The best moments from the highly-anticipated 'American Idol' return

Former "American Idol" stars Justin Guarini and Scotty McCreery discuss the highlights from the show's season premiere live on "GMA."
4:44 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for The best moments from the highly-anticipated 'American Idol' return
Now we're going to go to the return of "American idol." The journey began last night far whole new crew of aspiring superstars. Some of the top contenders getting golden tickets from judges Kate thety Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. From the first golden ticket to Faris kiss. Oh! Reporter: And one singer who hasn't even finished first grade. ??? Ooh ??? Reporter: American idol is back. With contestants hoping to hear those four words. You're going to Hollywood. Reporter: And then there's kn Noah Davis. What would be the first thing you could Bo? I would buy an alpaca. Reporter: Behind the piano. ??? Tell me now tell me now tell me now you know ??? Reporter: For every golden ticket. I would vote for this, no. It's been a long journey. And others inspiring. Dennis performing with a hole in his guitar. ??? You say that you care ??? I'm going to Hollywood! Whoo! Definitely some inspiring stories. We have a couple of guys who know what those contestants are going through. Season one runner up Justin Guarini and season ten winner Scotty Mccreery. Fellas, welcome to the show. We -- we saw this contestants yesterday. They made it to Hollywood. What is going tlur they minds? What is next for them? What's the unexpected thing for them? I was freaking out. I didn't know what was going on. I was from North Carolina bagging groceries. This was a big step. L.A. Is a lot different than small town usa North Carolina. When you step into that room, nothing prepares you for it. I had no idea what was going on because it was the first season. The people going to L.A., they have the time to beef up. Nothing will prepare you for HOL hiwood, right? Nothing. And we have seen long lines of the thousands of people just waiting to get the audition. These guys who made it this far had to go through a lot to get to this point. There's three rounds be ever you see the real judges. I got to my arena in Milwaukee at 5 dln 30 in the morning thinking I was Ellie. I was late. I didn't get to audition until 7:30 that night. You stayed the the whole day? You have to devote yourself to it. Without a doubt. You have to be sxhited. Who were favorites from last night? Dennis, the gentleman from Philadelphia, who you showed. I think -- did you know that Philadelphia won the super bowl? The eagles won the super bowl? Did you hear at that? Just wanted to make sure. I realized the giants have four, Tom Brady has five himself. You gotta start somewhere. You gotta star somewhere. Philadelphia is like our little step brother. Philadelphia won. Be happy with that. It's okay. Scotty, who did you like? I was inspired by Ron. He had the chance to come here, the American dream, the dream of being a sing pip was inspired by that. He has a voice. They say a great singer is someone you can turn on the the radio and recognize immediately. You have a favorite judge yet? Lionel Richie, without a doubt. Someone who has been there, done that. I think the judges, just the panel, they're all phenomenal phew zi musicians. Song writers. Vocalists. They know what we're going through and what we have been through. How nervous are they? It's new territory for them, too. I think they'll be great. For me, I think Luke is doing great job. He's great. These guys are trying to get to their dream job. You have a dream job. You have an album coming out. When is it out and when can we get it? It comes out Friday. Seasons change. Coming off my very first number one single. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. You have a single, Justin. I do. Jason Manz and I are joining forces with ram dom acts, formed by mischa Collins. We're giving 100% of the proceeds to dreams to acts Nicaragua. Helps people in rural communities who are poor, get a free education and work their way out of poverty. It's fantastic. Great job. Congrats on number one. It's amazing what you're doing as well, Justin. Tune in to "American idol" tonight, 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Here on ABC.

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{"id":53676313,"title":"The best moments from the highly-anticipated 'American Idol' return ","duration":"4:44","description":"Former \"American Idol\" stars Justin Guarini and Scotty McCreery discuss the highlights from the show's season premiere live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/best-moments-highly-anticipated-american-idol-return-53676313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}