Adam Sandler rides wave of Oscar buzz

The actor gave it his all as Howard Ratner, a diamond dealer with a serious gambling addiction in "Uncut Gems."
5:22 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Adam Sandler rides wave of Oscar buzz
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Sandler who is having a major moment. Critics are calling his star turn in "Uncut gems" his best performance ever and now he's starting to get a little Oscar buzz. I made a crazy risk, a gamble and it's about to pay off. Reporter: Adam Sandler putting it all on the line in the new film "Uncut gems." I want points and rebounds. Reporter: He plays Howard Ratner with a serious gambling addiction itching for his next big score. When you received this script, what were you thinking? Okay, so I read it. I was nervous wreck because it was so many things I had to do with the movie. There were scenes where unfortunately my clothes was off. Everything was disgusting about it thinking about me doing it but I just -- I knew it was great. I knew the filmmakers were great and I talked to my wife and she's like, you have to do this. Me and my wife got very close practicing every night doing the scenes talking about everything and it was very interesting for us. I'm done. That means nothing. Meant nothing. Please. Give me another shot. You find yourself as a viewer pulling for you. In the most -- why am I rooting for this guy? I know. I didn't know that was ever going to happen. You take lightning bets. You don't want any part of lightning bets. A thousand dollars a point. Take this. He's trapped in this disease of his and he's just -- doesn't -- doesn't have a thought of getting out of it. I got to go again. K.G., this is no different than this. This is me. You had The Weeknd. You had Kevin Garnett. Idina Menzel. How was the cast. It was a gritty process working late deep into the night sometime and we knew we were making something different. That commitment paying off in a big way. Adam Sandler, Oscar buzz. Let's go, robin. You just won best actor from the national board of review. This is a shocker. For many, many Americans. What does this mean for you especially at this point in your career? It's neat, never thought of this stuff in my life. It wasn't my goal growing up. I didn't say I want to get an Oscar one day. I just wanted to make movies. I wanted to do what Eddie Murphy was doing. It's a whole new feeling and it's fun. I don't know if there is a tuxedo that can make me look normal. To prepare he learned the tricks of the trade in new York's diamond district. We'd walk down the street, come on. Talk to guys, see what they were doing, what they were selling. We put Adam to the ultimate test. Are you ready it test your diamond knowledge? I could be in trouble. Go with the diamond game and our friends at New York loan company. First up these beautiful earrings, Adam, with over 34 carats of gems. Can you guess the gemstone. Without a doubt. These are flawless. Good. They're gorgeous. And these are what they call -- what are they called. Starts with an "Sst Q. Saskatoon. Sapphire. Sapphire. I get to keep one glove. Simply extraordinary diamond anyone Lasley. Can you guess the carat weight in this necklace. You mind if I pick it up? You have to. 425,000 carats. 50 carats. About the same. Last but not least we have this beautiful emerald ring. Can you guess how many total gem cuts were used. One, two, three. Yeah. That's four, five, tell me when, six. Okay. Seven. Stop at -- That's eight, nine. I'm trying to give you -- A zero cut. Three. You can't do this. Give me a three. Okay, we couldn't let Adam go without celebrating that holiday tune he debuted on "Saturday night live." Put on your yarmulke here comes Hanukkah 'Tis the season. 25 years -- I heard. The Hanukkah song. I can't believe that. I was walking to "Saturday night live" one morning and I went, oh, man, you know what would be good in my head, a song about Hanukkah, a guy who didn't get to celebrate Christmas. I can list a bunch of jewish people who also didn't get to celebrate Christmas. Maybe that would be funny. I lucked out with that song and I hear about it -- I say every day of my life. The audience. Yeah. One of the nicest guys ever. Good family man and he gets a little nervous when you talk about Oscar buzz. I mean it is an Oscar worthy performance but he knows it's a long shot. He'll get that tux right. Good for him for stretching. And his wife. Really good. Nationwide Christmas day. Coming up, sunny Anderson is here baking up some delicious

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The actor gave it his all as Howard Ratner, a diamond dealer with a serious gambling addiction in \"Uncut Gems.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67592006","title":"Adam Sandler rides wave of Oscar buzz","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/adam-sandler-rides-wave-oscar-buzz-67592006"}