Tim Roth on his new series, 'Tin Star,' and his sweet revenge on a high school bully

Roth appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his new Amazon Studios series, 'Tin Star.'
19:57 | 10/25/17

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Transcript for Tim Roth on his new series, 'Tin Star,' and his sweet revenge on a high school bully
So. Scott the questions about the suspected matter booked and shop. Doctor patient hard work those citizens are sure she compiled. Some sort of medical report surely the push was meant. We know stream. Which you can't contact. I have no knowledge of any report. Becoming Bruno apparently. Some so black list she is terrified about what you might do next. I wouldn't be able to comment on the lineup. We must be timeless and expect. I don't Wear my. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn we we tell you what's going on in pop culture and there's a show now on Amazon called tin star. Well I'm not gonna tell you what it's about I'm going to that my guess Tim Roth since he's star Ian it as the new sheriff in town he comes from. Yeah comes from England. Yet and he comes to the Canadian rock so you know places for reasons that will become clear to people and it's not right away and a few. But that's it that is it so we had to deal I'm met these guys in Canada its awaited deal cause is the commonwealth. We still own it except Buckingham Palace is serious. So you came in there that Kuwait is on the mind yet but I study money here yesterday to get its various of a British placement is if it's if it's too much if they've chests about had enough. And they won a bit and a quiet life they can apply for a show in in them in another way in Canada. And so is for this guy does because. His past it's slowed. And soberly and he's a recovering alcoholic and a black cat alcoholic and he uses a Manson he's trying to keep his family again it's they goats in. Be it dearly. Between beautiful spot in the middle and meanwhile oil companies a surging in. And his pastas catching up at him and he. Can't members adults. It's a thing. So bad artist says and it's Jekyll and Hyde says it will that it but inside of that part that you plant because this guy when he takes a drink. All he needs yank it it kicks him in to the Attica and yet the split the specifics. Of his condition. Our quite unusual certainly. But needs me in that respect up in pitched. In. But this is blackout so lute. This to taxes and who remembers well. And he who's in control of law and I we get some Macon middle. Tribal gaffe that fit it fit me. But also for the father Genevieve is for him mrs. And again as planned mine my kid and they know him they've seen him in this thing. But what do they what does he remember when he's back. And say it cook like confusing movement because we're a little afraid and get Jack back. I've only seen four episode of yes yes you see nothing I think I've OK if I don't good but not. Exact I've seen nothing could see really. It kicks off. And am. Yen and scarier. Than against insisting it's we it's because because of limits and its management defensive assignment. Okay. And then and then I had enough. That it will. Good that they're good for an actor Aaliyah and maybe be a little scared and it. You know who used to say a fear of failure fear fear of not being absent erupts at. To subjects see the pace. Fear of the peace not living up to your expectations of it. All of those things a real. As enacted you have that feeling that the next job might not be there I'm to have. Review all the addendum un English Cantu is maybe your Oscar nomination you know no it doesn't but that would that's at. I thought they it Austin apparently not well uncle lives. Though none at masses. There is that thing there is a fear of unemployment that drives the brits I think. Actually I think Sutton and so news. That's where there and all of our American. TV show that's why any day on desperate to be. It's because. Note well I had my hands. Ten is both films and book not. Behind me man I came to America. It was Altman the probe into American and then my a this if a little wild and I came back to work. Up in Neil came in it. Tiny budget may V. We'll jump in the Banja it's just stands. And me but he I think we've in the film that was shooting them in the states that in New York that time. Mayor Dinkins came to visit and he ms. ring terrace tennis whites and had pink high. Time for for shipment a couple of crack addicts of the as a but I think at budget was lag time of fifty grand a something of its real economic maybe. And then. I went down to news. Relates to is supposed to do assisted me in Easton. And man and that was what incidents just. And my life. Upside down. Well you know of people would CU and what doesn't forget mr. I liked him because he was the good guy and people people do forget about. Well now he was good that he was either that's not really bad and it's but he was the car. You let it break you know with the had to keep pretending he wasn't the that he was as bad as an at a date they don't know reservoir dogs place. My kids. Millions away from it for awhile and then it will lag I guess you don't pressure to them before that is that is an of the you know. Thank you daddy gets shot in the