Joel McHale on marriage, parenting and giving away big bucks on 'Card Sharks'

The comedian and actor hosts the new ABC game show where players can win a fortune by playing cards.
5:45 | 07/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joel McHale on marriage, parenting and giving away big bucks on 'Card Sharks'
please give a big welcome to our next guest, now hosting "Card sharks" on ABC, welcome Joel Mchale. Poker face All right. Poker face Thanks, thanks, thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm going to keep going. I'm going to keep going, keep going, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that takes up a lot of time. This is really cutting into my six minutes. Thanks, everybody. Thank you. Hello, times square. Ghies to see you. That was a first. That was a first in it cut into my six minutes. Thank you. Nice to see you. I already saw you earlier. All right, okay. This is great. All right, thank you for having me. A man of the people. I feel like Michael Strahan right now. This is what it feels like. His chair is just a little bit higher, I can tell. Thanks for coming on a big week. Happy 23rd anniversary. Yes. Yes. We've been together 26 years. This is how I celebrate my anniversary with my wife. I go alone to New York and appear on a morning show. So I love you, Sara. She has a great time back at home. Your dogs are very involved in your life. Yes, I married my dogs as well. We have a lot of dogs and just in case -- How many is a lot? I don't remember. I think we have three or four now. There's a number of them. Yeah, we have -- yeah, they are -- they're maniacs and as you can see they're all very small but they combine into one big dog and they definitely do not defend us at all. So we have a French bulldog that is an insane -- his name is bean bag and we got him last year -- it wasn't for the anniversary but I got him last year so now I'm going to get her two more I'm not. No. She said she would divorce me if that happens. Too many dogs. The kids 11 and 14. 11 and 14 I think, yes. You think. You're not sure. I'm not exactly sure. Two boys, ice ago and Eddie. There's ice -- -- right now they are playing fortnit tempt and not paying attention even it was on in the house. Ado they watch you what you They don't watch anything -- they are not really interested in anything I'm doing. They watched "Community" which was on a different network, excuse me. And but they -- they're very tough crowds. I make jokes all the time and they go, MM. That was okay. I'm not completely embarrassed. On "Community" I ended up kissing lots of ladies on that and my 11-year-old when that's going on just runs around the house screaming and then he sits back down. I'm like, yeah, that's not your mom but I got paid to kiss a lady on TV so dad took the money. "Card sharks." "Card sharks." Very similar to "Community." ABC synergy. ABC synergy. I remember -- I remember -- it was a classic. Now they brought -- Elizabeth banks is hosting "Press your luck" and Alex is hosting "Match game" and brought back "Card sharks." A live audience. It's a very -- it's almost as exciting as this audience is. Believe me. It is just -- it's a very simple game and they're like, well you just turn cards over and guess ifary he higher or lower but then all of a sudden $600,000 is on the line and I begin to flop sweat like you are now. And I never thought I would -- my heart is a tiny little burnt peach pit and I watch these people win money and I'm like this is the greatest moment of my life. I watched this woman win 200 grand and she's like I can buy a house and I'm like, yes, let's move away together. So I -- it's strangely very exciting for me. Want to take a little bit of a sneak peek at this. Yes. I'm sure they all -- yes. I guess not. All right. We'll just keep going. Anyway -- Oh, yes. Higher. People, it's way higher. I'm going to say lower. I'm going to say lower. The actual number is 10. It is lower. You are right, Charisse. 10. There's hope for America. Like Anthony Anderson. You also have a brand-new comedy special. "Live from Pyongyang." Yes, my comedy special is called "Live from Pyongyang" which is the capital of north Korea. So we shot it in San Jose. And it's a very -- they're very similar places. Same amount of electricity being, you know, rolling blackouts but, yeah, I thought maybe getting, you know, cyberattacked right as my special came out, that would bring some press in for me. Yeah, we did not -- I didn't make it to North Korea. So close, though. Yeah, I hope to get there someday to tape the sequel. People are like, what is happening right now? What is -- it's on Amazon so -- That's on Amazon, "Card sharks" an ABC Wednesday 9:00 Joel is having a good time.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"The comedian and actor hosts the new ABC game show where players can win a fortune by playing cards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64336069","title":"Joel McHale on marriage, parenting and giving away big bucks on 'Card Sharks'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/joel-mchale-dishes-game-show-card-sharks-64336069"}