Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson opens up about 'Rampage'

The actor discusses his role in the new action-packed film that hits theaters this Friday.
6:13 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson opens up about 'Rampage'
hollyws biggest stars, my pal, my my brother from R, joining us from across the pond in London here to talk about hisew movie "Rampage." Se welcome, the one, the only Dwayne Johnso Hey. Hoou doing, Dwayne? Ah, I'm doing so . My brother, I'm doing go thank you for having me on. Always gooo be on W my ma" ohana and the audience LI thank you. You're joining us fro London. You hahis U love coming yoay right now and, you know, you have a big M Ng out and you have a new baby on theway. How are you ING, man? Iknow. You kn I'm feelin so good and so sed. We have very large contingency plan being over H becau the due date I April 2th but, you know, momma laurenas been having some Braxton hic reactions and many of the es and men know what that is so I'm on standby ready to jump on the plane. Everybody ready to G a a moment's notice Sha talked with our little baby daughter and said stay I momma's belly. Give me two mor days. How is jasling about having a new sib on the way? You know , you know, S we lik a lot of parents 0 out th we have been conditioning Jasmine. U you're G to have a little B sister and you're going to your baby sister so she was great theholee and just pro about three, four weeks ago out of the blue duri breakfast watching cans took ite of her cereal a looks and goes, I don't wa baby ster.nice. Jasmine isolutely autiful. I mean they showed picture of her. She's a beaul girl and we love you re, man so we bought you a gift. We D want Jasmine to F out. A onesie and W some for Jasmine as we. The t-shirt there for Jasmine. Status best sister . We have to make sure Jasmine feels included. That's so good. Thanu guys so much. Thank you. Now, your "Rampage" co-star jey Dean mor was here the other day. Hed he took his kids to the premiere, son G and his son thought he was cool until he met you. You know, iad a chance to meet Jeffrey Dean's little boy and he was areat kid. You know, jey said the same ING, my son thought I was cool until he met you but I got to tell you this, one of the B parts about meeting Jeffrey Dean's boy I I see him. He comes out and he's like, that was the bestie eve and you're way bigger than my da good. Well, we're going to take a look at a clip of the bestie ever right now. Here you are in action in "Rampage." It's . George, George, George, easy. Uh. Okay. Okay. Very funny. Very fun we're ally impressed. Yes, ou and I laughing at you're, okay. W guy, he no laugh.he cry. Yeah. Yeah. Opposi of laugh. Plause ] Just - in that clip it shows that your relationship with George isthe heart of this movie.why is that important for people to E? Well, I think, you ow, with a movie like this, "E" is a big fun movie. It's a popcorn movie. It's three gigantic mons running around trying to me andmie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and itad T be rooted with an anchor and the- and the anchor this relationship between Andy best iend, George. And in the movie I rescue George E's a baby and his parents were, unfortun Kil by poachers. I run a anti-poaching unit out of Rwanda and women very close and have this awesome relationship as you guys just saw, so it was the kdf anchor that were for a big, you know, M like this and I was very, very happy it. It was amazing too J this whole process because I was age to spend te with progists and gorill specifically a silver named taz down at the Atlanta zoo and spent time down there sing their emotions and behaviors and with Diane fosse fouion the pre-eminent wodwide leader of conservation. It was an amazingrocess and happy we ared it in that relations We are a lot need to see that U -- too. Any new challenges in the movie when it came to stunts? Well,yeah, I was -- fortunately I was already coming off a movie, I think was "Fast and furious" so I was kind of I shape it was really -- th was T physical -- the most physically demanding role years now I've had a fewbecues in my life in Hollywood and this one was reallyhysically demng because there was just -- there's so much calamit and so much desti and so much -- then, of course, T's a lot of humor in the movie but three gigantic monsters and they're co after you so you are you're constantly tryin survive and, of course, I trying to save my best friend very physicallyanding role. We have a feeling you will save the dayause youlways do and thank you for joining us from lo. In honor of you I'm going T have some tea and crumpets in honor oou being ilondon, my friend. Applause ]good luck with the movie. It is "Rampage. It hits theaters this Friday. Dwayoh, the one and only

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"The actor discusses his role in the new action-packed film that hits theaters this Friday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54377985","title":"Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson opens up about 'Rampage' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dwayne-rock-johnson-opens-rampage-54377985"}