Traci Braxton discusses the upcoming season of 'Braxton Family Values'

Traci Braxton discusses reality TV, music and her family drama.
11:09 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for Traci Braxton discusses the upcoming season of 'Braxton Family Values'
ABC radio and I have aviary lovely and talented. Across one the only treaty Braxton Heidi Phil saying these candidates how are you thank you for happened here of chorus thank you for coming in stopping by ABC radio to chop it up about Braxton family value. Is the fees have started we are glued to our televisions ever eaten or in the 98 and we'd TV of course and of course we're seeing your beautiful face. Changing that any minute from now. These and it's quite different than these before. Now an and I I definitely want people to have a understand what's going numbers being a lot more abuse this season. Is a different type of element you have some guest artist. Bergen a C Tiffany Pollard aching island New York with misty flavor gonna see Ager parks we're gonna see a whole bunch of different. People and who are now going to be on the show as part of kind of centered around new. The big question it is. And we we we need assistant missed the family element the camaraderie. Reckoned out for us please I think I'm better for mutiny trying to. Over analyze right Atlanta and that. They. My sisters decide to protest. And I decided not to decide to continue to work and a fill my obligations and you know my contract. So common when I did that you noticed the show with on a little hiatus then you know. But we continue to tape and take my story of what I've been doing and what I'm doing. I'm in studio. My album come out of Monroe my my. Whiskey coming out very soon black cowboy whiskey so you know while you know my sisters you know getting there are things together. This continue to work and I was like okay settlements no whining. When last. What happened from the previous seasons of this season's where they decided to protest because I feel like the series with doing so well we were so engaged we loved every single one of you guys you guys made us laugh you buyers to tears are still many touching an important moment that many scratching their heads like. Eighty it was all that's let me give them what. I known how Allen. And dialogue up but the thing is you know my. They have different. Businesses dancers I have different businesses the dates are so when the collaboration is not coming with each other of course Eumig. You know and anonymous and talk about what's mouth. And do something else you know an unfortunate mean you know. A snap. Taping in our continued in. And on from Chrysler you'll see them. Yeah and we hope we see you back together again we love that sister Lee. You know interaction one not. And you know obviously I covered the news this what I do until this morning out little surprising. To see if Graham poll's. Very very. Curious you know I know it's am leaves famine you'll always be family. But oh. Like Pedro I don't know when it became major Braxton as as as I saw on this called I don't know what what that was all about did you see an end in Al did you talk to. People caught you know me I'm Michael OK and can the other end with other people also coin. Show with me Bryant no so I don't know. Yet speak at a now favors she used a friend of mine you know momentum. Frayed at odd I nodded knowingly and it's is then indeed occur. Kmart did say she didn't have deep love for her current best people. Have. Now my mind never mind the only thing I know his cap my album net the mob row. Traci Braxton won hired rich why did make an eight watched every batting all week to me there's an. I know I love it because you are seriously focused at one should be you have no many Greek things coming up. And you know as one talks about at all you know I just want to make sure of weird button on Wednesday is what it is is not again. I'll have a system and I know I gave it to look are on the case game but then you know black Christmas found new life hunt could buy out Lawler by Aaron. Now we get it. Oddly just kind of a little. I have. I mean it's not quite right exactly. What I I don't know evolving situation it's a witness to stay tuned every Saturday night to see how it and one will doom and talk about UN is cavalry it's because I'm leaning out here in I'm not. And I am very startled by all this that I'm seeing so tell me I'll. That came about. Some of the people that we're seeing on the C I mean I think white flag and a second but we know his name. Yes honey yeah well what. I whip major agent went to a wellness can. NASA hired the well this can't like bunch of us girls are now on Nikki none. Note Natalie nine Nikki more. I guess if Pedro so we we all. Know each other you know Dolan. Not a celebrity but around our. Armed jobs we each other's years we always seeds and cross. And stole and I saw them I would like all my guy in all I Kevin do you actually know what does well on his club and well. And so I was telling them and Abbott going to a rants for