Brie Larson reveals behind-the-scenes scoop from 'Captain Marvel'

The star of the new superhero flick talks her intense training regimen -- and flying with real-life fighter pilots -- live on "GMA."
7:42 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for Brie Larson reveals behind-the-scenes scoop from 'Captain Marvel'
I am so excited to see "Captain marvel" because I love to see women portrayed in power roles as strong, courageous women who can do anything any boy can do. I'm excited to see "Captain marvel" because being a hero is an equal opportunity. I'm excited to see women do extraordinary things. Wonderful. Welcome back to "Gma." It is wonderful. We have a wonderful audience but we also have some of the brave members of our air force. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for your service. We're excited to have you here and our next guest as well, marvel's first female superhero lead starring in "Captain marvel." Before we bring her out, let's take a look at her in action. Ooh! Oh, yeah. And it gets better. Now, please welcome Oscar winner brie Larson. Looking good. Hi. Good to see you. Hi. Good to see you. Hey. How are you? Doing good. Thank you. Hi. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. We are excited to have you here. Thank you. Saw the movie last night and I'm like, what a hero she is. Oh, you saw it? Cool. Also on Instagram, I saw your Instagram -- ? You saw me on Instagram? You're on a pineapple. You're on a pineapple. I know, dude, it's weird. Does that mean you've made Well, that's what I'm thinking. It's just like not part of my experience that I thought would ever happen like no one warns you about that, like I still was like, oh, my god, I'm in times square but really the pineapple sent it over the edge. I can't do anything else ever again. How could we top your performance in this movie? Thank you so very much. Thank you. Anybody that you look to in the industry when you were coming along? Oh, I mean, everybody. Yeah, it was really Toni Collette when I was younger that I looked up to and eventually got to work with her and then over the years I've just had this incredible experience of getting to work with legends like on the film getting to work with Annette on this where you get to have all this time. We have really long scenes together in this movie so you get to play scene partners with somebody who is just incredible. I know you had mentioned before Carrie fisher when you saw her and how inspirational she was. Yeah, I wanted to be princess You wanted to be princess Leia. Yeah, I bought a shirt -- I was like probably 8 years old. I bought a shirt that was for like maybe my size now thinking that I wasoing to get to play her at some point. I kept it in my closet. I'm sure my mom has it in the garage somewhere. He does. We saw new action. Strongest character in the universe. Check out these numbers. 225-pound deadlift. More than me. 400-pound hip thrust. What was that training like. Hard. Really hard. You know, I cried a lot at the gym. I was living there. I have a whole new respect for athletes. You don't miss it? I mean I'm still doing it. Not quite to that level. If I have to do something action oriented again I'll get back into it but it's -- it changes everything. I mean it changes your mind. It changes the way you carry yourself but it's such a sacrifice. Such a full time commitment. I just -- I loved it. I really loved it. You were pushing jeeps uphill. I did. You run out of gas or was that part of your training? No, no, that -- it was a joke. It really started as like a joke with my taper because, you know, "Captain marvel" can move planets so if she can move planets I should be able to push a car and so that's how it went. After a couple of months of training I went walking to the gym and he was like, all right, today's the day. There's no way I can do that. And then he pushed me and I did it and I pushed that car at a slight incline for 60 seconds and it's interesting, it's amazing. You realize the importance of good teachers too in those moments. A good coach is kind of everything because I would have never thought I could do that then that experience of feeling it and realizing that I could do more than what I had previously limited myself to. You have the experience of spending time with real members of the United States air force. We have some members here. Yeah. She's the first woman firefighter -- Fighter pilot. Just what you said and have colonel Jackie who has a question for you here in the audience. Hi. Colonel Jackie, I'm representing joint base and we have some from Dover and all of us active duty reserve fly heavy aircraft so air refuelers and cargo but understand you had an opportunity to fly in a fighter so wondering if you enjoyed it and would you do it again. I did enjoy it and I do want to do it again mostly because I'm competitive and only pulled 6.5 Gs. It was amazing. I got to spend two days with at the air force base hanging with fighter pilots and kind of learning the ropes. I mean as much as you can in two days. Just so when it came to being up in the air in the movie, I looked like I knew what I was doing and at the premiere which I think was yesterday actually or two days ago, we actually had a lot of the air force there, a lot of the people who were on set with us and it wasn't until I was sitting in the audience I was like, I hope this is okay. They seemed to be really pleased with how it all turned out. Only 6.5 Gs. Yeah, it's a really -- it's hard to explain what Gs feel it's kind of like the closest I can say is you know a roller coaster when it takes off but a million times more than that. I would be nauseous. Third time working with Samuel Jackson. You got to tell us about the first. My first time working with Sam was on "Kong: Skull island" and he looked at me with that classic -- That's Sam. Face for like the first hour and it was just really hard. He's looking at you like that but I refused. I'm going to win you over. We are going to be great friends and we did. By the end he's like, you make me laugh. I like that. Sam tries to intimidate you. He tries to intimidate you. He says he's not intimidating but he is. The funny thing is when you watch the film, man, they aged him back 20 years. Still looks the same. Kind of looks exactly the same. I mean, he's so cute. Cute in the movie. Oh, my gosh. I feel like he looks the same. Everybody who is intimidated by Sam is saying, oh, he's so cute. The movie is fantastic. Everybody, make sure you go check it out. "Captain marvel," it hits theaters on Friday. And you know what we're doing.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"The star of the new superhero flick talks her intense training regimen -- and flying with real-life fighter pilots -- live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61503155","title":"Brie Larson reveals behind-the-scenes scoop from 'Captain Marvel'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/brie-larson-dishes-captain-marvel-61503155"}