1-on-1 with the new 'Bachelor,' Peter Weber

"Pilot Pete," the new star of "The Bachelor," opens up about Hannah B's decision and what kind of partner he's looking for.
3:44 | 09/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1-on-1 with the new 'Bachelor,' Peter Weber
It is time for our "Gma" cover story. Our one-on-one with the new bachelor, Peter the pilot. He's opening up about Hannah b.'s decision and -- He's your favorite. He's my favorite, I did like Peter the pilot. Stop putting it out that I'm sitting at home watching this show. We'll find out what he thought about Hannah b.'s decision and what kind of parter is he looking for. Abbie Boudreau had a chance to sit down with him joining us from Los Angeles. Good morning to you, blooudz. Reporter: Good morning. He was a fan favorite from the start and now about to have his shot at finding true love as the newest bachelor. Pilot Pete is ready to take off on a new adventure. You're the bachelor. I am. This is the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. Such a blessing. Reporter: After finding love on Hannah b.'s season of "The bachelorette" he went home brokenhearted. I know I have a ton of love to give and I thought it was I truly did. Reporter: But now the delta pilot says he's ready to move on from the windmill. You're never going to live No, it's not. It was actually four times. That's okay. I love windmills. Reporter: Into the pilot's seat as the new bachelor. Obviously I'm a pilot and flying is my first love, so anything flying related I would love to share that, you know, with some girls, hopefully on a date. Reporter: Peter even speaking about Hannah's season. What did you learn from Hannah, from her being the bachelorette? Hannah, she did such an amazing job of just being her 100% true self from night one to when I said bye to her. Do you think she made the right decision? No, no. I don't. Just being very honest but, you know, Tyler and I, we probably would have both said the same answer that we thought she should have picked us and the relationship I thought Hannah and I had I thought was very strong. I was very confident in it and I thought there was a future there. Reporter: The California native charmed Hannah and viewers early on. Hannah even calling him the dream guy as she said good-bye to him without explanation. But now he's found closure and is ready to find love again. Describe your dream girl. Obviously sounds cliche but that girl is my best friend and you can wake up every single morning and just makeup on, no makeup, you are just so madly in love with her. You can't believe that you were lucky enough to find her and spend the rest of your life with her. The girl that is as thirsty for adventure as I am and just constantly exploring and is never going to lose that. A girl that family is extremely important to her because for me coming from such a close family that's my rock. Reporter: Peter says he knows from his own experience this process works and ready to show a different side of him. I'm far from perfect and I am looking forward, you know, for this journey to start and show the girls that. You're going to get the good, the bad and the ugly? We're going to see an edgier side of. You this pilot has some edge. I'm not going to lie. Reporter: As for the women waiting to meet him, he has some advice. I waited a little bit too long to fully open up my heart to her and show that vulnerable side and if I could encourage the women not to do that, I probably would. Not to wait too long. Don't wait too long. If you're feeling it for me, I want to know and I'm going to give it right back. I asked Peter if there's they chance we'll see Hannah on his season and his first reaction was, you never know. But she's probably a little busy competing on "Dancing with the Michael. All right, Abbie. They better tell him they love him early or he might fly away or you never know. Wow, that's right.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"\"Pilot Pete,\" the new star of \"The Bachelor,\" opens up about Hannah B's decision and what kind of partner he's looking for.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65688125","title":"1-on-1 with the new 'Bachelor,' Peter Weber","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bachelor-peter-weber-65688125"}