'GMA' anchors pick their top books of 2019

Robin, George, Michael and Lara each share their favorite books from this year.
7:41 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for 'GMA' anchors pick their top books of 2019
couple weeks left in 2019 and got us thinking about all of our -- the incredible books that came out this year and want to share our favorite reads with you. Do you mind if I go first. Go for it. This one resonated with my Framily. My family loved this book so we'll give clues. We have two clues, two little clues are going to come out right now from that door. That's Aidan. And the books go down. They didn't do it. Aidan and asher are coming out. Hi, you guys. Hi, guys. Thank you. Hey, fellas. Thank you very much. You might recognize this little one because that's linsey Davis' little boy and her nephew. There's your mom over there. This is a book that linsey Davis wrote. Our linsey Davis wrote this "One big heart" and I got to tell you, it really -- you're able to see -- She's so nervous with her Tell us why you wrote this book. Well, I just felt for these young guys growing up and all young people we needed to get a more open heart to diversity and embracing people who are more like than different and realizing we're more alike than That resonated with my family. Thank you for this. This is your second. Second children's book. Okay. George is up next. No, Michael is up next. I'm up next? Okay. I'll go. I'll go. This is a little bit of a clue right here. Chess set but this book came to me completely as a surprise. It's a memoir called "All the wrong moves" about a young guy who just decided to take up chess and try to become a champion. You don't have to know anything about chess or be good at chess, it's funny. It's a heartwarming in some ways and about a journey of a young man. It's a great book. Nice. All right. So you got -- so you are going to tackle -- tackle is the clue. Matt, come on out. Come on out, Matt. Come on out with my clue. Wow. Very proud of how he's doing that. Great job, Matt. Matt told me backstage, if I were a little younger he would be taking me on but that's okay. My book is "A dream too big" and what an inspiring story. He's gone through so much. I was taken back by the story. He leaned on his faith and football and also an education to get himself out of a pool impoverished neighborhood and used his wits to stay out of trouble and excel in life. Rare point of view we rarely get to see and he was on "Gma" a while back and I thought this book needed to be put out there to the forefront because you can never have a dream too big to accomplish. That's right. All right. The microphone is your clue. The microphone is my clue and apparently something is going to I'm like -- Whew. So let us know that. You guy this, is such a good read. Howard Stern comes again. I was given this as a gift. I could not put it down. He is master class at interviews. His -- these are excerpts of his celebrity interviews. He will allow you to see celebrities in a whole new light. He peels back the layers. He is brilliant at his questioning. You know, he used to be called the shock jock. He's so much more than that. I highly recommend if you like whoop culture and celebrities you will enjoy this book so Yeah, what's great about the book, we saw him took all his favorite interviews and wrote new introductioned and learn a lot. The preparation he does for interviews is remarkable. Really a great read. I love the cross section of books we have here. But wait, but wait, there's more. Okay. I've got to do a little modeling. Let me let you out. Because my dress is a clue. My dress is a clue. It is by this fabulous man here. This designer, prabal gurung, yes, ladies and gentlemen. I love this dress. Thanks are for having me. You look amazing. Oh, my gosh. So you wrote an amazing little coffee book. I love the slit right here. I hope it's appropriate for morning. But this is about your ten-year career in fashion. Tell us about it. First of all, thank you for having me. It means a lot to me. The book, the ten years has been a manifestation of an immigrant, my American dream come true. You know, I started my company in fall 2009 with the goal of creating beautiful fashion with substance and I've had an incredible opportunity to dress women like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Sarah Jessica parker and you. I was getting to you. I was getting to you. So -- Just kidding. There is one word to sum it up, gratitude. Two, immense gratitude. You have immense talent. Thank you so much. Okay, so now it's 2020, roaring '20s are coming. What is this decade going to be like. From the very beginning I wanted to create a luxury brand with a soul which essentially means, you know, validating someone else's existence through your work that they matter. And so it was important for us to have a conversation about diversity, inclusivity and has been with us from day one so next decade will amplify that and being part of that conversation globally and so that's pretty much it then you know the reason why I'm doing this is I truly believe you're stronger in color by that it doesn't just apply to the clothes I make. It also means that the world is more powerful, stronger, beautiful and when it is colorful and diverse. So that is what I'm doing. That's going to be 2020. 2020 looking forward to it. Better vision in 2020. Colorful diverse inclusiveness and happy. That's ahead. Looking back what are some of your favorite books. Two book, one is "More than enough." It talks about value San Diego and self-worth. Elaine wetteroth. What I love from her book, she was a first in a lot of things. She said she didn't want to be the first if she was going to be the last. Think about that. A force of nature and the other one is "Dear America," show says Antonio vargas. Defining who gets to be American and in this time it is so inspiring to read that so, yeah, those are the two books for your audience I chose. We started a book club again at "Gma" which is great. People -- I know. We're just very excited about that. Because I truly believe that the healing in the world happens through reading and art. That's what I believe in so, yeah. Perfect. Prabal, thank you so much. You have an amazing looking audience. I feel underdressed. Self-titled book. It is gorgeous. It is out now and all of our favorite reads for 2019 and more books we loved this year are on our website. Please check it out at goodmorningamerica.com. We're going to be right back.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Robin, George, Michael and Lara each share their favorite books from this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67649204","title":"'GMA' anchors pick their top books of 2019","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/gma-anchors-pick-top-books-2019-67649204"}