'The View's' Take on Announced Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump Interview

The GOP front-runner will sit down in an interview with the Fox News personality.
5:53 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for 'The View's' Take on Announced Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump Interview
Is sitting down for prime time interview where Donald Trump. Given the lousy stuff he has said about Aaron and sun not so long I'm gul. Past. Does anybody surprises and a good move is of great a one rating is five. It is a little aid is his reign of ratings and I have to tell you I was. I think it's it's interesting that she's going to interview him they're going to be a lot of eyeballs on it the ratings are gonna go up. Oh what was uncomfortable for me was she described the meeting at getting this this up interview she says. At my Rick the meeting was at my request and mr. trump was gracious enough to agree to it. We met for about an hour just the two of us and I had a chance to clear the air. I I thought you had a chance to clear the air he should be begging on his knees and giving and apologizing to you Frye waited for you and you. I disagree I think she's taking now I totally applaud her and I think she's taken a hybrid as a journalist you can't allow. Your personal feelings or personal. Opinion to get in the way of your professional obligation then you're actor which your obligation as a journalist. Is to tell the many sides to every story not sourced story the many sides to every story. And then let people decide so I wanna say to Megyn Kelly I applaud you for taking the high radical why did she waging. Say I had the chance to clear the air and he was gracious enough to agree to it that sounded a lot like pandering for an interview moved to me well there is that. Well I'm yeah. It's not did this is this a prime time special on May seventeenth it's not just going to be Donald Trump and going to be. A plot character that I John I don't think I'd love Megan right she's a very talented journalist I would I would come on the show now we find out. Yeah yeah. Everybody from Iraq's action to come on let's have a nightmare and yeah. I am thrilled. I mean who knows the gap given how can look like trump is so braids. I'd like to see him do an interview with Telemar down I really wide. I like this. Seeing how that would go out or come here did you know what we care about getting hit inmate I'm younger like yeah out or makes him look like he's brave I'm excited to see Megan I wanna see what she's gonna ask him and how hard she's gonna punish. Now with her question I. Back to residents need so yes they did themselves a good time Baghdad problem you can can yeah. I won't find out that. ABC news if first what Barbara Walters but rob all. It is something. That affects every woman. Button none of us really soon to talk about it. It's the Perry found that I let's say. I hand. And a pass out without. Well let's let's talk about it because latest issue of Newsweek focuses on. How pop culture is taking the fight to end period shaming. Yes they into the main story now the Washington Post look back at how it used to be discussed. Mom isn't booming yet in my act. No it's not a good idea that birds through 38 your period you might get cured and kept cool. Let cool I can't help when you know not gotten Paris. But Harris who got you know things may need. I can't possibly Tuesday they may be what and why. Isn't still such a hard conversation to have it's not like any of us can choose to opt out of having. I wish we cut now and we can't you know we pay taxes on and 45 of the fifty states. In the US we pay. Taxes on. Unsanitary that sums is that we have no decision over yeah so why do you think it's still so hard for people it's totally hard for me it's hard for me. It's like about it right now I don't look. Maybe it's because of the way it started I mean I got my period very young I was eleven and my mom. Was as horrified as I was and Justin gave me my right side I'm more items are my head and you know. That I'm talking about this and I she gave me the sanitary napkins and that was it that this discussion. I thought I don't like to talk about. I was surprised I didn't know there was is my chain is there is about it I guess my household is very open about it I had two older sister and I learned a lot from Nam but even with my daughter might. My two boys at home my has been. Hot about it they now it's like just not thinking back I. I think that it's it's all how you address it in the home to my son this morning is actually going through my jurors to hear and he's nineteen pounds as swords. Yeah yeah I was like. I. Conversations with my children my middle son gets worried because he knows that there's lot involvement he's like mommy are you gonna be okay I think it's fine it's none of this happens to women we have to deal and snow but it is -- all but. But I don't know what I want them to know what women have to through I want it I have gone. It innocence and certain way it's better than it used to bay because. I remember when. People used to say you can't have a woman for president because she has PM message elaborate period last ten that you yeah we in the club and you don't you don't hear that is much read a book but but since Hillary hasn't had a period since Dicks is when Nixon went. Have half. Well. We're talking about it's like yeah my point being. And that it was a woman who was under 58. What they still be talk when they act like say he sort of alluded to that you've alluded to the fact that. I'm good got everybody learned and how.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"The GOP front-runner will sit down in an interview with the Fox News personality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38683233","title":"'The View's' Take on Announced Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump Interview","url":"/Entertainment/video/views-announced-megyn-kelly-donald-trump-interview-38683233"}