Dwyane Wade opens up in 1st interview since retirement

The basketball legend appears live on "GMA" on the heels of his final NBA game.
6:23 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Dwyane Wade opens up in 1st interview since retirement
Michael, I heard a big cheer when I was doing my reporting but I'm assuming it wasn't about my reporting. No? You can take that cheer for yourself if you like, Amy, if it helps. But I think it was for our "Gma" exclusive, because I am here with the newly retired NBA superstar, Dwyane wade. He is a three-time NBA champion, a finals MVP, an olympic gold medallist and on of that he's really a basketball legend. On Wednesday night his farewell season, it's been called one last dance. It came to an end with players and fans sad but celebrating the man known for his greatness on and off the court. Let's hear it again for him right now, Mr. Dwyane wade, everybody. What's up, man? I said to you a second ago, welcome to the other side of retirement from sports. We saw a party the other night. TMZ had a little video of you, your wife Gabrielle union, Justin Timberlake. You guys were getting it in after your final game so have you recovered from that party? I did. It took me like -- okay, so I had a hangover. I admit, it's my first hangover I've ever had in my life. Really? Yeah, and it sucked. Terrible. It was awful. If there's a time for you to deserve it, it's now. You really deserve it now, man. Thank you. That last game when you walked off the court after your last game and just being with some of your closest friends, Lebron, Carmelo, Chris Paul, those guys surprised you and were at the game, what was going through your mind? Well, myself -- the banana boat crew, we always talk about how it's bigger than basketball and I think we've continued to show not only the world but we continue to show the next generation of athletes how much bigger it is than basketball. So them guys being there for my last game, being over there cheering, talking to me the whole game, it was so dope and cool and I'm so appreciative of it. Walking off I did a lap with my wife around the court and I just wanted to thank the fans because they made this last season a movie for me and I'm just appreciative. You were with your baby girl and your wife. What did you say to them and what did they say to you? I'm so lucky to be in the situation where I have a 5-month-old daughter. I've been wanting a daughter my whole life and god didn't give her to us until this moment, until this time and it was so fitting that I had the opportunity to end my career with me carrying her. If you see pictures, we dressed alike. Yeah, but, um, I'm just -- once again, I'm just so filled with so much gratitude. I'm filled with so much love and so much appreciation for the people who have supported me through this process. It hasn't been easy. Everybody on TV gets to see the good part of you for the most part. They get to see all the other stuff, and they've loved me through it all and I'm thankful for them. You talk about all the people that supported you but you support so many other people. What you did on the court was outstanding but what you've done off the court is even more outstanding. More than just an athlete, more than just a basketball player. Budweiser put together a video and I watched it and I cried when I watched it. People thought I was joking until I sent it to them. We have a little clip of it so check this out. Without you and your full tuition scholarship, none of this would have been possible. You're not wade the basketball player, the legend. You're the human being that took the time and on his own wrote my brother's name on his shoe and you cared. When you bought your mama that church, you don't even understand the lives that you changed. You have to -- you watched that entire video and I tell Ya -- you didn't know -- That they were there. No. Some you've never met before but you've impacted their lives. Your wife posted on Instagram, our hero, bigger than basketball. What was it like for you to hear their stories and the impact you had? You go through life and do things but you don't really understand the impact that you're really making. For me, each individual that came out, I just was in awe that I'm put in this position to be able to help so many families, so many individuals, so many others because I remember being like that family, I remember being that kid that needed someone to come along and say the right words to me, to give me inspiration, to help feed my family, to help us have christmases and all these different things. For me to be in this position and my family to be in this position to give back to others is so special. I always go -- to much is given, much is required. My mom told me it's bigger than basketball and I live by that. What's next? You tell me. Besides getting -- well, first thing you should do is get over the hangover. That's first. For me, the one good thing about what I've been able to do, I got so many things going on already. I just signed a lifetime contract with a leading brand, my shoe and apparel brand in China. I'm focusing on growing. I just started my own sock company, parkway. We're starting another company. So I'm doing a lot of different things. I have a lot of partnerships and relationships and I want to make sure they continue to grow and outside of that I need to sit down with you and talk about how I get to look like this and make all that money you making. You're doing all right for yourself. One thing that you guys did which I always admire, you exchange Jerseys with players throughout the season, this farewell season. So I wanted to do a little something like that with you if you didn't mind. Yes, I would love that. Fellas, bring them out here. I know it's two different sports, man, but the love is the same, brother. There we go.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"The basketball legend appears live on \"GMA\" on the heels of his final NBA game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62351667","title":"Dwyane Wade opens up in 1st interview since retirement","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dwyane-wade-opens-1st-interview-retirement-62351667"}