'On the Basis of Sex' star on her new role as Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Jones appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about the making of the film, "On the Basis of Sex."
18:41 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for 'On the Basis of Sex' star on her new role as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Yes that we meth. Hi everybody that's our Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and visit to rip it Libya what. On the basis of sex which is about. Our own justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the notorious. BG. When he bought and I have to say this so your publicity and rose Joseph. This team a happy day a gimmick known as disparate. I want she roots of the heat that. Act aren't yet light I don't know yet yeah and allies I so was sitting. Thank you do you know just never been in any box. Climbing out of them gold and I do after. June earth. Rogue one I think I'll just play group but against. I. On it's me it's so we're you to hang in. Me yet seen dot com yeah. Why is just thinking that it reached base against has the folds in say that the continued ancient she's become more. Style rule is you think because sex. I do there would be Dick Kevin Bacon yet if there's excellent read this you'll awards all the time hey if you. Yeah wheat where she was involved from the very beginning she. How nephew when tonight and often don't unpleasant and he done and the woman. Write the screenplay and he said them. And how would you mine by right asking about life and that's what you won't spend time getting and go ahead. Saying he'd take that away with it. Exactly. Which is to see them BT's very very tripe and human. But and then he yanked it Patton and right as he to a script about my husband but I would let. The moment where he submits. The script to the job that's the scary which had briefly been written yet. Well now I. But not if it was beat yes I wouldn't. That is just as gains by gave T units in its I mean she's not. But that was so many jobs that eventually he just that I play in and we you would you mind giving it went door to gain and carried on meeting the unit by the time since that night twenty drop. And says that it is having been in family planning in bringing this this 21 well with Hugh. Witten you know you people would say well we've let you play. And then it's so exciting and that you have to actually do so I ended this active is really insist. Very intimidate he's hitting he's taking on north taking on someone who say deep deep enough. And so do I'm repeated in note let's talk to and I'm you know I'm a huge fan I'm myself sick expected Nina back. In Chile in you don't think. To stop. What was it known names phase any kind of prep days. None but I mean I'm a huge pot is overseeing needs and hiring him to Cincinnati and having an old saying. Who is his custom when they're in the twenty counties in fourteenth can go with need lenient. I say well from 1993. Didn't mention that's when she's been in the public high. The hill was this woman when she was younger and I'm Walt with the decision she made. That enables had to be in in the position she's in today and have an impact that she's well that's what's. Fascinating to me about the man because I didn't. Now we. We just see her as basically born and then sitting on the bench they and then making these decisions yeah and that movie and you wouldn't you're terrific performances. Is. Letting us see her in the act not necessarily inventing herself but becoming there's police. Absentee and city when it sold. In building immense struggles that that she went three I mean she was trying to operate in and in a while but that. Wasn't designed for women to beat. Dating wanted to have that there it says it was incredible to see. Which makes it very topical now yeah absolutely. Pushing back against that system and managing to. It changed it and change it for the back to. But doing it in an incredible waste what she Communist ruled that initiative so much injustice and she was that some prejudice against. She managed to use asking frustration and time in something. He had to be incredibly positive. What what point did you were you able to sit down with her does that before you started acting or did you meet her leader in the we we math we went out to Washington. And to spend time with Aaron. We we went have is that having in high office. In and then again I'm spent time with her in her apartment. And she was day incredibly welcoming and contagious he knew and fence Hayes says see how and her husband. Monte can buy pay you two feet by by on the Hammond. Was someone he was even an aids an extraordinary relationship and say KF. Even in the way that she she lived on the hammering -- innings and the and meetings he conceived enough that she it's she attacked a husband and how important relationship with teams of he was. Getting a little of the lie naked in Catholic. He entrenched hard there if I saw something on social media where he and digest and Rowe were warning around Washington. Basically it was a Ruth who loved each one of them back hey Gil how but actually think that was a real one bit about BT it's. It yet I'm because. She speaks her mind she does and says what she wants to well that's what that's he's what is so extraordinary is and she's someone you have has stopped by have principles. High in timeline. And she's in a position of and T has Cindy integrity. And