'Broad City' star Abbi Jacobson dishes on her new book

The actress and comedian discusses her new memoir, "I Might Regret This," live on "GMA."
3:52 | 10/30/18

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Transcript for 'Broad City' star Abbi Jacobson dishes on her new book
"Broad city" which takes place right here in New York City. She recently hit the road on a solo cross country trip and she wrote a book all about it. It's got a great title. "I might regret this." I love that. We'll see. Question to you, abbi, welcome to "Good morning America." Thank you. Thank you for having me. In hind sight did you regret it? No, but -- no, I don't think I regretted it. It literally just came out today so I guess I'll see. It's really fun. It's a series of essays and you talk about your playlist and what you heat along your journey by yourself across the country which was a healing process for you. Yes. Before we get to the book I want to talk to you about "Broad city." I know that you've just completed shooting season five which is also going to be the final season. Yeah. We finish on Friday. Wow. Tuesday. So had the weekend to really process that. Yeah. But, no, I haven't really processed it yet. It was so bittersweet. I'm so happy with how we ended it and it was like our own choice and, I think it's really funny. Really a great send-off. You and Ilana said it shouldn't go on too long. It's about your 20s in new York and I'm -- I'm only 25 now, but, no. It's really about your 20s in New York and felt like it had an end and I'm 30 on the show so it felt like a good ending point. We were covered by B roll so they didn't see you do the -- those quotations. 30. As we said before we went on camera, one door closes. Another opens. You go on this journey writing -- you've written before and got all kind of other projects but this was a real labor of love. Getting in the car by yourself. Were you nervous. I was so nervous. I mean I was nervous to take the solo road trip. It was about three weeks then nervous to write in this longer format. It's essays and veers from the essay format and lists and a lot of illustrations so only done illustrated books before but this is something I wanted to do for awhile and was heartbroken and overworked. Pretty much a workaholic. Hence the ending "Broad city" on Friday, starting the book tour on Tuesday so I was very nervous but really needed that space and time and I feel very lucky I was able to take off work to do that. All right, I have three really quick rapid-fire questions. Favorite place in America on your journey? I think it might have been marfa, Texas. Good old marfa, Texas. Got to go? That is so fast. I mean, me in marfa. You guys are good. Shall I didn't know you knew I would do that? Molly shaker. Playlist. Three must have songs if you're driving across country by yourself. Tom petty. Duh. Like whole, you know, every -- His body of work. I listened to a lot of Beth ditto. She came out with a new album. That helped you get in the mood. And then bowie. Yes. And the one must have snack for a cross country drive. The almond. The almond. It's simple. It's a simple pleasure. The book is really funny. Thank you very much. And sweet and smart just like you. Thank you. Congrats on "Broad city." Thanks so much. Abbi Jacobson, everybody.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The actress and comedian discusses her new memoir, \"I Might Regret This,\" live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58844867","title":"'Broad City' star Abbi Jacobson dishes on her new book ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/broad-city-star-abbi-jacobson-dishes-book-58844867"}