The Year 2019: Marie Kondo, 'Avengers: Endgame,' a royal baby and other obsessions

Marie Kondo used her Netflix show to explain the joys of organizing, the final “Avengers” chapter broke box office records and the world was excited for its first glimpse of Archie.
7:09 | 12/23/19

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Transcript for The Year 2019: Marie Kondo, 'Avengers: Endgame,' a royal baby and other obsessions
From music and movies to fashion. Our pop culture obsessions are everything. Are you in? Starting with the woman whose every move was a jaw-dropping moment of 2019. This year, I got to be honest, I have been so blessed. Jennifer Lopez is everything. And this is her time. From sharing her engagement to Alex Rodriguez on Instagram to her star turn in the film "Hustlers." Which became one of the surprise delights and hits of 2019. You an investor in this place? No. And in the process got herself at least a golden globe nomination for supporting actress. This movie was produced by women, it was written and directed by women. It was edited by women, and starring all women. It's pretty exciting. With men's magazine "Gq" selecting j.lo as their "Icon of the year." She works hard. She's doing squats on yachts. Jennifer Lopez was just like, "Yeah. I'm still hot. To prove it, I'll wear the thing I looked hot in a decade ago." Now, some people said I look better now than I did then. And I'm not bragging. That's just, you know, gossip. Celebrating that iconic dress, again, on "Saturday night live." This is what 50 looks like, kids. And with the new year, also came new joy. Meghan and myself had a baby boy. When he announced the baby's birth, he was obviously very, very excited, over the moon, as any new dad would be. He was almost giddy. In fact, he actually thanked the horses behind him. Thanks, guys. Then the moment we had all been waiting for. The duke and duchess of Sussex introducing their newborn, Archie Harrison mountbatten-windsor. We're just obsessed with the Royals. But Meghan is American, and she named her kid Archie? People lost their minds over Archie. Nobody cares that he's the seventh in line. He's number one in popularity. Hello, I'm Marie Kondo. The Marie Kondo effect. Has it, has it gotten to you guys yet? Oh, yes. Yes, it has. I know it certainly has gotten to me. Thanks to her hit show on Netflix, there was also joy to be found in folding. I love mess. Here comes this Japanese woman who is so prim and proper and she can take all the mess you have and help you organize it. You pick up things in your house. You look at it. And you're like, "Does this bring me joy?" Mary brought a bunch of joy in our home. And now, if you go to goodwill or Salvation Army, it Somebody else will get joy out of this tchotchke. Not me though. As for this year's fashion must-have -- Victorian prairie dresses. Like, 2019 was the new 1819. Lace, choking collar, and your billowing sleeves. Or as I like to call it, girls gone Laura Ingalls wilder. This is it, guys. "Avengers: Endgame" is happening, expected to be one of the biggest box office openings ever. What marvel did was they spent ten years crafting an immaculate storyline. I don't know how you're going to get through all of that. Don't worry. She's got help. Becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time. It was supposed to be the mother of all superhero movies and it really was. We're gonna begin with Jennifer aniston. Now we can all be friends with the lovable star. Jennifer aniston's like, "Not only am I on Instagram, look who's with me." And everybody loses their mind. "Oh, my god, she's on Instagram. Oh my god, it's the friends. They're back together." This Instagram thing -- It's crazy. They measured it, it's a guinness book world record. Jennifer aniston was one of the original influencers. Everyone had that haircut. Everyone wanted to see who she was dating. When I found out, I was the first one to follow. And no surprise, Jen's account was so popular, it actually crashed. But it was lady gaga and Bradley cooper's oscars performance of "Shallow" that sent fans off the deep end. In the shallow in the shallow It was literally like catnip for hopeless romantics. I could not believe when they sat down next to each other on that piano bench and were looking into each other's eyes. That was the best Oscar moment that I have ever seen. Wow. It was really an authentic performance between Bradley and I. We just lived the lyrics. And lived the music together. I was like, okay, either they're both really good actors or these two are just legitimately in love with each other. People started saying, they must be in love. They had to issue the denials. It's all just acting, because they're actors. People saw love and guess what. That's what we wanted you to see. Alexa, play "Old town road." Gonna take my horse to old town road Riding its way into our number one obsession, "Old town road" by lil nas X, featuring When I first heard "Old town road," I thought it was a joke. I've got the horses in the back I've got the horses in the back It's the biggest record of 2019, point blank, period. You can't tell me nothing I was able to catch all audiences, you know? Little kids, adults, older folks. Going to take my horse to the old town road It literally knocked Mariah Carey off the billboard charts for the longest number one ever. "One sweet day" at the top. With the gracious diva literally passing the torch in a tweet, writing, "Keep living your best life!" And I'm scared for him because you don't just knock Mariah Carey off the billboard chart and expect to live. But leave it to Mariah to have the last laugh. For the first time ever, her 25-year-old holiday classic "All I want for Christmas is you" just became the number one song in America.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Marie Kondo used her Netflix show to explain the joys of organizing, the final “Avengers” chapter broke box office records and the world was excited for its first glimpse of Archie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67889047","title":"The Year 2019: Marie Kondo, 'Avengers: Endgame,' a royal baby and other obsessions","url":"/Entertainment/video/year-2019-marie-kondo-avengers-endgame-royal-baby-67889047"}