Jennifer Garner gets a birthday surprise ... from a marching band!

The Once Upon a Farm co-founder talks her company's big announcement, a "13 Going on 30" sequel ("15 Going on 50" anyone?!), and more, live on "GMA."
6:05 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner gets a birthday surprise ... from a marching band!
us this morning. We've loved her in everything from buyers club" to "Love Simon." Please welcome Jennifer garner. Nice to see you. I guess I'm bringing these out. Hi. Nice to see you. Hi. You come bearing treats. I do. Oh, I'm going around. Hang on, hold the phone. Coming back, okay. Yes, this is, you know, just a little kid food, baby food in case you need some. I do. I need a pick-me-up. They say you should always try to stay a kid, right? That's right. You're so busy. You're an actress but also you're a business woman. And I love this, you are the co-founder and chief branding officer of once upon a farm. Mm-hmm. Where do the ideas for these products come up? Gosh, they come up from everything from -- you know, if you think what holiday is coming up next, Thanksgiving, what are we growing on the farm. We've got some lovely squash, what is the flavor profile, it's so much fun. Can I have one? Yes. A smoothie. Some of the food, some of the ingredients come from your mom's farm, your mom's family farm? Yeah. My mom's family farm is in locust grove, Oklahoma. It's about there forever and my uncle just switched jobs and became a farmer so that he could grow food for our little company. It's so much fun. There's nothing -- the fun thing is there's like -- this is the only thing in this, omega veggie is apple, carrot, beat, ginger, flaxseed. There's no filler, sugars, concentrate. You have something else to cheer for. You're all going home with a smoothie today. Oh good. I want to talk a lot more about this in a moment and you also have a really big announcement you're going to surprise us with. But first there's an anniversary that I've heard about. This month marks 15 -- you're like, what did they pull out of the closet. I know. 15 years since "13 going on 30." Any favorite memories from that? Such a great movie. It was the cast, Judy Grier, working with Judy. We had so much fun together. She was my frenemy and we're still really good friends. That's great. Could we see a sequel? Like "15 going on 50"? Simmer down, leave well enough alone. Cap it at 30. I like that, 15 going on 50. We talked about it earlier with the farm but you always post videos on the farm and everything but I hear you have a complicated relationship with your chickens. Oh, my gosh, I do have -- I have chickens and then we got more chickens and now we have a lot of chickens. Yes. And so I love them and they're also chickens. You get a lot of eggs? We do. We get so many eggs. If you come over, you're going home with eggs. Love it. That's for sure. I want a drum roll. You got this big announcement. Okay. Well, the exciting thing is that when we first started this company, John forker, our amazing CEO and I had a mission in mind and the whole company is very mission focused and that is that this can't just be for kids like mine or kids who can afford the upper echelon of food. You want -- if there's something that is this good for a child it has to be available for everyone, so we are finally -- Thank you. We have been working really hard and we're the first refrigerated farm fresh baby food available with wic which is women, infant and child. So we're excited. So far -- we're working oh eats a process. So far it's West Virginia, my home state, Florida and Connecticut. But we're going to knock down state by state. A great start. We're excited. So needed. That is fantastic. And we were showing you're a farmer at home as well. Did you know you're a trend setter? Female farmers up in the united States by more than a quarter. That's awesome. So cool. That's great. We know that you are a business woman, as you said. We also -- and actress obviously. We saw recently that you're a musician. Instagram post. What did I do? Marching band. I do -- I grew up in the marching band. For some reason every year I played something for my friend Reese Witherspoon on her birthday. And who doesn't love -- I mean, look at that. Who doesn't love a marching band. Did you have this ready to go or did you have to dig deep in the closet to pull that out? That's not my uniform. I don't have my high school marching uniform. But I did order a uniform it's easy. And your birthday is next week. My birthday is next week. Your birthday is next week so we wanted to kick off the celebration right now. Do you mind? What are we going to do? Are we going to have cake? It's a surprise for you so we

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"The Once Upon a Farm co-founder talks her company's big announcement, a \"13 Going on 30\" sequel (\"15 Going on 50\" anyone?!), and more, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62351655","title":"Jennifer Garner gets a birthday surprise ... from a marching band! ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennifer-garner-opens-farm-62351655"}