Drew Brees reacts to making NFL history

The New Orleans Saints quarterback speaks out on "GMA" about becoming the all-time leading passer in NFL history.
3:12 | 10/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Brees reacts to making NFL history
What a way to do it. What New Orleans saints quarterback drew Brees did right there was become the all-time leading Passer in NFL history and moments later we saw him embrace his children on the sidelines. His wife Brittany there as well and he's good enough to get up and join us this morning from the crescent city, New Orleans. Drew Brees, congratulations again. People, drew, are talking, of course, about the record but they're also talking about how you use it as a teachable moment to be there with your family and tell your boys about hard work. What did that moment, sharing it with them mean to you? It meant so much. You know, I think for my wife Brittany and I every opportunity we get to give our kids a life experience or to teach them a life lesson is important to us and the fact that they're at that age now where, listen, they're football fanatics. They love so many members of the saints and really players, you know, around the NFL and so I believe this is a moment that they'll remember forever and hopefully it will inspire them to want to do something great regardless of whether that is sports related or something else but it was an incredible moment for us to share as a family. And, drew, you defied the odds your entire career. You were told you were too small to play quarterback. You hurt your shoulder in San Diego. Oh, he's done. He's not the player he once was and now you're the leading Passer in NFL history. Do you ever think you'd hear those words associated with your name? No. Absolutely not. You know, when I was -- actually my very first preseason game was actually in Miami in 2001. So I remember walking into the stadium and just, you know, taking it all in, looking around and, sure enough, in the ring of honor there's Dan Marino's name and it has all of his numbers next to his name and I remember looking at those numbers just in awe thinking to myself how in the world do you play long enough to accomplish all of those things? And here we are 18 years later and I've been blessed with the opportunity to play for a very long time, to play with some incredible teammates and coaches. And just, you know, every step of the way, it's just been such an unbelievable journey and now to be on the cusp of, you know, breaking all those records and it just makes me feel so grateful. Grateful for this opportunity to play this game, to be around the people I've had a chance to be around and have the mentors in my life that have believed in me along the way. So much of this journey has been about proving them right each and every day. Feeling like I always have something to prove, there is a chip on the shoulder but bottom line just to make them proud. Well, well deserved and well said. Congratulations and we love you in New Orleans and what you did after Katrina and just all that is great.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The New Orleans Saints quarterback speaks out on \"GMA\" about becoming the all-time leading passer in NFL history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58403259","title":"Drew Brees reacts to making NFL history","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/drew-brees-reacts-making-nfl-history-58403259"}