son couldn't and we also outside I'm outline my right laughed you could see it. If this thing yes you can see a star. Out now we were recently together at the grand opening Gallup Tyler Perry studios yet Atlanta I mean. The invitation itself was was craze was crazy yes we've spoke to each other like you go an executable. Yeah. I have CNN that the agents out as they about it I passed custom the I had velvet box is in my writing you with your name in your name funny how these fellows Diane would you please join me like how do you not go out that yeah going to like clear everything up. Nothing else I got to see this. Exactly what's coming neck and it was such a historic celebration because we know he's now the first black person to oh in head. It's up not just a major film studio just a bad breath and that debt could. Atlanta's now becoming the Mecca. From black Hollywood you've tried to convince me to visit Atlanta or more often yeah but George the forefront of that because stomp the yard and ride along. Yeah were found in other small movies that you know before I was doing those bigger ones that I am the air in the independent film could mean that's right so aside from it being your home base which it is out was there are certain intention. Behind filming your projects in Atlanta you know. I when I first came out of college. Had a choice to go to New York or LA and I felt like. I'm gonna be another. Small fish in a big pond. And I felt like let me go to Atlanta where the music industry is pop in. And and I can I can at least do acts that I can be like a bigger fish in a smaller pond might you know be out beast I can stand up and be unique. And I tell you we wit and the plant was to do music videos because isn't back in the days like outcast in the death TLC the face records all the like from the Atlanta music scene was just kind of starting. We couldn't get one news of the nobody would hire Brinkley helped because everybody knew each other we were these new guys from famine we didn't have any relationships yeah. But if forced us to do it RO if force us to be independent and to make our firsts films. Or our own without the crutch of having the music industry or. Or even be an able to eat off the music industry and ultimately that's why it. You know sometimes failures we don't know. We need failure we neo failure to find success you know and so that failure ultimately drove me to be an independent filmmakers. Make Arnold films which which ultimately Atlanta that's right I mean I always tell my daughter there's a lesson in the loss no question you gotta you win and you lose to a three you have a weight loss factly. Now Tyler Perry has said that he isn't worried about validation from mainstream Hollywood. But knows that his work is important yet. Do you feel about that. I agree with it I agree a 100% I mean I think that you have to define your own success. In this industry will constantly tell you what you're not. No matter what success you've had you know I mean I'm I'm. Very. Confident in my own success as a lot more wanted to do but yeah Hollywood will say oh we've only made a certain type of film we haven't done a film in this arena. I can't allow that to define. And that's no matter what industry Jiri you have to do find your own success. Once you say you're successful that's what matters that's right you know somebody else can tell you're always gonna hear know what tell you what you're not but if you believing you. Now the announcement appeals matters we'll want to break out. Death if that's true gaffe. Wanna hear our upcoming projects is called Black America. Which re imagines what would've happened if southern states had seceded from the union and newly freed slaves. We're given several territories. As reparations. You know I like the topic of every action. This show was announced about the same time as another alt history show by the creators of game of their own growled confederate. Which received major backlash. Overs portrayal of the south after one civil war and slavery having evolved into a modern institution. Part of that criticism by some was because it's too creators were white yep. Both said they knew it wouldn't be easy and would be fraught with problems to shows now canceled right but do you think that only certain people can tackle certain issues. Now I don't I don't but I think that you have to understand that. There is a lens through which we all make our continent right now so. I think that something like that that is. You know obviously extremely sensitive to African Americans. And just it should be doll Americans. You gotta make sure that you have a universal is that you tell it to. But I don't believe a certain type of filmmakers can only tell a certain time the story I don't. Oh but I think you have to take into account the perspective. From which the stories being told in an audience. Is to make me. Now you said that being the only black person in the room has been an advantage. I've seen you in a room with dealmakers yeah they're good in that room that. How is it an advantage. Because I something they don't. You now than when I was. T. Two. I was growing up. I grew up the saint Pete Florida and down often times