'The View': Dr. Drew Discusses Mindy McCready's Struggles

Dr. Drew Pinsky says singer was "mortified about the stigma and judgment of the public and the press."
4:46 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View': Dr. Drew Discusses Mindy McCready's Struggles
That tragic apparent suicide of country star. Mindy McCready -- she was on the view -- 2010 with fellow alumni from Celebrity Rehab with doctor drew. And told us how bad her addictions -- -- take a left. A lot of people going through addiction and talk about point when he hit rock bottom Mindy what. What would you say was your rock bottom that -- -- that's need to question. I -- I left Fort Myers which is where -- from. To go to jail. And my son was fifteen months old when I laughed and the spending that first night away from him. I was at first -- actually it's graduate from him period and down it and that's when you know. The they had aha moment going. They're here I am I get a hair look who -- was who MI now and where's my baby. Doctor -- Penske is. On us on the phone right now doctors are you there reported beer and another -- in the morning after a candidate to Japan should. Doctor Jeremy say it's -- devastating news you treated many on Celebrity Rehab actually spoke with us about that and you spoke with her. I -- two weeks ago giving. The reports -- she had the three previous attempts. Of suicide. What when he spoke with her did you sense that she was -- Her you know when mental emotional and did you what can you recall about that conversation. Yeah Elizabeth she she had. Been doing well until without -- -- -- and also father -- for children. And she was so severely shattered by that experience all the people around her friends began calling basically if you talk to her -- in real desperate straits like all her. And she was in trouble and she was really struggling she knew it we discussed the fact that she needed to be hospitalized and had to a psychiatric hospital but she was sold more -- About this stigma and judgment of the public and the press that it really took some convincing. She eventually did go to the hospital which is -- she should have stayed but unfortunately. I really do believe it is because of this same fear stigmatization. She left prematurely and that's -- -- really unravel. She -- lost custody of her children and that was the last straw. You know doctor Giroux. Mindy. Her boyfriend David Wilson David Wilson shot himself on that front porch and Mindy also. -- -- in the same exact place. Is there is significance to that. You know it's hard. Use our rational mind to make sense of the irrational behavior studio Q what people -- -- -- suicidal state. They're profoundly depressed they can't tolerate pain anymore and things that really sort of irrational seem sensible to them such as. I'm gonna be near him by killing -- here oral take the dog with. To we'll have the dog in heaven with but one piece of data that -- remember if somebody. Has been exposed to a suicide or been close to somebody with a suicide a suicide is more likely to a -- -- a nearby relative or friend. You know that -- -- What Mindy is the third person to die from her season. And she's the fifth person to die from the combined seasons out of your show. I would ask do you think that celebrities being treated publicly. Do you think this has something to do with deer deaths. -- sure -- in a weird way I wish I could claim more responsibility for this the reality is though I haven't seen. May indeed stay in years I've talked to -- occasionally we've been friendly. But I've not -- her doctorate -- -- I wish some of them would stay with us some of them do and summer's over but some go on their own -- cut their own. And -- I wish I could be more responsible for them. I think I've received yesterday about -- email contacts from those that are doing well who. We're so grateful wanted to reassure me that their experience was so Heidi -- deputy note saying -- -- was. The most export experience you have effect on the -- to -- here. She said slippery haven't you were the best thing I've ever done for myself -- -- -- -- We're doing something right but I -- those that we lost track -- -- who. Did follow our directions I think it's an important lesson here. That these diseases advance addiction. -- have the same prognosis has cancer and if you don't participate in treatment and an ongoing fashion the prognosis is really bad. What -- side that doctor drew we want to thank you for -- and and you know out condolences to the family.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Dr. Drew Pinsky says singer was \"mortified about the stigma and judgment of the public and the press.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18537913","title":"'The View': Dr. Drew Discusses Mindy McCready's Struggles ","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-dr-drew-discusses-mindy-mccreadys-struggles-18537913"}