Carole Baskin booted from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The “Tiger King” star and her pro dancing partner Pasha Pashkov were sent home by the judges after she performed to a song from “The Lion King.”
4:46 | 09/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carole Baskin booted from ‘Dancing with the Stars’
Thank you so much. Now to "Dancing with the stars." The judges got fierce on Disney night and "Tiger king" star Carole Baskin and her partner pasha said good-bye to the ballroom after a "Lion king"-themed samba. First let's take a look back at the surprising night. The circle of life Reporter: It was Disney night on "Dancing with the stars." "Tiger king" star Carole Baskin dressing as a big cat dancing to the "Lion king" going big to stay in the ballroom but her circle of life samba wasn't enough. Judge Bruno with a scathing review. If you were dancing with a Brooklyn great you could get more bounce. You just walked through it. You know, samba needs life, bounce and energy. You can't just sleepwalk through a samba. Reporter: Giing Carole and pasha a 3, the lowest score for any female celebrity on the show and Tyra banks talking to "Gma." I wasn't sure whether ups were going to go because it was very different, right, so and had the enthusiasm and energy and steps are -- she slipped and lost it after that. Carole hit every point exactly but didn't have energy in that so I kind of didn't know where the judges were going to go because it wasn't the exact same mistakes, I guess, so it was Carole's time to go home. She may have gone home but with us this morning and joined by Carole Baskin and her partner pasha pashkov and thank you both for joining us this morning. It is always tough to leave the ballroom. How are you feeling saying good-bye? How are you feeling this morning? Well, I'm so thankful to have had this opportunity and hard to leave the "Dancing with the stars" crew and especially pasha, so wonderful. The samba, it is one of the toughest dances. Do you think it was fair that you guys had to do it in the third week of the show? Well, samba is definitely by far the hardest dance but we could not pass on to the opportunity to dance to "Circle of life," "The lion king" on a Disney night and decided to take up the challenge and do the best we can do. Do the best you can do. Bruno was harsh on you and your husband was not happy about it. He was flat out not having it. What did you tell you? He teched to say Bruno was on his list above the "Tiger king" producers as far as being unnecessarily cruel and the next question, when are you coming home? I'm sure he misses you. Pasha, who do you see going all the way, your favorite in "Dancing with the stars"? I have my money on Nelly. He has natural rhythm. I'm a huge fan and there you go. You want your wife to win. Absolutely. Absolutely. You're a smart man. You look a little surprised. Who do you see? Nelly was my first choice then skai surprised me but it would be a toss-up between the You know, Carole, you said you hope dancing would help your daughters cope with all the negative social media attention you've gotten. What did they have to say after last night? Well, first thing she said she was so proud of me and when are you coming home and said she felt like this was an opportunity for the world to see who I really am and she really hoped that would be the case. Reporter: The world was introduced to you in the "Tiger king" documentary and on "Dancing with the stars." So does that give you regrets about participating in "Dancing with the stars" or in the No, because I think all of the awareness raised from this has been wonderful for the cast and that's been my main reason for being here, try to end the private possession of big cats. We look forward. I'm sure when they have the "Dancing" reunion we'll see you back in the ballroom. Well done. You did the best you could and appreciate you joining us on "Gma." Thank you. Thank you. All right, who will be eliminated next is the big question. Find out next Monday night at 8:00 P.M., 7:00 central right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The “Tiger King” star and her pro dancing partner Pasha Pashkov were sent home by the judges after she performed to a song from “The Lion King.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73307079","title":"Carole Baskin booted from ‘Dancing with the Stars’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/carole-baskin-booted-dancing-stars-73307079"}