Danai Gurira celebrates 'Black Panther Day' on 'GMA'

The star of the hit film celebrates its honorary holiday with some young fans live on "GMA."
7:23 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for Danai Gurira celebrates 'Black Panther Day' on 'GMA'
plummeting down to 28 at night. That leads us into a We're from the bronx and we're celebrating "Black panther" day on "Good morning America" from cardinal Spellman high school. Fired up audience here. Welcome back to "Gma." We are celebrating the Oscar nominated movie "Black panther." It's back in theaters for black history month and have one of the movie's stars with us. She played the spear wielding general Okoye in "Black panther" and stars in "The walking dead," please welcome the very talented dana gurira. ??? Time to get the chains off ??? Good to see you. Thank you. Here you go. Hey, everybody. How are you feeling, girl? I know we did the air kiss jur's a little under the weather. No, no, no, remember last time we were here, we were like dark merged makeup over here. Good memory. Good memory. We're celebrating "Black panther" here today. You guys, you won the motion picture -- the best cast at the S.A.G. Awards. I mean, how fulfilling was that? For you guys, congratulations and the oscars are coming up. You guys are up for best picture. Do you feel any pressure with the oscars? Oh, absolutely not and the reason why is that it just feels like a celebration, you know, I mean, we really -- we came into this, all of us, this amazing cast I got to work with, the astounding Ryan coogler, Nate Moore, we just came into it really wanting to make something that was alive and resonant and just poured all we had into it. We knew it was an unusual moment, it was a new platform so that's what we came in with. We just committed every day fully and we were such a team which was such a blessing and became a family so it just became a celebration. It was very gratifying for us who enjoyed the film and everything you said to see the recognition that it is receiving. And I love -- do you have any posts or pre-oscar plans? You said after the S.A.G.S you would party like Michael B. Jordan. That was my hashtag I created because I was like -- it was just such a beautiful moment to be able to celebrate the work together like that and I was just like we're going to party like this guy because I know he knows how to party so I started a hashtag but really it's just so cool when we get -- I love doing the carpet with them like -- It's fun. We get to celebrate together and seeing each other, we all have such busy lives song together and with Ryan and his wife and Nate and his wife and then, you know, Kevin and everybody from marvel and Disney like it just becomes a really great moment of celebration so that's what we're planning to do before or after. It's been a year of celebration for you all. I know one of the measures of success is getting a Halloween costume. This isn't your first one, though. You know I'm a huge fan of walk walk. We've shown you already did it once. Now you have another Halloween costume. In fact, we have some "Black panther" fans here who are donning some of those costumes now. Look how cute they are. Look at that. They look so good. You know, I was saying, I have never seen the little - the little queen before. Beautiful. I love it. T are you trying to do? I was trying to put it on because I want to ask about another movie, "Black panther 2." Apparently I don't fit in the equipment so I'm out so what can -- can you tell us anything about it. I can tell you absolutely nothing. Thank you. Usually I'm hiding information but I'm free of it so it's great. Amy brought up "Walking dead." Okay, it is back, another season of "Walking dead." So happy about that. Is there anything you can tell us about that? I can. Yes, we are stepping into the second half of the season on Sunday and it's going to be really thrilling, actually. It's been -- it's been a big transition this year, you know, with the Rick character leaving and we leap six years forward which was actually kind of, you know, was thrilling to get to do that but there's a lot of information, a lot of mystery around what happened in those six years and we have a new enemy that's kind of the scariest yet. Really? That's saying something. We can't tell when they're coming at us. So it's a whole new thing. Okay, here's a little sneak peek of "The walking dead." Without Jesus or Maggie, these people need you. They got Tara. Tara is smart but she shouldn't do it alone. What we did bringing Jesus back, it's going to help them move on, but after that it's about doing whatever it takes to not bear any more. Whoo. This show just got renewed for season ten. I have to tell you as a fan of the show watching it sometimes when I'm walking in the city I think I'm going to see like a walker. How do you -- do you have that same experience? How do you not take it home with you? It's so encompassing when you feel like this other world that you're living in, do you bring it home at all? Do you have the same problem I do? Not that one exactly. But, yes, I mean very much so it lives with you, absolutely and I think it's great that we shoot in Atlanta which I don't actually live there so I'm there to work and you really do get very encompassed in the world and, you know, you do go home with it like the story in you and on you, you know, and it's beautiful we have actually twd family as we call it so a great network of people where sometimes we're on the phone after work and just discussing the story line and discussing what we just went through and processing it through and then you got to find a way to lay it down. Right. So you get back up and keep it moving. You find time for your newsletter, love our girls. Tell people about that. Thank you. It's every -- Thank you. Yeah, the 14th of every month I put out a newsletter called love our girls and it's bringing awareness to the issues and experiences of women and girls around the world to allow for more gender equality to be fought for and to brought to people's awareness. You can't be an activist or be concerned or connected without information. So love our girls is really about information. My birthday is on the 14th of February, so I said I'm going to make my Valentine's about girls and women so that was it. Beautiful. I wish I could hug you. Thank U. Love our girls. We love you. We love having you here. Danai, you're amazing. Thank you for showing up this morning and "The walking dead" is back on AMC on Sunday. Amy really did look like a walker. If she -- if I'm down the street and Amy is walking at me like that, I'm running.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"The star of the hit film celebrates its honorary holiday with some young fans live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60879727","title":"Danai Gurira celebrates 'Black Panther Day' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/danai-gurira-celebrates-black-panther-day-gma-60879727"}