'The Hate U Give' star Amandla Stenberg on her new role

Stenberg appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her new film, "The Hate U Give."
18:36 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for 'The Hate U Give' star Amandla Stenberg on her new role
Hi everybody. I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's the move via its been out. You need to see it more difficult the hate you you. There's so many things I have to say about it but why should I see to win a month less than burgers here who stars in this brewery and brew it. I still haven't you here. Thank you so much and happy to be kids cry so. You want to set up a little about who you play whose star Carter is there. I play stacked around telling you what you learn. I didn't new insight and OK no we don't eat out. Right to and so evident on the test you see you're paying attention Italy Nelson untrue facts and I've placed our card game and he influenced and she is a girl who is now the Keating. The contemporary eight NHL experience of quotes which between her neighborhood which is black and and her school which is mostly and privileged. And she is confronted grave. Finding out where exactly she is if she wants to use for police excellence. Is so important communities. For them plant one of her best friends. Hayes shot into her in front of my life is so after a traffic stop goes wrong. And then the dinosaurs com. This doesn't change has suffered. And yet. It. The minister under or offensive note this is. It's very serious subject because the world lives with that we see too much we see. It is seen people getting shot for reasons that and what what's wonderful about the book that this is based on in the movie and guys that made them he is that there is. There's no easy answers yet it's a very gray kind of situation in that comment is in the movie playing your uncle who is a cop. What what is happening to we did you know the book first was this something he wanted to do. Yes. Yes I actually he had the blessing in privilege of getting my hands and early manuscript of the books of the book actually as an out yet. But there's RT a lot of buzz around and people are kind of surprising that would be. Really popular. And and powerful. And so since you are not your sneaky hand have a fondness sales figures on edge. Yes and and I actually that. Managed to that because man my mom bird about it he she has some friends who are eight young adult writers and was just immediately. Blown away by a star and the circumstances that she's facing and how she decides to respond to them and else is just that her experience of code switching and feeling like she has these two different versions of herself that she has to present depending on. Where she is and what the context is low. Was this something you were experience. Yourself. In her mother being black your father being Danish right yeah so did you have a thing with school like that too and go to another school yet. I I felt lake I can relate on a lot of different levels in terms of being biracial and kind of I was existing in between in some ways. But then also I had them really similar pair on Thames that I grew up in south Los Angeles but I went to. A school across town that was mostly white privilege and so. I was you know waking up in a black neighbor had but then. Going to school and being around kids who. Didn't really have any way conception eyes and let my community was or what it felt like to be flat. So when you're reading. That she's the what could you thinking I was nice people washing your being my diary. Package. And they did she somehow sneak into my home instrument. I was really. Blown away about the careless as the think that it's something that a lot of people it's being especially. Feel like most black people most people coats which in room when they. An and I really felt. Battle is so powerful about how in G. Approached writing and positioning in this that she wasn't afraid to exploit violence and exploit these. These problems not from this series and intellectual place from the heart and replaces emotion season. And that's not to save it is she in any way any plane endorses. Police brutality or a the ways in which black people aren't routinely he faces violence from my institutions. But she exploits. It from multiple angles and and with. A lot of and that scene compassion so that's why there is like a character like common who. Is black but past experience of ops of being a police officer what does it feel like toes and I've traverse multiple worlds will. Starr has a lot thrown there. Even at home where there's nothing but love. Parents played by Russell hornsby and urge him Dave there. One once one thing the other wants another thing and yet there's that whole business about black panther code of behavior. That taught in star's home. About keeping your hands. It's. Tara five in the way it's presented because it's not presented dramatically he's just saying this like this is a fact of life. This. There is an actor life. Quiet a lot of people in I think the reason why a it's not positions dramatically because. Inch he had those explains is going Jorge the direct to have those experiences growing up I in. Some ways than not not directly in the wasteland which it's it's like position in the movie but I had this speech is coming up fish at least. Knowing that. Let not the police. Was not necessary to place to just safe. And turning to help. You know and that often times. Because of devices that the internal us you know that. In my how do you best interests in mind people there's just protect you might not be best interest at mind. It's horrifying. Not know that your. You know to turn even at home. You're saying how much do I say about what my life is like in this high school. We're star goes out of her way basically not to speak in slang war may. So she's trying to find out what I find fascinating about the characters. We catcher in the active inventing herself a finding it's all just like ulcers are really relatable. Adolescent. You know I'm still doing it you're just. Church twenty yes you've been you've had time magazine saying you're you know one of the most influential teenagers in America. Oprah Winfrey and saying all that when I was your age I was still learning the wave goodbye. I'm learning how to do you think now sound a little bit like a lot happens way and you get that kind. Call it it's not activation so much and as just parades. For you being that thoughtful about the world you live. On hand them a choice. It's a huge honor yes it's Hughes. On improvements. People that island got to respect so much feel some you when it's absolutely. Does a great. Definitely. Someone and it distance. Myself am being labeled a lot by the media. You know being. Kenneth. But in two a boxer just. Because they need and growing and changing being human is and very fluid process. And I could change how I won its vastness of the you tomorrow. Well. In what you're doing as just somebody growing into this world and who you wore you still have to make decisions and yet. What's really so good about how you're approaching it is you. You can articulate your feelings which is hard for a lot of people actually lot of people your age it's usually. And