in my classes. Spicy like in the gifted program on grass is I was only back in Norman come home tell my parents he's mile races. And only black kid in the class has been teachers looking at me funny to kid looking at me funny. Sit him right they let my little you know at 78 year old self going on rant and then after was they said okay now let that be the last time you use race as an excuse for anything. When you walk into that room you're different than everybody else he got everybody's attention. Never let that attention go you know you've got a plane to some preconceived notion they have a who you should be well you gonna shock them all with your skill your talent. So that's what I've been trying to do ever said. I got some I've found that. I want to switch gears now to the Oscars subject. Parasite did win big this year Paul ray and movies go it's a great great film yeah. Only one actor of color was nominated by the academy in Madison via a revote for playing Harriet Tubman right. I'll Joaquin Phoenix has been an advocate for giving a voice of the voice is that Oscars and the back towards let's take a look at his back to speech. I think that people just want to be acknowledged and appreciated and respected for for their work. But I think that it's more than just having Sessler multi cultural. I think that's. We have to really do the the hard work to truly understand systemic racism. I think that it is the obligation. Of the people that have created. And perpetuated and benefit from a system of oppression to be the ones that dismantle it so. That's amounts. Yeah Wilson had made it wouldn't. Wells. So what are your thoughts about that what else you'd think needs to be done you know. The thing about the Oscars and only having one nominee is that. You have to look at the system we didn't have enough movies being may lead. Star and people of color about beams around diverse issues to even be in the conversation we need more movies being made so that you have more possibilities. Of nominations that's the thing funding there was really only one hell it's hard to make it a movie. Absolutely. So it definitely starts with the decision makers in and night marking said the folks that have the power to green light these films and but I look at it I don't just say oh well we only have one nominee I look at is that what we didn't have enough movies we didn't have an roles we don't have enough. Actors of color in roles that nominated at the highest level Sinn. And why can't an actor of color play a part that was originally intended for. A non person they can and they do. But again it's the lens through which the creator of that film looks right and so sometimes they see a role or project a certain way. And if you don't have a diversity of people making projects the you're gonna get films that are continuously made a certain way because the people in power see them a certain way. It seems like the issue goes deeper than just being nominated it's the type of role right guessing right is Cynthia every vote was nominee for Harriet. The pizza young go one for her role as a slave in twelve years a slave mart Herschel we want for is rolling green but yeah. Which some called a little tone deaf or. Do you see a bigger issue for black actors and the roles they need to play to. Out any love what I drama and does it seems that and CS and those kind of rolls yes it seems that way yeah. Well I mean mean that's v.s for self Dennett. Seriously yeah we need more of a diversity of roles I take nothing away from. Lou PLO Cynthia for playing roles that are specially based on two characters yeah. But we. We take nothing away from anybody that's played you know slave or civil rights era pars and a but you know we were also kings and queens you know we. We can be sued for. Exactly that I mean look at black Panthers out headquarters absolutely yeah C more. We need more rolls so we can have that conversation. Rock. That's what I think. Now a new report came out before the Oscars USC Annenberg inclusion initiative. That set Hollywood is actually more diverse than ever. 31 of the top grossing films from 2019 cast a nonwhite person and a starring a co starring role a 14% increase from twenty to you when I was actually surprised to hear that. It's clear that Hollywood is trying to take steps to be more inclusive. Perhaps but how does your company will pack a productions push for more inclusive agenda. Here's what how it was more powerful I said earlier that it operates on an economic imperative that Hollywood is realizing how you make mine. Okay that's what it's it's not this drive to say a week how to be more diverse because it's the right thing do. We need like these black and brown for now those in the movies make money make no mistake yeah those are the movies that are doing the most. I've been the most successful at the box office that's billion dollar box office Tyler Perry on OK right now doesn't like. Billion black dollars he now stand out as like a billion out exactly. That. So Hollywood is realizing that that's important and that's what's happened for me I have to do it's never been a question of course I mean wrecked. If I'm if you don't walk on my assets and see