Amanda Bynes checks into mental health facility

The actress, 32, is reportedly receiving treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues.
2:30 | 03/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Bynes checks into mental health facility
We're back with the latest on Amanda Bynes. She's checked herself back into a mental facility. Amy here with the details. Hey, George. Good morning. Amanda Bynes trying to recently Mick a comeback in Hollywood after the highly publicized break you in 2014. She's seeking help after a relapse. Okay, you guys have to hear this joke. Reporter: Former child star Amanda Bynes has made millions of kids laugh on Nick load yen and her hit films. You play? Yeah. Reporter: Sources telling ABC news the 32-year-old is seeking treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues after suffering a relapse. She's been struggling since the end of last year after she started to pursue work in Hollywood again. I do miss aking. Reporter: She first revealed her desire to return to the screen with fashion blogger Diana Madison in 2017. I want to do TV. Maybe some guest shots. Maybe another tfl show where I'm the star of it. Reporter: A former child star from nickelodeon's all that and the Amanda show, she starred in a string of hit films. Like what a girl wants. Pull. Reporter: She's the man. Hey. What's up? I'm Sebastian. Reporter: Hair spray. ?????? Reporter: And easy a. There's a higher power that will judge you for your indecency. Reporter: After problems with drugs, depression, and run-ins with the law, she retired from acting and retreated from the public eye. Something she opened up about to magazine last year. Four years sober at the time, she said she used marijuana at the age of 16. She experimented with other drugs like cocaine and adderall. She said she wanted to reenter the business with excitement and hope for the best. I have to fear of the future. I've been through the worst and came out on the other end and survived it. So I just feel like it's only up from here. She's reportedly in a los angeles-area facility. She's not public hi commented on her latest trubls. We're wishing her the best. She's doing the right thing. She's psyching help. Sometime you have to go back again and again. Takes strength. It does. Coming up, we have the singer that had "American idol"

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The actress, 32, is reportedly receiving treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61452175","title":"Amanda Bynes checks into mental health facility","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/amanda-bynes-checks-mental-health-facility-61452175"}