Bachelor Colton Underwood on his mission to find love

The newest Bachelor talks in an exclusive "GMA" interview about what fans can expect to see as he begins his search for love on TV.
4:14 | 01/02/19

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Transcript for Bachelor Colton Underwood on his mission to find love
bachelor, Colton Underwood, he is on a mission to find true love. And we're going to speak to him live in just a moment. First here's a look at his journey. Colton, I'm sorry. Take a moment and say your good-byes. He got his heart broken on "The bachelorette" by becca. I fell in love with becca. It's hard when you don't get loved back. On "Bachelor in paradise" -- I gave it my all. He broke some hearts of his own. I wanted it to work and it's not there. Reporter: This former pro NFL tight end changing the script as the first virgin. I am a virgin. Really? Yeah. With a heart of gold he's not afraid to show his true feelings. I'm broken. But also not afraid to fight for what he want. First off you're making assumptions that are wrong so before you know facts -- you should just shut up. Reporter: This season's newest bachelor Colton Underwood hoping to put a ring on it. Here he is, this season's new bachelor, Colton Underwood. Welcome, man. Thank you. Good to see you. Good to see you. You know, on "The bachelorette" and "Bachelor in paradise," you were not afraid to show your emotions. That's why people connected to you N this season are we going to see a lot of tears? You're going to see all the emotions and, yes, there are some tears. There are some tears. Yes. See, look at that. They're connecting with you even more right now. Also, you've had a lot of fun obviously. I saw this Instagram post with you and Chris Harrison and no Laurens on my season so what was that all about? Well, I feel like "The bachelor" has a reputation of having at least five Laurens every season. I didn't have any. And that made my job a little easier but at the same time I think I had two alexs, I had a few Hannahs so I was worried about the names. You ever mess up any names. I didn't. I had a few of the women ask me their names on night one like do you remember my name. That's sort of evil because 30 women. If they do that they don't get a rose. Plain andsimple. Do not put you on the spot like that. But one of my favorite parts of the show is when the ladies get to meet -- you get to meet them for the first time and pull up and make their entrance. What is the most memorable or creative arrival that you saw? So, I had everything from a woman who dressed up as a sloth. I had somebody arrive if a police car and then -- So one moved slow and the other one gets arrested. I had a dog. I someone holding signs but I had somebody pull up in a horse drawn carriage as Cinderella with the glass slipper too so that was a really, really good one. I liked that one. That's very creative. We're going to take a look and an exclusive sneak peek of the show right now. You are asked a very straightforward question and, boy, check this out. Fun night. Yeah. This is a lot for you, I'm sure. Yeah. So I'm just going to straight up ask this. Yes. Everyone knows you're a virgin. Yeah. So I want to know why? Yeah. Well, let me -- she came out swinging. That was our first like we just sat down and immediately that was her question. She didn't even like, hey, like how was tonight going? Like why are you a virgin which I respect. I mean they came out and wanted to get to know me right off the bat so, yeah, it was an interesting night and they definitely put the pressure on. Well, it seems like they don't hold anything back. They have a question. They ask you immediately. That's what I want out of a relationship. I want to be challenged. I like that. We like having you here. Nothing interviewing you on a bed of roses. Nothing like having you interview me on a bid of roses. You'll be back. You can see the entire sneak peek of "The bachelor." Go to our website to see that and see the three-hour premiere of "The bachelor" Monday at 8:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The newest Bachelor talks in an exclusive \"GMA\" interview about what fans can expect to see as he begins his search for love on TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60108561","title":"Bachelor Colton Underwood on his mission to find love","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bachelor-colton-underwood-mission-find-love-60108561"}