diversity York or in the in the roles in in the themes then. Mile white here is definitely aren't going to do it if not too when it ranked you know you you work with me like you work with who you know sometimes it's not an intentional thing to exclude people. But you're not being purposeful and including. So I've always stand at of campers. And I need you know my peers to do the same. Now are you I'm conscious of diversity representations on your team of course always apps. Do you have to inclusion because I want the best you want to get a better if you have a diverse group of people around that's the thing there's the business case for bacteria. Period. What about these we had a couple of actors come on. I think it was America Ferreira cast and someone else talking about you know inclusion riders yet do you use those you think they can be effective. When you already hired an inclusive endeavor that we don't don't need it writer you don't see that tell you what those food folks that are. That look at their sets and they don't look like you know my assets but I'm glad that it's you know us that something that has been put in place to attempt to try to give it. Companies that are not hiring diverse people to bring it more so I applaud it. For those that are trying to do he absolutely. Now I want it took about your latest project coming out on Valentine's Day can photograph has proved tough. Guy you could say and they keep fans BO. I hate to solve them earlier I saw it last night was like saying that would come in your heart out yes I loved it I loved it my husband. Loved and cried I see now why didn't tell him out of it I didn't know it by you have noted do you think I is that how did he grading you did. I'm really it's cries that landed there impact he's he's eat he thought that it was. Love Jones he said he wanted that that the soundtrack. Gatling yar remember that yeah I mean it really was all of that yeah. Would tell tell us more about it you know why beautiful I don't want. And do a love story for awhile and down Stella McGee is a director she brought me this amazing script and I'm so proud of it I think that. You look at it and it is is just a love story but it happens have black people in it and yet love that could yeah bill we've never had enough of that. Yet here we just half we haven't had enough of black and lawn screen. Where it's not about the trauma being black which isn't you know that's a lot of our experiences so that's a lot of the content that you see. It truly is allowed still you know it's got up and thousand true relationships parallel love stories of parallel narrative between adorning her mother who did not have a good relationship. And they are. Learning to gather about love in different time appears to us it is gorgeous also the cinematographer fear ministers it's beautiful design mammal was a black you don't look good. Yeah I needed this thing everyone looks so beautiful I don't know but everybody I. But I think kids let me know. I need to move and it went we have a little message from east are rarely keep stamp field it to look well. I well in honor of black history man we want to eight U. Thank you somewhat subdued TrailBlazer and empower black doctors produces and everyone and industry which assumes it was such an outerwear with you on a photograph and we're grateful to be a part of the inclusive movement that you champion in the entertainment industry. Thank you. I am. You make career save that is so move you make career that is not a Keegan hired don't ask how well I'm me. Now that's awesome and working with those two I mean listen eases my second time that a movie called little with her desk with my day art knots right. And the teeth. He is also do you read a real deal news. Yeah true artist. You know he's been so many moves Atlanta and knives out yeah he's ions cuffs and uncut jet house. This is a very different role than all those roles yeah he's got serious right you're gonna see him many dis yeah me that you have a I love you looking to use the flow in this movie yes. I see head as taco meat out on the video and gas I do have been a one button just wind just a little bit came on the show like that Illinois locally. I would have rather than live his bad lie after. Hot hot hot he's enjoyed it. Yeah yeah he's really fantastic now what advice do you have for young aspiring filmmakers who may not have a lot of money or resources. On how they can break as an industry because I know you must get back question a lot right. Because I CDs go find me pages and you know hack who really today get a film. You go out and choose something here's a thing the barriers aren't there like they were when I was coming up and write you can make a film you fall you know true you really can't. That's chants like so I mean he told me you go shoot outs for like don't wait until you have like a certain level of financing or. So will packer caused back like go go out and shoot something. And you first thing has probably going to be bad NUMB artists which the united yeah get that matter way like gate practice shoot I go out and dues that's my. That is my advice to up and coming filmmakers you don't have to have all the resources