here's what I think his in the linked to get leaked. Well that's another way of articulating yeah. I read somewhere that you stop for a while using your phone. Yeah I did. East would. At NC man. Let me know that I have late predisposition. Excellence being really addicted to technology and so I think there are times and really distracting mean Utley went really you have that thing where you're just checking your phone yes your. Yes our elected. My phone to take a picture next thing you know like a social media at but I have no recollection and memory of opening you know. So it day sometimes wearer. Reckon as Chinese take a break just for my comment especially because I am engaging with so many people on the Internet all the time I'd. It gets dangerous when you start basing your own. Tells value laugh of you know that the opinions of millions of strangers. He acted in good thing we'll 200000 people said I should never done hundred. And then the group of people say. That's my favorite thing right you know what he won't do what do you deal with it without becoming schizophrenic. Who. You sir. You turn off you don't look at it you know early gains it's like. So humans to internalize that and you know kind of gently you have to base your actions. Upon the praise or disapproval of others. And so like debilitating. That my mama says that he can't pay attention either and he can't pay attention to the praise. Can't face it into the disapproval. We're that you parents how how things happening and how do they deal with your success. Treat you differently and say well Oprah loves there. And it's. Atlantans don't. Care will let me they just. Enough. When your name reminds of that is due for much drawing. Pallid power and strength little. What's the source of that town when it is. And I make. You know what it's like you're digging for it that way we all want to let invisibly yes I wonder I have to. Paul and I really. And at Oakland. Gets on just myself but at of a flatter that you. Think that is the speaker is to me being mean it won't hear you Wal-Mart you know now no longer teenagers take a whole of the world. It's happening but that you could write about. Social. Racial appropriations. And feel the confidence to do it. And when it happens when you did that thing about corn route. What you feel when it happens they are you saying. I'm a little nervous about having done this or are you confident. This is something you need to do this I'm ready to elect president. And that any give you a few more and that they've been. I think. Only thing about it and maybe my perceptions of reality and little they plant do something. I don't really think about who is. Going to see it too hard because I think the kind of I debilitating. And again you know. I just and is do it in China speak from the heart and hope that those who can connect bitterly to do is that kind of the point at the and then. Civic. So when you are and you are talking to people about the need yet. You want. An audience that goes through this and you hear people. Look at the opposite you I'm going talking you think. All of your millions of fans they're not saying what do you want them to get out of seeing a movie like this. Because this it's not your story but it is. He activities. Ahead. And has Meister and that's also our serene. IA I think that that this thing he could take from the film depends when you lie. And what your experiences and also what you might be looking for might be meaning. And I think of the film is really new ones so it's not just so that it since it. It's also and joyous it's not just had beaten. And sadly it's. There's black Chilean it it's so much. This moment levity and he. You know on that its first thing. You know. I think that. You can find what you might and hopefully. Those who never really have of place or space to process some of these motions that comes to grief. Our frustration or pink madness. Can process it through this because a violent often times and then black communities feel they have the time. The place to do that. So hopefully this can function as that. And then I'm time in in terms of what she's too much going on. Yet we know we just sometimes have to push through. Without having time to be in the emotionally fulfilled life's us. Or at least let feelings past scenes of strong in me to go lean. And we're for some reason we think that we aren't allowed because we haven't been. To experience. A breath of emotion and and action me give that space of them so that we can Kia. But I think that this can act as a speaks for that and also just be a place to feel represented and dated. And then I hope that also let it instills indecent and dean and those who completely. I thought that that existed in the hundred games as well even though you would look at because it's such a blockbuster in terms of that but. The teams of that are sort of relevant to what did you set aren't. Am I mean you know and the and Kansas lake. Just opium knows that force. And this thing about. This is for kind of living in summit just opened in time since I was it's a reflection of reality and I think maybe they capacities. Some things. So what's the next thing on the docket for. I'm thinking. YouTube had a public isn't and you're looking for a job is that all actor thing happening again. At any than that I'm able he secret if its -- mean. It like Everett to me well with the show the first time angered them to the wide don't know we and that song. I don't know what that we ended song I don't you always being just a little bit it is that everybody does it. They have to do that but it was well. Totally okay of them are yet when he got them. I not to pull it out deluge of Anna I don't want it would be horrible if I said. Among the you need to prepare this is and it's horrible. I just wanted to know it's not holds on its system that'll be something that's. That's means call. Is there at me and and I think that we need yeah. Woman I can't I can't municipal funds that happens sometimes people. I was listening to this. It's not the battle. An area. If my. Notes toward him yet certain. Thing you mean don't need them. It's. You may be happy. As that it might I don't you live up that it bought that Connecticut like let Catholic those like need to commit to this race cleaned up as well I like it throw it out. I've got ten latter I wouldn't read through it the meeting. This thing lead and you want perfection and then that Atlanta and we G that's think I was deciding that I had Little Rock throwing it and you. Not because it was because it's also says perfectionism. And we. The next time you're here now one we. Start finish. It with any company shoes. Do I bring me company with a ninety you're doing in Intel and other I can do it too if you live in a little drumming for. But that of that's the most. But. So much unity.

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{"duration":"18:36","description":"Stenberg appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about her new film, \"The Hate U Give.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59657942","title":"'The Hate U Give' star Amandla Stenberg on her new role ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/hate-give-star-amandla-stenberg-role-59657942"}