Take it from Janai Norman: ‘Doubt is an incredible motivator’

ABC News’ Janai Norman says the best thing someone can do to her is doubt her so she can prove them wrong!
5:38 | 06/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Take it from Janai Norman: ‘Doubt is an incredible motivator’
OK so first stop I'm adorable. I I N like kindergarten in this picture and I feel like my childhood was marked by. By hair styled like this with the big bar at that can blatant knock you out if you lose your at the yard that vest with a Teddy bears the island of pro violence that they 89. And. Biden loves to watch talk shows I had all all like. Midmorning. To early afternoon talk shows that I would watch Ricki Lake to Jenny Jones to Sally to Maury I think about it and what Oprah says like listening to the little voice inside of you. I feel like when I was young. I knew that I was gonna be on TV. But I didn't know how was gonna happen then no I think I'm. I would tell myself much like I still tell myself an out just be patient. It didn't live in it you. I it when I see this picture I think outward ice cool stage. I was cheering but my other passion was I was that editor in chief of our school newspaper. And did that gave me so much freedom of expression but I think that that period of discovering yourself and trying new things and putting yourself out there not being afraid to fail is so important. And that is what I've taken with me I need to this day. I look like a hurricane fighter. Iowa is brand new rule in Orlando. At our. ABC affiliate down there WTV channel denying it I was excited to. Learn in a row and just tape. My reporting to the next level. I knew I wanted to go to the zoo because. Has one of the top journalism schools in the country that's what I want it's gives a no brainer. Hiding in into the ABC affiliate KM ITI sought that day. We'll get down and went to the station that day I took to make sure that nobody else. I went and applied and got the job and that set me on this act. I have learned that doubts. Is an incredible litigator. The best thing that someone can do for me is to doubt me and tell me that I won't do something because that is that was wrong motivation. For me to prove them wrong. Mountain. This picture her. But when I had when I look at it just makes me theme because it meant so much on so many different levels I was just starting to be I didn't GMA week day and this was the very first time that I was honest that would Robbins. So excited to get to meet Robbins highs. I mean as. As a woman coming on the news as a black woman working in news. Robin Roberts it would rob and is. She is the built men in the hair. Honestly I don't have this morning I wanna that hair ever gotten this morning I was sitting with tetanus and I said Kenneth. Jimmy Robinson. Robin complimented my hair and but when you're kind. Government examiners say something nice to someone you don't always know the impact that you're having her how much life and you're speaking to them. Whenever you have the opportunity. Two. To pour into someone. Do it because you never know how much you are filling up their cop and Robin filled my cup that morning by giving me. On television. First thing in the morning for all of their idiocy. She was. Validating. Me feeling comfortable wearing an apt. The. So in this. This dictionary. In the car my husband and I were stopped at a red light but we need that left the doctor's office we just found out is pregnant with our first child I mean we were probably like three blocks from the doctor's office we couldn't wait very long at that we stopped at a red light I set up the camera. And we open that envelope and that the only side that. Who isn't quite. What I'm talking to my Sutton. There are parts of him that I know he gets for me that I can identify so old he Li went. But it's. Also having the adult mind to know well. Well I've got to help him manage these feelings manage these emotions so he can be but well functioning adult. So in a mess of the pandemic I realized that I didn't have many coping skills when it comes to mental health. Giving birth in middle look pandemic was. So hard because your work cut off from your community and just being a mom a working mom in the midst of a pandemic was so hard. This is the perfect time to teach those coping skills to teach him how to. Try to get a grasp on his emotions. In a way that I feel like a lot of adults didn't learn so learning to manage what's inside I I think is a lifelong skill. And to have. Wits about me now to try to instill this in my kids is not only good for them but it's good for me.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"ABC News’ Janai Norman says the best thing someone can do to her is doubt her so she can prove them wrong!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78228658","title":"Take it from Janai Norman: ‘Doubt is an incredible motivator’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/janai-norman-doubt-incredible-motivator-78228658"}