Inside the ultimate American Music Awards fan experience

"GMA" sponsor Subaru took music fans on a special ride and immersive experience at this year's AMA's.
2:28 | 10/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the ultimate American Music Awards fan experience
We got some music super fans together to share their favorite moments from the ceremony. ABC's Abbie Boudreau is in L.A. With that story. Good morning, Abbie. Reporter: Good morning, Lara. It was so much fun watching the amas last night. I hopped into a Subaru ascent with some music super fans for a real vip experience. Here's a look at our viewing party and last night's jaw-dropping performances. ?????? stars lighting up the red carpet. On one of the glitziest nights in music. ??? They say I did something bad ??? Reporter: The American music awards with showtoing performances from Taylor Swift and J. Lo. ??? I told myself I had to be ??? Reporter: To SHAWN Mendes. ??? I can't get you off my mind ??? Reporter: And cardi B. ??? Cardi B ??? ??? I like it ??? Reporter: Our sponsor Subaru going the distance. Let's get our super fans. Picking up our super fans in a brand-new Subaru ascent seating seven comfortably. Is there plenty of room? Plenty of room. Reporter: We're on the way to our ama viewing party at the "W" hotel in Hollywood. Our ama fans telling us their favorite moments from last night's show. ?????? It's like 92 or something, man. Hitting a high note with J. Lo. Another top pick, Tracee Ellis Ross. ?????? Tracee is doing it all right now. She's hitting -- checking all the boxes. Reporter: Cardi B getting rave reviews. ?????? I love her. I love her. She's the greatest. Reporter: The emotional tribute to Aretha Franklin. ??? Oh how precious ??? It was a celebration of everything that she would have wanted to watch. Everything. Reporter: And, of course, Taylor Swift. ?????? Reporter: Hair flip, cobra and, well, all of it. You think there is a reason she hoped the show. She just started it off on the right note and then swept awards throughout the show. ??? Good good ??? Reporter: Another moment trending this morning, Carrie Underwood's baby bump. Oh, my god. She nailed her performance and looked fabulous doing it. Didn't she, Lara? Absolutely. Nailed it is right. Thank you so much, Abbie. And we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"\"GMA\" sponsor Subaru took music fans on a special ride and immersive experience at this year's AMA's.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58404671","title":"Inside the ultimate American Music Awards fan experience","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/inside-ultimate-american-music-awards-fan-experience-58404671"}