it used to have. But that means everybody's making stuff so now you gotta be even better causes data standout. Okay now what's one the one thing they need to happen to make it to you think drive determination the leak itself. And they sit that was easy that with these this truth that the truth yeah. Now I save the most important question for glass OK if they're going to be a girls' trip to economic and my going to be an attack. I need a bigger part. You pick a client. They they gusted to every day. Yeah yeah. Tonight is that I got to give people what they want so yes there yet I would love to reward good yeah I can again. He seated and for the second plan my plants. I got that says that you we have a few questions from the audience. That's great. I hear we have them. And moderate or not have any you can make got them there or not yes we have said yes and now Latin I mean not call concerning that house. You could do that. That scene. Okay the F. I've seen the photograph lessening at the hearing any blood zinni they would then need to know what's black glove in the bear beautifully done I cry youth and yes it. Some hope listen hopelessly romantic and they feel like I unease doesn't end here. You think such a romance prior. But my question is. Throughout your career what we DC was here best mystique that he needs to. Old where you are. That's a good question that is a great question I'm still make a mistake still learning right but I would say I don't know it was a mistake but the best kind of failure was the fact that nobody wanted to make stomp the yard. The way that I rarely came in them and was pitching stumped the art everybody told me no I mean everybody and I had to go back and it just might pitch and read pitches. And went back to everybody and they still tell me. Wow one studio told me yes or not takes is one that's what I learned from some good question failures left got gas tank less. It's. Readily. I will pay rent my name is Jordan and its and you too bent out of that house and I'm not Tampa saint Pete area that's my homeboy he's sorry. I have a question and you did. They waited a few my question is what advice would you give someone who is trying to find the lack calling. Or purpose. Com first of all work hard we are you all are some people feel like I'm not where I wanna be. Some on a male that he. And then when I found my Paxson then I'll start working hard they don't look like. Midnight you know I was majoring in engineering and new item wanna be an engineer but. The work ethic and how hard I had to work in that field helps me now yeah. You know and I tell my kids that like I give you feel like where much unused geometry in the real world listed get out the yeah I thought ticket that lesson listen it's not even about that. Put in the work now back they put in the work so that when you are in a position you can't just all the sudden flipped the switch you gotta have practice and learn network death. It's so. You know we all have to find our patched but wherever you are now do the best you can't could you never know watching who's gonna Zain decide if they want to work with you late yeah. And I also office and it whatever lights you up you know because for me. When I come to that view I don't feel like I'm working. You know I feel like I'm giving voice the voice list I'm not working when I'm here in my opinion and that's a gift so if you've. You know if you can find back kind of feeling I mean do you feel him working when you're on a set in your first of all you don't look like working on the community side just. That we that doesn't and we give it up with Sonny has doesn't feel like that. Some days on the view I go full. I. Didn't need me guess thank you very funny tech list is read appreciate your work there but you love what you do and I agree yeah same here if you've I love what I do what lights you up. What makes what what is your past audiences and then for me yeah it is seeing the reaction to people like what this is dissent about I had thought about will be like. You know no matter what a movie does in the box office if I can have people watching it feels something yeah laugh you know cry whatever yeah. Then that's the power of what I did pass no joy. Hi. I'm aria Isabella I'm from Atlanta Georgia right eight area of yeah I'm currently a freshman at the American musical and dramatic academy an all in all. Though I am studying foam. And TV. Acting. I have a question so. As. As artists of color. Powell and pour in do you believe it is for us again it's a formal education. Good question. Because I did or not is daily. Acting enlarging yeah I didn't you know what I think it's it is important that you can do both meaning like on the job training as well as formal training. I did not go to film school. I would not like may my first movie a moment a bunch of mistakes amount and I learned now you know here I am. You got a final path there's nothing wrong with going out going to film school especially like. As an actress I think they are structural things that you could learn. That I think you know going to school for can definitely help so I encourage you you know it's it's acting especially that the muscle you gotta work. Gotta