Jamie Foxx gets surprised by Michael B. Jordan at 'GMA'

The actor reveals the challenges of filming "Robin Hood."
7:27 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Jamie Foxx gets surprised by Michael B. Jordan at 'GMA'
He is an Oscar and grammy award-winning performer. Now he is starring in a new take of the timeless story, "Robin hood." Please welcome Jamie Foxx. ?????? I'm excited. I'm sick. I got to get over here. Do you want to sit right there? I don't want to get you sick. Don't you hate people who are sick and keep hugging on you? I don't want to do that. It would be totally worth it. Yeah. Okay. But thank you. But thank you. You know how to make an entrance. It's New York City. We got to do our thing, you know? You have got some comedic chops. We were thinking about your daughter. Is she following after you in the class clown category? Yeah. She funny. I mean, my whole family's a clown though, and we all live together. That's what's crazy. Oh really? My whole family lives with me because I didn't want to start making it and people living other places and you have to send money. They're all there. So, like, my daughter, my cousins, my step-father and my mother live together. You mean you all -- All of us. And it was crazy because my mother, we got reacquainted about ten years ago. So my step-father was with them, and they live under the same roof now, you know? Because he still dates, you know? Sounds like a sitcom. It's weird because, like, he'll have a date on his side of the house and she'll go over there just to mess with him, you know? Stare the lady down, like, mm-hmm. How you doing? Mm-hmm. And open the refrigerator. There is some spoiled milk in here. He'll knock on my door, like, can you tell her to stay out of my side of the house? Now, parents. You get to referee? I mean, yeah. My daughter and everybody. We chill. She is learning the piano. She is making beats now too. 10 years old. We have a picture of her. That's the picture of her at the piano. Yeah. She is making beats. She turned 10 years old which is -- I got her a little -- because all they do is "Fortnite." And I was, like, enough of that. I want you to do something positive and I got her a laptop beat machine and she fell asleep with it in her arms making beats in the car. I said, go on and get that check, man. Dad don't have to keep working all the time. You are working. Let's talk "Robin hood." You play John, enemy of robin who becomes his trainer? Do you want to see a little bit of that? Yeah. Getting richer and the power taking more power from the blood of innocence. Yours, mine and my son's, and I want to stop it. But I cannot do it alone. It's too much for me. They're only powers if you believe your powers. I was in the movie and I was, like, I said that? You're only powerless if the power goes out. You said this was your most challenging role yet. What did you mean by that? Every role has its difficulties and when you set a precedence of what you want to be, and I said I want all my characters to hang up on a clothesline and look back at them and this was challenging in that we were taking an old story -- I didn't know there were a lot of "Robin hood"s, but maybe I was in the hood somewhere. It was called "Hood" at first, and Leonardo Dicaprio produced it, and we're doing a whole different take on it and sometimes that's a little daunting because people are expecting, you know, the old English, the tights. You know what I'm saying? My friends said, are you wearing tights? No. No tights. We wanted a different take so with that, that's the challenge because all eyes are on you, but I think they did a great job with it, and it's a great Thanksgiving family film. It touches on some real things, you know, just enough, and highly entertaining. I can't wait to see it. Now to an audience question? I have a question. Is that what I hear? I just got a question real quick. I just so happened to be here the same time you were here, so I just got a question, man. What's your question? There is this picture floating around on the internet and I was just confused. You took my look. What happened? What happened? What's going on? Booty call came before wakanda, brother. That's all I wanted to know, man. This young fellow right here, we just did a movie together called "Just mercy." Please. It is one of the most meaningful films you will ever see in a long time about a man who was wrongly accused of a crime, of a murder and he is put on death row in Alabama for six years without a trial, and so we brought these characters to life. When I tell you he plays Brian Stevenson the young lawyer and I play the person who was wrongly accused and I can tell you I can do six horrible movies now because of the experience we had with this. He turns an incredible corner. Obviously, ladies, he is an incredible -- you know what I mean. Look. But his artistic muscle will be flexed completely. You have so many levels. You have so many levels. We appreciate that. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"The actor reveals the challenges of filming \"Robin Hood.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59136657","title":"Jamie Foxx gets surprised by Michael B. Jordan at 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jamie-foxx-opens-robin-hood-59136657"}