Tim Roth sings 'The Animal Fair' nursery rhyme

Roth appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new Amazon Studios series, "Tin Star."
1:27 | 10/25/17

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Transcript for Tim Roth sings 'The Animal Fair' nursery rhyme
You've never been on the show so you don't know that we and it's wrong. Just a little stumped you can't do that it may I tend to crack addict. And I'll listen I saw you have no idea exactly as I left tells you serenaded drew back and well who would too if I had you. Who would. When both so that's why I think you could put yourself back in that way. Answer I got some we trafficker. A K. Others in a film month for about. Fifty seconds. And the app to kick tough theory or kill myself. And that figure weaknesses commute yet there let me just say something in his area. Okay this is so this is it ready Ellington animal fat. The first in the face. But they have been the moon is Coleman's films coming his children and the monkey he could turn he sent on the innocence term. It if it sneezed and felt his knees and that was the end of the month keep keep keep. A nicest thing that's what can. It'll cut through. He he just needed a little whisper in his appearance that he got a hold them and you know for a.

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{"id":50705820,"title":"Tim Roth sings 'The Animal Fair' nursery rhyme ","duration":"1:27","description":"Roth appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his new Amazon Studios series, \"Tin Star.\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/tim-roth-sings-animal-fair-nursery-rhyme-50705820","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}