‘The Keeper’ author Graham Norton reveals big names he wants on his show

The TV host and writer talks 20 years of “The Graham Norton Show” and his new thriller, "A Keeper," live on "GMA."
6:25 | 09/02/19

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Transcript for ‘The Keeper’ author Graham Norton reveals big names he wants on his show
Our next guest you'll love. Great Britain's biggest, funniest talk show host, won so many awards going one-on-one with the world's biggest stars for the last 20 years. Also found the new thriller. It's called -- what is it called "A keeper." Bring graham Norton out right now. Nice to meet you. Hello. Nice to see you. Hi. Lovely to see you. Am I here? Oh. Thank you, wow. Thank you very much. So I'm tempted just to give you the floor and take over. You know how to do this. I'm in a foreign land. Happy labor day. Happy labor day. Do we say happy labor day. Sure. Why not. Perry labor day. Usually you have a special talent. You get all these big stars to say things we're not expecting to hear. What's your secret? Well, you guys are at a disadvantage. Coffee will only open people up so much. Energy is up but the lips are not so loose. We have a variety of beverages and because we're in the evening and often people partake and that does help but also I think it helps because they're not just on the couch with me. You know, so like say someone like Kevin Costner was on and he has amazing stories but I could instantly tell he doesn't really want to tell me those stories. But on his other side was Helen mirren because she's on the couch at the same time. Well, he wants to tell Helen mirren his stories so literally his back was to me the whole time but we still got all the stories we wanted out of him and I think that's one of the keys is they're on the couch with their peers and they want to impress each other. A good trick? That makes a lot of sense. You obviously have spent your career interviewing other people. What's it like when you go on a book tour and you're being interviewed? You always feel, well, you know, you feel lacking. You feel I am so sorry I'm not -- Did you have any other beverages before coming on the show this morning? No. I was just checking. I was just checking. It's only 8:32. I was up late maybe. But, no, no. No, so I do feel underwhelming. I wish I was somebody else or better. You've said one of your favorite questions to ask people is what they did in their first job and we found out that yours -- well, you tell us what your first job was. When I was in school I had a job, I was getting a pound an hour. That's how old I am and how long ago it was. It was a pound an hour and I was -- I think I was supposed to work behind the counter in the store but I was so bad at that that I was out the back and I had to peel apples for apple pies and turns out I was very bad at that as well so if you are a vegetarian you shouldn't have eaten those pies. Like they were just -- the apple were in murky bloody water. Like Sweeney Todd. There you go. So your goal, one of your goals is to get Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, and/or Brad Pitt on your show. What's the likelihood of that? You know what, every time -- I am doing interviews and people say who would you like on the show and the list gets shorter because we've been really lucky. We've had nearly everyone but two of the ones that are still outstanding Julia and Brad and I hope they're not going, never, I will never go on his show. Hopefully it's to do with they didn't have a movie out when we were on or they weren't in town when I was there. "Oceans 15." Think I might be seeing Brad Pitt later this week. I'll put in a good word for you. If you could, thank you so much. Let's talk about the book, "A keeper." Where did you get the inspiration. It comes from a story my mother told me years ago when I was a kid. The daughter of a friend of hers did one of the characters in this book does, answers a personal ad and, you know, something so brave about that sort of dating where you're writing letters and don't know who is out there and then you arrange to meet and the first got a big twist in the book where the letters aren't quite what you thought they were. That comes from life. That happened to my mother's friend's daughter but then what happened to her was terrible. I turned it entertainment. Dark, gothic but at the end you hopefully there's enough redemption and hope at the end that you don't close the book going, why did I -- what? What was that? So it's an entertainment. It takes place in Ireland. You say every Irish home has drama and scandal in it. I think so. I think -- It's true. There are. It's true, isn't it? There are things that happen in this book that if it was set anywhere else you'd go, really? But because it's in Ireland just go, uh-huh, yep. That makes sense to me. No, and if I go out with my mother for a walk or drive, every house we pass something awful has happened in that house. You know, they've been terrible diseases, awful -- just terrible things have happened to them and backstage they were saying, what's the scandal in your family? I was thinking there's no scandal then I realize it's me. I'm the scandal in my family. When they drive past our house they're going there's a gay television -- it's me. I am my family's scandal. You did the audio recording for the book. Oh, I did. Apparently it was difficult. It's mortifying. Because you kind of think, oh you're going to read a book. But then people talk in the book and have you -- You do the dialogue. You have to come up with voices and you're going and thinking you're okay and turn a page, oh, no, this person talks now. And there's only so many Irish accents. There are a lot of Irish accents but if anyone from Ireland listens to the audio recording it's weird. People come from all over Ireland in this book. They're all in one little village but from northern island, Dublin, yeah, everywhere, I have to use my full range. You all can read "A keeper." It's in book stores right now. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"The TV host and writer talks 20 years of “The Graham Norton Show” and his new thriller, \"A Keeper,\" live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65337506","title":"‘The Keeper’ author Graham Norton reveals big names he wants on his show","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/keeper-author-graham-norton-reveals-big-names-show-65337506"}