hat he's had met at the name it we didn't have anyone who we can copped to it in quite the same way. I'm and so much of what what's she was she was campaigning for is how to win women and work together effectively. An ultimate me it's about it's about death and mean and and helping women in today's editions of how and doing it so that one agenda isn't threatened by the alpha. Now all this he comes from now and being involved in the time in the domestic round. And and breaking down these the race and gender stereotypes which to say limiting me now. It's a mean the movie is called on the basis of sex because that's what she's doing she's taking on a hundred years yeah. It helped hide bound. There are scenes in that movie that judges are basically thing you belong in the home and that's the way the wall with that and that's the way it should be. Yes without even a scintilla of shame. It's just the weight what. A name wasn't doesn't even feel that long ago in in this as any in the 1970s. That that that's not that's what she was she was pushing back Pickens. And even now I mean it's it's still it's an incredibly relevant and still feel that that fight she stops today is still woman asked to be continued. All say and we're in the center. Yes hash tag everything you know yeah give me two times up. Everything that's happening that is still coming from are saying we can do this can you explain a little because it was something I didn't know about either but in the movie. The case. That she eases and that her husband uses because he's attacking tactics. Is is basically about it a man yes now. Well that's what was with us what was so much of of how luck was. With on doing not a need for women who have being. Limited buying these ideas of what they should and shouldn't be doing but it will say. With Matt. And this man was was who was caring for his mop up. In and the kiss the nor was written in a way that they didn't even imagine that a man. Could be in that position in that Karen how can he possibly do it exactly exactly they would CNN they just thought that was actually any wind indeed that says. And they were able to moss he as the as the film shows for the case to. To race and he was and expect intact snoring and of Barry. Wellman and well respected tax a layman and with Hun knowledge and in times of gender rights they could come together on this case. To argue for this man to say this is ridiculous you know these north around dates hidden and and they they need to be changed. So at that law about hymns updated then let's look at the hundred years' worth of the ones aimed against women that are. Well that's what it was interesting when we recently had PM and. Prime man with the we have done rethink against spike in in Washington. And he said he did he can you name before we should the film and she said how important it was tied that that last figure is like Dorothy Kenyon he was. And incredible Loya and I kept being taped brilliant need to really need by Kathy Bates and and done and and recent it was very important. For for the film to shows that she stood on the shoulders and he's incredible women. I just thought of such abuse for phrase the idea of this Lee needs if he's incredible women who had who have as he safe for hundreds is. Four for change. The age Ruth Ginsburg did view in this time that you taught any. Suggestions about had a higher altitudes they out of completely to this I mean he does. Irene and very gracious and very I Austin and we spent time we had coffee together in. And time in her apartment and downing ice taking anything any advice that you'd you'd like to get mean and she very. Sleeping said I senior Watson Steve community can do it. And say that pavements that was no less confident. That would have been my cue to sit there and one of the 34 favorite if I think it can't act with which the eighty. Perrier every you know we're did you see me back in the days because. It's in the last witnesses. Blackwell. I'd I just loved the idea that she went to Harvard and you went too weird since the college which at the. If that's why did you that's what I. But it shouldn't split saying it expects there are many parent dozens any parent coaching actually went to Oxford but the thing was. You that you were on the DP is here in the beginning. Where you know you're probably thinking during those days as a child star that I would when they play Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And they couldn't any get benefit saying it from playing a whit hit hit hit and winner and favorite titles any. The TV show ever is weird thing. And you have one Stevens took him. Up as it's giving them glad I hit it didn't immediately wanted to see. What's happen. What can you are. How we're silly today and. Even though the wind event at any rate it's very. And she seems to beat it he seems to be. A woman who can laugh at the world he did not win in the U wins here. And she's often criticized. Very close to home I think you're being too strident you you can't argue that what. She say used to it today nation spent her life being concise and told Enid danger like this get like this in every time ginger says get out the way it horrific act. Shattuck. I meant no she is she is she's she's having this incredible and popularity. And the 'cause she I think it's because. We trust in that she's not someone who's out that turning and I but it she and isn't this evening fame and money. She's that because have bodies of