Women rule at Video Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez and other women rocked Radio City Music Hall at the annual awards show.
2:41 | 08/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women rule at Video Music Awards
Jail absolutely rocked the house and women ruled the night will. What were some of the headlines. Double bed like you to help them right there. App that start out with Kayla would get a little bit ago it's right across the street from right here at Radio City Music Hall. When Michael. RO lord please keep falling but. Timberlake the day. In the view on but he warned that a Korea if the winds. Have really late night. All that many decades. 08. Minutes. That made me. That actually it's the birth. Of war. Toward. It and it's one celebratory moment for the community. Taking home that or it. You know report but it's. It. ABC news. But Kabila report that cult that artist an ideal the year. Award. From Madonna like it that it was a big night for you Latin community. With there as well. Put me on the hot pink carpet right over there will be like that. Part of that. Your performing some. Night volumes through rap is going to be it actually is my first time here the Vietnamese and am. Super happy because I'm gonna have to honor it. His seeing for the first time hold the Spanish song that the image. That's crazy that understanding is through them into the V8 innings I can't believe that this is the percent we're getting a full Spanish language sound. That must be a little bit of pressure how are you feeling are you nervous are you anxious excited. Well I know I am super rare happened that is happening of that exists demands over and there is but I think he's going to be grade than nervous sometimes in hopes to. To drop in states. He also knocked it out of the park last night I don't know if he's not hate that they get all of these fabulous female backup dancers behind him. And they were discovered that the emails that were celebrating last night they demonize. Killer performance downtown at the ocular Arianna grundy as well. Diane I miss seeing you last night on world news now but I know you're having fun up here at midtown we'll have to have a Taylor dance steps and I guess. May I have always Cambridge jail look at session the loom against that you name it looked like you that way too much fun of it this time. Well against Boris midtown Manhattan thanks Lil.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Jennifer Lopez and other women rocked Radio City Music Hall at the annual awards show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"57311367","title":"Women rule at Video Music Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/women-rule-video-music-awards-57311367"}