practice got to do is often as possible and doing that within a formalized set an acting as a really good thing. Tom but there's nothing like going out doing it on your own as well so like go take those classes be in school. The single lot of ship something with you know somebody that wants to be a filmmaker and semi also wants to be a writer that there are you guys go out and do some make create content you know. Yeah this Biloxi. A man I think that microphone is point oh and it's about time. I'm ending this kid and a native new Yorker and my question is. What is the one thing that you want to accomplish that you have yet to. Told me that Jackson to continue on. Com. I want to have a big global franchise. I haven't done. You know in I want do you mind. Black panther yeah. Or whatever something that high on that scale he leads Armenia lightly back. Hello something like that I am Fed Chairman accident wow I sure what that would have. There was is that collected. Drives me that I think what I haven't done. And I love what I do so I'm asking you I'm not complacent I'm not a complacent cars now and encourage us on the matter where you are you can't get complacent that's like that itself. What you think you may you got nothing else to prove like stop and expend got a lot board approved you know only a matter what level here. And McDonald's. From the Bronx I'm right Bronx yes why you have people always gotta claim they burn at a practice. Rock that saying that it ratcheted now we borrow have a flavor I love it. Yes who. Cool minister Dior inspired you in the industry. Warrants and hugged. However the hug them brother that dad my first intern ship. In the business I have come out of fan you had made my first movie check city I was night. Excuse me I was. That. And alpha in is headed this to the Supreme Court like how was coming out into this at a family and and had opportunity in turn. And I literally was like Lois of the totem pole on a set right. And I was going to get coffee wrangling tables and went on that for a movie gets a hug and Brothers was shooting. And it was the most important opportunity never had I got to see how you know lack of real movie worked I got to see things that. I agreed with that I didn't agree with and using thing is that honest said. There was some people that treated me like I was the lowest person on asset. And there was some people that treated me like I was just a regular person you know all young person trying to do the best I could and I've never forgot who treated me like why yet almost to a person everybody from that set has now asked me forge yeah. So yeah. Thank. You. At that won't happen. And my point to that is that you never know first always work hard luck who just say he is now with I was like. The best internal assets make no mistake and I got the water on time about the cough hack. Rangel to K I was good. But I you always you never know who you're treating a certain way. So he should treat everybody like they're important lactic yet like they have found always. And that's it no more questions. Okay she is I guess I do. We have. One and the back and grain. And I wanted to say they YouTube because. I grew up doing an era where we wanted to cry out wanted to go to college honestly because. We saw them festivals and we solved you know what will Bill Cosby blacks during that time. I wanted to go to college because we wanted to go to he L me. Yeah and it was Doug yeah RK Mac I'm a mother of black men. And I'm make sure they saw that movie in at first it would just like I was just about stuff that is so much more than it. And a lot of people don't see and which you bring to this green. I want to say personally from myself date you because I'd look for we odd the boys black women we are the voice. That we track the cars will be one out in the take us and they accused so much hot out. I'm assume my sack I want to walk Tulsa just let me know when Atlantis and gas will. I love it I love. How we drag cars where we want the vinegar yeah cats saved I enjoyed that real quick gotten a week wig as time but stomp the yard my whole point would that was totally by the black cod experience and I couldn't get Hollywood to green light that. So I got to the green light a dance movie but I put messages in there that your son saw about black colleagues Bob that's attorneys who were already has that. And we we aspire to be what we can see so thank you for for that and I love that yet. And I love that. Yeah thanks so. So thank you so much for being here today well our thanks to well packer. Make sure to catch our next speaker series on Tuesday February 18 with Curtis fifty cent Jackson. And Michael Strahan yeah it's the thank you everybody yeah. Yeah.

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{"duration":"37:52","description":"“The View” co-host discuses diversity in the film industry with the producer of movies such as “The Photograph” and “Girls Trip” as a part of ABC News’ Black History Month speaker series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68944850","title":"Sunny Hostin speaks to film producer Will Packer","url":"/Entertainment/video/sunny-hostin-speaks-film-producer-packer-68944850"}