stayed intact. And and and people know that evening's EC that she says easily in someone. None and didn't even on them the other day in Washington is fantastic seeing who will count states and she had. Snake skin boots on it and really liked seeing me to get come out. He didn't give him props god isn't until well he's been known to it's are being exact thing to have a documentary on her life. Which shows you this that it is time that he's had on the Supreme Court in this which is. Kind of the woman she becomes and we begin to see that so when did you watch the movie with our. Don't need it be that I mean I'd be going. She should yeah I have to think it was of. Back Aryan Nation or experience particularly as we in and we AM. It's when you're attending a story about real people. You know ended that line Stephanie get blood you're taking or is huge responsibility. And use we were felt as a costs and every day getting into it. Into why you feel the weight of appointments to justices to the justice this. And and and that stories and when we own in Washington we let in and Mimi and I guarantee is watching watching watch the film it was it was hugely mean. Great to have a woman director actor and bounce house doing them to. To be helping to tell that story to make that happen. But after this VDT shaken. What her review what India how many started. And it yeah eyes she's been very very complimentary CN. The ads and apps soon enough the phone and and and has been Marianne is very nice that's it. Meaning she may instead. The performance we think this the best you've got yeah you know exactly could have that only she could instead. You had no understanding of who I am vacationers after that the courier pitch hits it. Now I don't get this who is this what yet the putts and that what I need in the I'll commit me you cast about liking it. And mission accomplish because if she does then I. I think world India and it just that's just the way exactly what she you know you've done this before publicity when you late gene opting. You're playing somebody that with a walk in this world and things you had to deal so with that preparation and all four. Do this I think. I think not just some of us the geeks you know gin or so is also re admitting it affects the annual. She lives a. I'm I think back. Nothing quite prevents you from playing them for playing the notorious BT anything. I think she is such in in such a phenomena and but then but it in the sense if news. I guess building with confidence and an it was really important and painting hole king to. Spend time together and hang in and get to know each other on a very possible level it again that was. Mini helpful with with with thing wreath to top that hindsight accidentally. And had to think nuns have much from doing carrier everything and without a doubtful for that teen tip to paying me. When your whole career got to be that you're an actor who starts you go to school. To learn everything you can at weird sister college. And you put that he had tried to reinstate carry everything that you do. So did you see your career because. When when we hear we yanks are looking at that we kind of remember. Like crazy you know and then. We jump into that theory of everything and we go to rogue Warren and we're now into this world but you've been doing this way before that. You feel more confident. In what you do. And a no race Nikki I think I. Actor and yet and it every tired and pay your unity and you're jumping off the high dive in bullet. We got to her own I. I mean definitely I think you know the more you practice at something in in in some ways EE feel that you. Know what you're doing a little bit more but I think as a ways that women and I can you need to that if panic and I think that's kind of actor and and in actually need that gains than expound on that continent on it means that and she did because you can't just well it's just another one and just. And then roll in out. Yeah yeah yeah think. Yeah I am I deafening any of and Julie being quiet and selective in. And and Sony to buying by film and what stories of into the wild I think cult that can massive impact in the wound and and shifting kings there and anywhere when in. Looking at different roles in different stories in what is this story can do in the wild what does it say and that's often means that they compassion. So which American political figure are you playing next. What George Washington DX. I am sure you would I think fast think the I think him I think Hillary Clinton and that's it from. Barry. On the phone that's exactly. What you don't fascinate you know of with the BB and that song. Let's that we always ended song and yet you single and goodness and oh yeah there were brought home if you know why would go all out there a lot of course you wouldn't comment. ED's high that things but it's not a whole song it's just a little bit. The movement of that would keep that from your head and heart. Fest until it passed she really did its gas much I know what in the world to the event I am. He really hue and Merry Christmas and wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and that Eden Eden. Good time evenings mean bringing. And a new came. Interview yeah I giving I today named people you can use that for any holiday. So each York yes exactly take it they are a congratulations earnings and their effects on much for being yet if I am very cuts then.

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