the my black cowboy whiskey Acer came along and out Ager isn't a question. She you know she trained for that. And. Heck they did there Whitney alone T notes support me whipped and cowboy whiskey in. Labour came alone you know Slavin knows a little bit about business and things like Aikman always been. 01 them. The reality. The united he know he knows how to handle business and blast he's family oriented you know. I have. Kym Whitley. Am the orient. Buddy bring their onion is back in on hundreds around a lot of people that you know. Make me feel horrible make me feel like okay I'm still in the sense of a family room you noted not my sisters and I was still missing them. And I it's not as saying. But. It may be length and it may be come back to myself and come back to reality is that Tracy okay. You're doing this for you your family and making sure you OK admit you duel with you supposedly doing in life. And not to sitting back and like OK so when we going to do it is packet sit back in my life I am what it. I can't think about a life FM. At the did try to begin again I can't do this is my life. Absolutely. And you know I I always think that. Here is there's something magical win when you guys all get together you know you you have such a great personality you make people laugh. But I I also know that we're gonna see some of the Strobl you know income of the paying some things that you. You've been going through as well I mean you know even on your your single life plan. Yet you you kind of you know hinted that as well and I think this is a good time for you at least that that's what I'm getting. You know as as I hope NIC younger sisters come together and you guys are altogether. What is going to be that moment where you are kind of lay out just say look we he means we need to discuss. Out the bumpy roads as well because I'm sure is it because it's heavy on one's heart to kind of at all that publicly play out to some capacity in my right in saying that I don't know Kano. This is not easy thing you know all people being United's and that you know she went against the system than that but this is not an easy thing because. Technically I'm keep in. I'm keep Michelle audience. And we got beyond its original going and I'll let. Went us coming together I'm quite sure that we we welcome you know and when we we're going to be super excited to -- as it played out because every Thursday night you know and I'm PM baffled we all watched the girl who now lives in Catalina CD. We go let's talk briefly about this Al bomb on earth did come out tomorrow through Friday he had and how. Are you in the issue he wanted this to kind of it bases its second album is pop album. On top about the the thoughts behind on earth what what does that signify EU and kind of just you know we are you wanted this. At what space you wanted to. A home game when earth is the. Is a joyous occasion because when this day this is the greatest villain owner. This my life. The greatest Illinois earth I don't know about the other galaxies that I would love to does the the. One are this is the greatest feeling I mean. I'm dutchess album coming now mean not only is committed no one is sick. Ian Holmes saying everyone is in the land of the living in this of the greatest Illinois Kirk. That everybody can get a chance to. The heart. You know Tony's getting marry announces like. What more of a and we won be applied. Yeah understand the thing and didn't in my life than where it's going in my career and you know my business adventures since it's like everything is all in the pulleys and you know it when you like. Sit back and say okay when did we win that's what happened when it is going to happen you put him hard work. Artwork people. You know just knocking you down in you know you just keep giving up brushing yourself off. In its steel happening. This is the greatest feeling. As. Anything specific that we should adopt tomorrow yet as he previews of things EB. Ex act all you will elaboration thing like. T I'm mighty yeah it is okay broken and there are no broken things right that is on the album Tony streaming into Wanda Angel on the album. I am excited about that because I have the legendary Toni Braxton a widely going to yell and saying. My those I found they can train line. Oh yet. I don't. We appreciate. Your adulation. Everything a chorus canceling BBC radio. Thank you so much about my gardening cute and the amazing Braxton and don't forget to watch the shall never remarry day night we'd TV 9 o'clock PM this image you wanna catch up on me god look at my is the Graham the real Tracie Braxton. What Traci Bre X in all FaceBook and. Where. I'm I thank you know.

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{"duration":"11:09","description":"Traci Braxton discusses reality TV, music and her family drama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"57363269","title":"Traci Braxton discusses the upcoming season of 'Braxton Family Values'","url":"/Entertainment/video/traci-braxton-discusses-upcoming-season-braxton-family-values-57363269"}