Ashleigh Banfield hosts new series on A&E

New docuseries hosted by the veteran journalist follows the people who are on the front lines of danger.
1:58 | 04/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ashleigh Banfield hosts new series on A&E
Welcome back to GM may when emergency strikes first responders act often risking their own lives to save others now a new jockey series hosted by veteran journalist Ashley Banfield. Follow the men and women who were on the front lines of danger. We'll get a proven that out. You're watching these Sacramento firefighters risk their lives to courageous rescuers on the roof of this burning home. Working to draw the fire around. This tense scene just one of the many first responders deal with from across the country. Danny is alive rescue will take viewers into the part of the action following these brave men and women as they perform their life saving more. Relax and we're giving you medicine right now I gonna feel some relief it's not glossy it's not beautifully lit it's quick it's fast it's true it's real from the creators of live TV. The two hour show will be live with 32 cameras across seven different location. It's you rarely get an up close and personal look at how high their work is the Elliott. I can find out how dangerous their work is we want to get them right up close and personal to what these people face every day. Joining host veteran journalist Ashley Banfield is Dan Flynn and tightest hero both from a ending his night watch. Current car car with their background is first responders and you'll provide analysis on the real rescues happening in real time. Every single call. It's not what you first think it's going to be. Just when you think you know what's about to happen the opposite happened and so it sort of exciting. And you can catch the premiere of live rescue tomorrow at nine on AMA did you really introducing concept though this sort of live interactive following these first responders. As they go and do their incredible work the big deal and makes sense given life PD is so successful that of our friend and neighbor death.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"New docuseries hosted by the veteran journalist follows the people who are on the front lines of danger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62535454","title":"Ashleigh Banfield hosts new series on A&E","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ashleigh-banfield-hosts-series-ae-62535454"}