Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres face backlash after Oscars interview

DeGeneres urged Hart to reclaim the Oscars hosting job but he has reportedly decided not to host Hollywood's biggest awards show.
3:12 | 01/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres face backlash after Oscars interview
We're back with new developments in the search for an oscars host. Kevin hart and Ellen DeGeneres are both facinging backlash after an interview on her show. Eva pilgrim is here with the story. Reporter: Hart telling deadline he doesn't want to be a distraction. 48 days to go. As of now, the oscars going without a host. We're going have some fun give out some awards and one lucky audience member will host the oscars. Reporter: The morning, backlash to what many did not see as a sincere apology from Kevin hart. Stars on the red carpet weighing in on the once potential oscars host omission. I don't think he understood the ramifications of what he said. But I do think that -- this has to be a teachable moment for all of us. Once again, I'm sorry if these words hurt. I'm sorry. But -- either my apology is accepted, or it isn't. Eitherky move forward, or I can't. I would much rather say I'm sorry again and walk away. Because I'm -- I'm -- I want to be done with the conversation. I don't want to have to have this conversation anymore because I know who I am. I'm not that guy. Reporter: The embattled comedian's appearance Friday on "The Ellen DeGeneres show" doing little to quell the discussion. If you're not home foe phobic anymore, you shouldn't mind apologizing for your past homophoia again and again and again. I don't want to hear a hostile retelling of how we didn't hear your meager apology the first time. Others expressing disappointment in Ellen. I think she gave Kevin a pass instead of having an actually productive conversation about what these words and attitudes mean and how prevalent they are in our society. We in the African-American community have to stop low-key, co-signing homophobia. Reporter: In a passionate and emotional plea on his show, CNN anchor don lemon, who is openly gay, urging hart to become an ally to the lgbt community. Many of us need to keep the conversation going. It's life or death. And someone like Kevin hart, with one of the biggest megaphones in the world, can be a leader. The ultimate change agent. He can help change homophobia in the black community. Reporter: Deadline reporting that hart will not reemerge as host of next month's academy awards. The star over the weekend posting this message on Instagram. When do we get to the point when we forget that we all learn. Then we all have the ability to grow and with that growth comes a wealth of knowledge. You can't change without an undering of what growth means. And no response from Ellen yet. Over the weekend, her brother coming to her defense. Tweeting no good deed goes unpunished. All she's ever done is try to make the world a better, Kinder, more compassionate place. Still calls this morning for an actual apology. We'll have Kevin hart here live on Wednesday morning. Thank you, Eva. Coming up in our next hour,

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"DeGeneres urged Hart to reclaim the Oscars hosting job but he has reportedly decided not to host Hollywood's biggest awards show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60207067","title":"Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres face backlash after Oscars interview","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kevin-hart-ellen-degeneres-face-backlash-oscars-interview-60207067"}