Kerry Washington talks Emmy noms and a ‘Scandal’ reunion – in her PJs

Catching up with Washington, who was nominated for four Emmys this year, including one for her role in “Little Fires Everywhere.”
5:47 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kerry Washington talks Emmy noms and a ‘Scandal’ reunion – in her PJs
Thursday morning on "Gma." So thrilled to have our next guest, robin, do the honors. I will do that gladly. She is an actress, producer, director, just nominated for four emmys this year including one for her role in "Little fires everywhere." Michael Strahan loves that as we all do and produced a new documentary that goes inside the aclu. It is powerful. It is called "The fight" and right now, Kerry Washington is joining us from her home there on the west. Are you wearing pjs? I am. It's 5:00 A.M. Here so I'm in jammies. I actually -- I posted on Instagram. I posted on Instagram like a poll on whether or not I should wear pajamas. I believe in democracy. The votes came in. 90% that I should wear pajamas. Only 10% I should not and I think that 10% was mostly my mom voting. I decided to. The people have spoken. The people have spoken. Yes. Did you feel the earthquake this morning? Did you feel that? I did. And it was, you know, I set an alarm to get up then I sat a backup alarm because I was worried I might not get up at 4:30 and that's when the earthquake came in and I was like, I don't remember choosing like bed shaking as my backup alarm. It was terrifying. But everybody else in my house slept through it. Oh, but I'm glad everybody is okay. Let me ask you this, what is this background art that you have going on there? That is -- what's behind you there? This is my mom art. It's just my kids. You know, my kids and their creativity. It's great to see them. I guess they're probably sleeping. Take us inside the moment when you got those four nominations in four separate categories. That must have been incredible. It was. You know, I was doing a ritual that many of us do now. I was in the process of unpacking and wiping down my groceries to put them away in times of covid and so I was really like all hands on deck, you know, focused on doing mom stuff and my phone started blowing up. I was like, what is happening? Why are all these people texting me? So I was really -- I was obviously thrilled. I think the nomination that means the most to me is our beautiful, beautiful nomination for Lynn Shelton who directed our show. She was our lead director. She directed the pilot and finale and episodes in between and she's just -- she passed recently at the age of 54 so I know that she's celebrating. Reese and I were just saying what a blessing she was to our show and how special of a person she was and so to have the academy honor her in this way means so much to us. Yeah, that is so beautiful. Congratulations to you and to everyone and there is a lot to celebrate, Kerry, because, well, let's see. There was a very special "Scandal" reunion last night. That looked like a lot of fun. It was. It's always so fun to get together with our "Scandal" Fam. We are still years after wrapping we are still totally obsessed with each other so it's always fun when we get to spend a little time. Yeah, and it's always been fun when you all would come on our little old show and we could see how close you truly are and still are to this day. You and Tony have a -- I do follow you on social media. It's so positive and it's so much fun. I love your dad jokes. We'll get to that later but you, yoga, yoga with Tony. Now, tell people how -- weren't you a yoga instructor back in the day? I was before I was able to make a living as an actor, one of my many hustles was yoga and I got certified to teach in India and lived in India after college so I think I started really teaching the yoga online in a way because I needed to be doing more yoga to calm my nerves and to sort of center myself and thought maybe if my millions of followers knew that I was doing it they could hold me accountable and I would show up for them and show up for me. So we've been doing yoga and sometimes I have special guests and Tony, of course, is the ultimate special guest, so it was fun to practice with him. Yeah, and robin just mentioned your dad Earl and his dad jokes on your feed. Let's take a look at one. When is the element table reviewed? When? Periodically. Dad joke. Wow, you know, dad jokes are -- George is belly laughing over here. Was your dad always that funny. He really sold it. He is the best. I have a post right now, my dad was a background actor in both "Little fires" and "Live in front of a studio audience" both nominated so did a post thanking the academy for celebrating his background acting in both of those shows. He's just -- my dad is the best. He has the most amazing sense of humor and, you know, when you're a kid it's embarrassing and then when you become an adult it's like so special, you know.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Catching up with Washington, who was nominated for four Emmys this year, including one for her role in “Little Fires Everywhere.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72071625","title":"Kerry Washington talks Emmy noms and a ‘Scandal’ reunion – in her PJs","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kerry-washington-talks-emmy-noms-scandal-reunion-pjs-72071625"}