How This Young Star Found Out He Landed a Role in 'Jurassic World'

Ty Simpkins discusses his character in the upcoming summer movie.
6:12 | 06/03/15

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Transcript for How This Young Star Found Out He Landed a Role in 'Jurassic World'
You see I told you. Welcome up close and personal way for. Diana sources. Pilot Norris. Shooting here. News five guys. Aren't supposed to be genius or something look one tune green. Four. While that is a scene from the action packed big summer blockbuster Jurassic world with Chris Pratt. Bryce Dallas and the young and you just saw there. Teen star times in Cannes and we are delighted to have Tyson gets right here in studio with us today I thank you so much for being here probably happen. Congratulations on the role thank you I cannot wait to see this movie it looks so that its dairy. It's very exciting. How exciting was this tissue. Well. It was very sick is when I first heard about it well bush and I first heard about in 2011. And that I action I got the audition. He was so excited. How did you find out you've got the part how excited Maria I was I was in show class and me and my I was at my data. Time and me he's like a tie got a phone call middle class and in leno's and I heard collins' flight from like Oregon and notes that about him and I was like. Sony anti colony cones is gonna talking fervent and yeah and sent tongues like I booked a role in the end nick is gonna inflame rather like. I haven't silk oak. Use a pay so we were talking. This is a lot of this is CGI settled this is it different kind of acting a lot of what you had to do is sort of all with your imagination. These dinosaurs weren't. There in front of you except for one yet. Tell us about that well I wasn't in the scene with that. But I got to balance that because I was like I wish you liked honestly that's basically with that. The most the other time it's just CGI and if it was. News it was it was just a metal Portland on wow so when you saw the movie for the first time yourself a couple of days ago. You know I was seeing all the dinosaurs. As I love that I was like oh my god I was actually there I was actually injure as part being chased and was died. It was almost like a first time experience for you want it yeah incredible what was it like working along side Chris Pratt Chris Chris is great. He guests. He would always I crack a joke like once I knew Richard cut and he taught me. Like every tennis that action like I would like have my arm assert getting itchy. And news Ankiel is just right and it's fair to say cut you know go way that that helped a lot Sino. He helped me with some tricks on sat. As he said he taught me how to be a man really. We get I hate bugs I he'll break it. And he taught me just how to go up to them to slam crawling on his things like tonight is do you agree with humor is he just think that or do you think he's right at you man. Well. I think I think that he helped me become a man so getting got to learn allowing your word yes a lot of adult actors that are very. Muscular legs and tough is that help it helps. Own hopes to become a man. You have been in a number of huge Phelps iron pan heat one of them. We've heard a little rumor that you to prevent future. An Iron Man can you tell us anything about that. That's just a real player but I hope. I hope that I can do that thousand that'll be awesome in this. Everett has come true thank you become Iron Man that would be awesome so you would take over Robert Roberts. Character. And become mired man army council here wow that's awesome and the list here of all the movies you Burr Egan and and nearly fourteen years old war of the worlds insidious revolutionary road pride and glory little children. The list goes on very impressive lest they all Beatles very different that what is your favorite type of character to play. Well. Recently have been playing a lot of like. The a lot of lake Smart. Smart kids lake I did a movie in 2012 Carter Kate called Arcadia and I'd yes. Finished a movie called metal and word play an autistic. Autistic kid and your genius in dress yet I'm a very. Dinosaur enthusiasts to knows everything about dinosaurs and just it's a very curious and on boy. Well I'm sitting at your Twitter page and you are apologizing to some fans cannot you know getting back to them all the time. What's the toughest part about being such a big celebrity at fourteen years old. Well. Toughest part that's hard. Coolest part coolest part. The coolest part is just you know getting in getting experience. What adults can do in lake. Having a job really went out Star Wars. Star hours to meet would be awesome I really wanted this I want to become like I've argued and massacred on Iron Man so what's left Star Wars just. I love star and you wanna play and Joseph Dyer says there just anything really just. When abuse are ours I could see you as a jet high. And paint and genius kid and I a case I think and thank you so much for being here pumping pleasure to meet you and I are going to see the movie congratulations thank you.

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"Ty Simpkins discusses his character in the upcoming summer movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31508345","title":"How This Young Star Found Out He Landed a Role in 'Jurassic World'","url":"/Entertainment/video/young-star-found-landed-role-jurassic-world-31508345"}