stomach the things they. It's I think that they would sneak out of their lights and you build them up to pulp fiction. Everything in terms of Clinton what is this you and Clinton this is like four movies four. He's like an old school thing it's a direct. And he has his troop and now that true. Changes. And you can be cut from it. You can be in it. Cut from it whatever and bats. Fine but that would add to your paranoia about the next job. No it would him and if I'm if I'm done now I'm done now. This is he he he what he did for me. That's enough. I mean if laws. It was. Ridiculously. Wonderful thing for me. Yeah but there's also kind vibrancy to win win your pulp fiction that the man armored and a pumpkin and I anybody you're deciding you're gonna rob a restaurant that's known audit. It's back on it take is they damn. And it's a lecture to watch but it two lead it is in name and you get this. He co op. In it's just it's almost a relief. Because this abusive flee. Constructed statement can't screw up now and well you can screw up Vietnam and he'll tell you. But is pretty much there and I mean if you get his music if you care here is. It that way him speech than you know like. Denton. You pretty much. Going to be okay. Well I've been to before your Academy Award them nation which was for rob raw dairy year jurists like this on the surface ridiculous five yeah. Who is the most menacing rule. Yeah resist creature in the world but I have this thing about the the the brits via the aristocracy and not a big fan. To say the least although still way if my knighthood. Yes where is it aren't you even the old G-8 and my Allah. Hannity I'm still wait for the money back for the royal wedding anyway. On enough plan. And so went by reading us a tennis is insisting to play up. He pulled a night game. By really thaws king five news. We hadn't goats to the place wherever we reveal the leak comes up from the man is seen so. We hadn't done and then so Imus priming my agent at times thing that a community of schism in the genetic illness again find me. In the first couple weeks. In next to me on that one and and you couldn't get enough to set for babbling about fifty times. A month and it. And I there was a line arrogant and noticed V networks. Like it or not only I read that you had no real formal acting training none. So nothing so what we do we you home with him at the Italian watching other actors acted or going the movies. When I was in high school into the play. As a joke I auditioned as a joke for a musical. And the drama teacher two I was in dramas so just when all right Conan. Meehan do. And I to go out in front of all the bullies settle the and the school. And I had city the foam and it was a musical of Dracula mask of Dracula spectacular. It up that's likely to be on ice. Zach even better. The roller blades hate. So. So I dictates and and within five. Minutes of walking out for the first time and hearing people laugh like it's and that's the thing rule is get you. And so it. I should do more in this. So I Stipe to petition fool with this fantastic moment it will hasn't even been trying to track them. But she would put me in the community theaters and pubs Phoenix's treatment and London. They'll places like you have in ran in the U canal which is to place. And then I went on and harried. Doing that and then got lucky with a thing called made in Britain. Which was. Playing it scan it Knutson TV. And it was a skinhead Nazi was fine. Easy that began in Iran and I went to school with. With bullies all the mud along the people element to school with. Either it I'm show imprisoned day aids and also. The national front guys it was in then Nazi guys in my we have now. In ever went away but they join the police fools. It's that was that was their natural route and at that time Athens. Oh prism as they are the natural route. And as some kind of criminality drugs. And now I go sit they enact a which they've mustered just appreciated so much they take one when one team one really and one guy beat me up on a regular basis. Of sit and so for the bus. And I've just been on tele. Annie and he. It costs on coming up sitting upstairs to tickets McDyess might and then things in you it's like this on the bus. And comment process in London. She meant he's done what I mean things can't and I'm in my twenties. And I'm still like you know these guys a scary Manny sentiment. Cokie you go. And I denied him. Its hall that was my mice mold. Elliott you know where you expecting all Qaeda it is a statistical. Rough and of the attack. You know what I'd look at you and I think of the things that I've seen you do I'd. Either you've probably have your own favorites that are there but you did that gridlock with two that was just think of people don't know about. It's like an incredible move it to view what the comedy team. He was right he. Festival I didn't know the blows. Today camera team Sunday that direct news delight. Of the human. Counts that there's this guy. Two he's a rap I'm on might give me enacts its well pleased she's done. You know he said well okay. Danica nominate a thing was chairman time and Quincy Jones cannot institute goat if this kid show. And spelling though right. It in Quincy Jones and so. Fund be set it up the direct to send