Lena Dunham says she's much happier after weight gain

Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses how the actress' comments that she feels more "joyous" and "free" after gaining weight may not necessarily mean she is healthier.
3:57 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Lena Dunham says she's much happier after weight gain
Now to Lena Dunham celebrating a recent weight gain. The star postihe bore and after pictures on Instagram. Declaring she's happiow after gaining 24 pounds I know you have this story forus She's happen year after ga that weight. This is sure to eag a weight debate. The outspoken actress getting a whlot of attention for her retagram post where she acts about gaining weight and Leann. I worked very, very to overcome the Challen of my nontraditional body type. Reporter: Onsday actress Lena Dunham posted Thi stunn side by by side photo saying she's gained 24s and is happier for it. Writing that she's now 162 ends, happy, joyous and free. Last yea Dunham made headlines when S hit T red carpet noticeably ter. The star who had always embraced her curvy figure "Girls" was criticize for H sudden appearance. I was frustrated. It really was evidence that as a woman lywood you can't win. Or at thatime Denham post that while sheeighed 138 pounds, she was subsisti only on small amounts of sugar,s of caffeine and a purse pharmacy. To deal her pain in February, she revealed she had undergone a hysterectomy as part er treatment. Nham saying in her post even this og body pivity wor sometimes looks at the ure longingly I remember the impossible that bht me there. And alsos when she was thinner she wa quote, complimented a day propioned by adding she was also sick inhe head but now the actress says is, quote, complimented only B people who matter for Rea that matter. Robin, says she's subsisting on a steady flow ofn, healthy snacks,ppetizers and entrees. Strong fromting her dogs and spirits and embraciho she is and where she's at in her journey. A lot to for that, Paula. Dr. Jeifer Ashton joinss now board certified in obesity medicine. Assess T situation. It's not just one th obviously we need to remember here that aot more goes into someone's overall happiness than a number on the scale like more goes into someone's unhappiness than a number of the scale it's called bit not perfect for their heightdiesave correlated end ts for health and wellness and dis largely based on this bod mass index. 24pounds. Does that make a big difference. It definitely can. Depends where you start. G about a woman let's say O is weighs 138 pounds andns 24 pounds th the red arrow's right and borderline at overweight obese. So you take intoaccount, you also take INT ant someone'sfestyle and tt medicalhistory, it is N one size fits all and someone is ae lower end of that could be just as unhhy for being underweight. You saidt medical history, bn open a the his rebeconomy shad. Does that also lead toght gain. It absolutely can. Me tem you why. It despendsnhe ovaries. Whether theyywith the ysterectomy or come out they make 50% of a man's testosterone and that's why we see a weight gain in womfter menopause. That's PARTF the reason I ysterectomy if they come O solutely it can cause weight gain. We want to strive overall health and wellness here. Weigs one part of it and we do K that F can B hormonally active and cause inflammation and definitely Stace deck F heart disease and cancer it's more than just one thing. There's so much that'sed into all. Absolute that's why we treat the whole person and notnumber. Lena is happy. That is very important. That is seems to be doing the right things said. All right. Outside right now we've got

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses how the actress' comments that she feels more \"joyous\" and \"free\" after gaining weight may not necessarily mean she is healthier. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56534615","title":"Lena Dunham says she's much happier after weight gain","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lena-dunham-shes-happier-weight-gain-56534615"}