Actress Anya Taylor-Joy creates playlists for the characters she plays

The actress stars in the dazzling new movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, “Emma,” which has critics raving.
4:09 | 02/17/20

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Transcript for Actress Anya Taylor-Joy creates playlists for the characters she plays
Ginger is not here. She's traveling I'm here with Anya taylor-joy who stars in "Emma" which critics are calling witty, dazzling and hilarious. Thank you for being here. Thank you so much for having me. We have been seeing you in a lot of movies over the last five years or so. But the way you got discovered was really fascinating, yet a little scary. A little bit creepy. Someone started following you? Yes. I was wearing heels for the first time because I had a party I was trying to practice for, and this black car started following me so I freaked out, picked up my dog and ran, and then a guy stuck his head out the window and said, if you stop, you won't regret it which is like every horror movie ever, but I did stop and it was the head of a modeling agency and it all worked out, but I do not suggest people stop if a car is following you. I feel like just keep running. Good public service announcement. Do not stop, no matter what. Now you're starring in "Emma." Yeah. Just a few years later, but you say you make a play list for every character you play. Mm-hmm. What's on Emma's play list? The one is "Rich girl." It was kind of the theme. There was a whole bunch of just really romantic music like "I'm forever blowing bubbles," Louis Armstrong, and the love theme from the "Robin hood's" animated movie. I guess the music inspires your character. We'll look at a clip of you in action as Emma. Let's look. She's pretty and she's good-tempered. That is all. That is all? These are not trivial recommendations, Mr. Knightly. Women do fall in love and handsome faces. A girl should be admired. I'm very much mistaken if your sex in general would not find these the highest claims a woman can possess. Don't want to mess with you. But there have been a few adaptations of Emma, but what set this one apart? I think it's the fact that period drama, it seems like it happened such a long time ago that people were almost treat it like science fiction, and we wanted to remind people that it's really funny, and underneath the corsets and bonnetts and the whole Sha bang, these are real people, and we wanted to create, like, a hot mess Emma if that makes sense. Hot mess? We have panic attacks and everyone is losing it all over the place, and still trying to keep it, like, straight. Keep it proper. Yeah. You mentioned the costume, beautiful. Yeah. How much of the costume make the woman in this film, and did you keep anything from the set? I dropped crazy hints. I was, like, I can wear this with my doc Martins, but they're expensive so I didn't get to keep any of them. Emma is such a vain character, that if I was wearing a coat that had an incredible bag, I would find myself delivering it over the shoulder to show off the coat because that's the sort of girl that Emma is. So it was a nice, like, in to the character. You have a very musical cast there with you on set. Mm-hmm. I hear you guys would break into song. Yeah. Yeah. We have a tape of that. Let's check it out. Oh, gosh. This is us dancing to one of the songs that we put together. We had a lot of time, guys. Quite a bit of time. We had a lot of time to do stuff. You have been so busy. You were in the new "X men" movie. It's coming out this spring. So what can you tell us about just give us the whole script. Give it away. Um, no. But I will say that I get to play a very sassy, very aggressive Russian lady who doesn't really, you know, care what other people think of her, and I'm not quite like that. So it's a fun energy to go into work every day. I tell you what. It's amazing. People, do not stop for cars, but we're glad you did. We're looking forward to seeing you in "Emma." It's in select theaters on Friday.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The actress stars in the dazzling new movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, “Emma,” which has critics raving. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69027225","title":"Actress Anya Taylor-Joy creates playlists for the characters she plays","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/actress-anya-taylor-joy-creates-playlists-characters-plays-69027225"}