Trump's Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Talks Debate Performance, Miss Universe Comments

Kellyanne Conway discussed the Republican nominee's recent remarks on "The View."
7:16 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Trump's Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Talks Debate Performance, Miss Universe Comments
I. Yet again there has never been a presidential candidate anything close to Donald Trump. Which is why this lady may have the hardest job in politics please welcome truck campaign manager Kelly incompetence. I want to give credit where credit is due because I think that I have seen some positive movements in the top campaigns and should come on board I think a lot of people at home and acknowledge that too so I think you for back. But I get right to it because in speaking about Wednesday night a source within the campaign has said. That trumps failures are not today or more about XEQ Sheehan and preparation a lot of people want to know did he lose his nerve and not moment. I thought he was a complete gentleman to her and that he hasn't gotten a lot of credit for that at the beginning he said very graciously Secretary Clinton and he said. May I Claes Secretary Clinton. And she sort of looked and he said. I only to be happy it's very important to me at the end of the night after she hit him is that really negative attacks. He he said Jared I came here ready to play rough and hasten things about you but I want to or because your family's here but I'd appreciate if he's suffering all these negative ads about me. So I don't think he gets credit for restraint and restraint is a virtue in fact of the presidential virtue. But he can't go in their creditors until I'm talking about policy bill because I was I was at home I was. In truth jumping through my television on issues like the Clinton foundation honored and god how about now aryan people are saying there were missed opportunities for him to come back. Have responses to that we'll was he in those moments and will he either next time. He will and he obviously is all that she's had prepared all this that she's get a diet but he actually was answering the questions asked of him. And sometimes mr. hall was asking questions sometimes Hillary Clinton was injured acting with something that had not been asked if he was answering that literally but you're right. This election is what it has always been without it your price is 70% of your credit as 70% of Americans including women who have said I want this country goat it'll. And you in different direction. If you say you wanted changes list Americans do if you care about it's filed 29 million women who have no health insurance to sixteen point nine million women were poverty. Then I think the choice is very good enemies. So close and because you just you just did what he doesn't it. He doesn't give any information he dozens and I'm glad to see you here. It would have been nice if he had shown up because I know she goes all the shows where the gods are how come he didn't come to act. Numerous occasions you know there's in New York because that's how you Giuliani on the new York and don't BS a BS yes. To come did you get it was his will and it tells the OI wouldn't tell you actually look at. He actually said hello and he actually said. That I mean here is a a provided on the shouted as he said I hope that he'll do that I think that's terrific I'm sure he's watching oil watch later but he's on the road every single day. He even at forty beat his me why I'm here on Halloween night I have heard and read his agenda earnings on policy and you know he has been buried Hague. Doesn't he care what is hot air he got there every single day netted sorry. Your everyday but I have to say something and he says nothing he'd gone bad news isn't gonna make America great again he doesn't tell you half he says Anna Chlumsky LaBrandon this is what's gone out of wedlock not to tell you. I actually agree he's out there every day and you can say it is it's all televised or Sonny Tina well look let's ten point plan to before in the veterans initiation five point plan to give middle class tax relief and you child care tax cut which every. Where was it Monday don't. When it wasn't enough why couldn't why didn't he all the things entered talk about a great why would. Why weren't they present to you will hear more about it I agree with you like we've college you that there's so much to be held to count Hillary Clinton. His record that he's not know which I'm Maradona let me hey I'm on the planet we don't want to select an idiot I have. And are. And the fact that he did leave a lot of pains on the table there but yet even after the debate he's sad to. I wanted to say I got out everything except for the transgressions. Bill Clinton he says he doesn't beating go there because of the respective he has. For Chelsea Clinton but are you advising him to go there is that fair game relevant really isn't fair Dave I when I get to get a not. Advising data they are it's guaranteeing to think about how Hillary Clinton treated as women after the fact. She called on an island county streets were a little longer Honda have gotten out all the time. It's chilly with a chain when I can tell you to think about college can't that I I hope he would all give credence to his. He surrounded by strong women he has employed thousands and thousands of winning it. Let me do something about children when they get from it I can't nurse I'm the first plane and heard Republican presidential turn on the women. If your husband was cheating on you turn on them to what new I don't either I know right now I know I would have. Yeah very bright skies he's never minded I might add that ACL incident had happened. You know I was raised by a single mother and I'm sure their many watching your shallow and that's who I am I I was raised. Seem to be very independent and taking it not to take ten to think for myself into the entrepreneurial. And to think about failing in faith and values I was raised by a single mom here took her high school degree and went in supported us she. You know Chad that's how I got to Catholic school that I got to college in las publishing made sacrifice in fact I was raised in the house that looks like. This has raised by my mother her mother into my mothers unmarried sisters and a lot Miller has not shocked that you're supporting him. Without that I. Happy about this universal lease in the titles and wait saying she gained a massive amount of weight. And it was a problem in the past he's called during eating machine. Etna act I feel uncomfortable if it as a woman but I'm curious how. How you felt about those I don't discuss people's plea look I'm sure that on your Twitter feed right now he let viewers discuss. I look young I Intel and did you say yeah. I never knew how ugly house stamp but I wasn't until an imaginary enemy aren't directly but did did you read I'm an attempt to that saved him listen. Why are you saying women of fat why you calling women felt I disabled I mean yes I think is the night he went home on that he gave that could take that woman. A second chance the company involved when he appeared to hurt me it was still ahead that is just a trick I thought I I want everybody. It because she was in breach of contract and the company. One of her term needed he gave her a second chance the choice is where. Give her second she answered terminate her he did that he also has said publicly it won't last night he's talked to her very briefly over. And number of years this was twenty years ago. And die she obviously has a troubled past that I orchid in details. It. Did you would have believed fatter skin and out of this country that we spend sixty million dollars I'm kind of a weird and possibly any important Kelly had his around we will direct act more than a.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Kellyanne Conway discussed the Republican nominee's recent remarks on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42450499","title":"Trump's Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Talks Debate Performance, Miss Universe Comments","url":"/Entertainment/video/trumps-campaign-manager-kellyanne-conway-talks-debate-performance-42450499"}