Tiffany Haddish talks breaking into comedy industry, why Kevin Hart is her 'comedy angel'

On "The View," Haddish opens up about her rise to fame after starring in the blockbuster "Girls Trip."
8:38 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Tiffany Haddish talks breaking into comedy industry, why Kevin Hart is her 'comedy angel'
That's how it should be miss girl. That's how it should be. One of the great movies of 2017. Yeah. Thank you. A comedy, I'm pointing it out, a female driven comedy with women of color which they always tell you does not work. Let me explain it made $100 million. $100 million. All the producers and directors who said I don't know about you. Are they calling now? They calling. I be like for real. Then I hang up the phone like I'm too busy. Nothing against anyone else in that movie. I Wentz to that and texted sunny after and said why am I falling in love with Tiffany haddish. You couldn't watch anyone but you. That was amazing. This stat which whoopi just mentioned I find it hard to believe you were the first black female host of "Snl." I thought whoopi hosted it. I was harassing anybody I knew to get me her number so I could be like girl tell me how to do it. She was like huh-uh. I just did a the sketch. Bitch, you the first. That's right. Sha I was like really. It's a big deal. Yeah. I tried my best. You did. You were magnificent. Thank you, boo. You know I try to represent. Your knew the book is called the last black unicorn. It's really funny. You also include dark and painful thing frs your past. This is a lot. Growing up with a mentally ill mother. Living in several if foster homes, becoming homeless and living in an abusive relationship. You've said you didn't want to share it, but why did you end up sharing it? I know I can't be the only person that has gone through these things or is going through them. If somebody sees it and saw I came out this way and be like if Tiffany can do it, I can do it. 'It's really about how you think. It's about your thoughts and if you believe you can do something and do the work towards that you can be and do whatever you've want. Very good. Good girl. Is wonderful message. Some people have the constitution to overcome adversity. Others cannot. Good for you. How did you overcome the ad veracity of the mall dominated field of comedy? Girl, that's a journey. You have to be really strong. I think -- you know, guys will try you especially if you cute. They try you. I'll be like huh-uh. No. They tell you you're not funny. If you do this and that I'll let you open up for me. I was like huh-uh. I'll use my talent and know how to achieve. One day you'll be asking to open up for me. That's how it happens. That's how you do it. You rely on your talent and work ethic. I I love that. You've say the most -- comedy saved your life and the place you feel safest is on stage. How is that? Let me explain to you, girl. When you've been through a lot of things you have to have your safe place. For me that's the stage. On stage nobody can really hurt me. They can yell things at me. It's not going to hurt me. If if somebody tries to hurt me I have a room full of witnesses that will be able to tell on my behalf. Right? So I feel like it's the safest place for me. It is. Nobody can really hurt you. And I got the microphone. I got the power. Does it make you feel powerful? Girl, yeah. For me being on stage is like somebody who does drugs or whatever. They're high. They're fixed. Let me go three weeks without a comedy show and I'm like the oh I need to get on stage. I need it. It's true. It's my everything. It's where I feel like the best me I can possibly be even when I'm failing or bombing. I might be the worst. Nobody is laughing, everybody is just looking. At least they looking. That's where I'm the most happy. There and bermuda. It's the best place. Most people may not know that you performed at over 500 -- 500 barmitzvahs. Yep. That's called paying your dues. That's right. It's all about the work. Right. It's about the work. My title when I did the barmitzvahs was the energy person. You were the hype person. Yes. I was the flavor or flave of the mitz. Lift up that chair. You strong. Maz el tov. For a second I was imagining you doing one of your sets for these 13-year-olds. That too. I would MC. I would do stand up and help the D.J. Up. I would get people dancing. I did it all, baby . 11 year. When you need the money you do it all. It also teaches you about a room. It teaches you to figure out if you're needed somewhere. This is what dues are. That's when you play all these different -- that's what you learn. Yeah. You know. I can't wait to see if if somebody breaks out a video of me dancing at the barmitzvah. I'm sure they're hundreds of them. People don't realize it's people. Remember that skinny girl she was the only one with the with brown skin. You called Kevin hart your comedy angel. Why? When I was homeless we used to do this sketch comedy show. I have always tried to hide that I was homeless. One day I drive up in my metro and all my stuff in there. He was like what's going on. He pulled me to the side and talked to me and said why you living in your car. I told him what was up. He said you're a beautiful girl. You could be living with any man. I said I'm not sleeping with people for a roof over my head. I sleep with them to heal them. He said look here goes $300 get yourself a hotel for the weekend make a list of goals you want to achieve. I took the money. You've can't get no hotel room in L.A. For $300. I took a shower and made a list and here I am today. Good for you. Personally I've been waiting on you a long time. I've been waiting on you a long time. I've been wting on you a long time. Welcome. You're all going home with Tiffany's book "The last the

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{"id":51650396,"title":"Tiffany Haddish talks breaking into comedy industry, why Kevin Hart is her 'comedy angel'","duration":"8:38","description":"On \"The View,\" Haddish opens up about her rise to fame after starring in the blockbuster \"Girls Trip.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/tiffany-haddish-talks-breaking-comedy-industry-kevin-hart-51650396","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}