from the resist that restaurant I used to go to and and and lay an abaco and in the back. I'm sitting there. Ands. It's MTB team that now. And his bodyguards come in. And they SCANA. Do their thing might Secret Service chances. Then they leave might and this is not. Not just nice to some fasting. And in. Some pills came in. And Santorum and Ferris tables and my sister unless. And then. Pop will tend. Sat town that me. Ands. Let me know what the currents of laws that he was playing. And I went Obama commit an act. Much of an accident and then it's in this and it we studs is writhing on it immediately. And what he didn't want it to be him and he wanted it to be annoyed some physical with some time in the budget and Levy you know them it was just. About two guys trying to get off street until prod you know when it. Friends. The but he really. Lay down and I didn't not true. That he was an act before it was a weapon that that's what he amigo Mosley who could be doing now how extraordinary. Eaten me now. By his comic timing was ms. Less an accurate and his sense of mischief was rating and he caught with his nickname me free. Kazaa take any history and minds he's very wacky and and mining for him his new money. His here tonight new badly easily. You also did something that's really brave for an actor to do some do it and some do well and didn't really well when you directed the wars. So this is like that's a choice you're making this. I'm gonna do this Saban back. That was the best experience I've ever had and Linden film blow to this one is so personal. Tia efficiencies you know it's until I was looking for past no yeah. It wasn't wasn't coming out of no room trauma. Not legislate or is this. The thing is what he took about abuse many when he startling about bees it's over. How news ago when she could laugh about 23 at W so I'm free all day aegis. Aegis. Could smoke. That's okay then. Because otherwise it's just it's cramped and bought old Upton and just it it resonates inside union and I'd been talking about it. Life my father was the one that got me talking about it and he used them before he died unease that last conversation I haven't been face to face he said to my father of with the U and I and I went. Yeah I went yeah I'm me to you know it. This is when he tells you that. It's different different generation for generations different for capturing. And to from world. And I given that. He he he he wanted to say to connect them to say you know I give him that. So it's a make the film now less thing that came at me was this book. And I read a Ayman. It of that room. You got that right angle of that room and he's done that and I so it got in touch for the right tags on them. And sake list Hoch and we repaired. He hadn't been appeased he lost his child to cancer. And that's why he wrote the book. I had been so I said I got his fleet of about. Think I can take care that I got that this and so Lou I've spent enough for the job and I'm really enjoyed being. Having bull patent discussions with the set design is in in the oval it would owning and it's a hundred people asking you questions and then give a yes as they show are you doing it this way I want it this way out of line up next I'll. I hear that and making radical decisions going we were gonna goes do Labatt. It's cracked again this instance and we'll do it again. I can do it again and again I have to Scripps that risk. And now once Miami's. It's my youngest is through college. Because at a won him coming at college with a mortgage basically statements. Once that's done. You know then and interact so. You know because the the first time we talked I can go on with Q I have presented and really touched it will do it again but you never been on the show so you don't know that we ended song. Just a little something you can't do that it may I tend to crack had a now listen I saw you and what do you exactly as I left yells you serenaded drew band well who would too if I had yet. Who would. When both so that's why I think you could put yourself back in that way. Handset I got some we trafficker. A case. I was in a film month for about. Fifty seconds. And the app to kick tough theory or kill myself. And that's agreements Kinney yet we get there let me just say something in his. I'm okay this is so this is it ready Ellington animal fat the first in the face. But they have Bloomberg the moon was Coleman's films coming news go to man the monkey he could turn. In San on the innocence term. The elephant sneezed and felt his knees and that was in the them and keep keep keep. Nicest thing that's what can. It all comes through he he just needed a little whisper in his appearance that he got a hold some of that and you know offering her. As he did it's. It's it a tip it is great great to be continued to octave good.

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{"id":50705908,"title":"Tim Roth on his new series, 'Tin Star,' and his sweet revenge on a high school bully ","duration":"19:57","description":"Roth appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his new Amazon Studios series, 'Tin Star.' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/tim-roth-series-tin-star-sweet-revenge-high-50705908","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}