NCAA football bowls preview with Tim Tebow

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow talks college football playoffs ahead of the Orange Bowl.
4:02 | 12/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NCAA football bowls preview with Tim Tebow
College football fans have a full day ahead today with the cotton bowl followed by the Orange bowl on ESPN. Joining us this morning from Florida where the Orange bowl is being played, someone who knows something about football. Former professional quarterback Tim Tebow, not to mention Heisman winning, national championship winner. All right, Tim, always great to have you on "Good morning America." Are you pumped up for the Orange bowl tonight? I'm so ready for it. I think it's the most intriguing game in all of football. You have one of the best minds in football in Nick Saban versus one of the best offensive minds in Lincoln Riley and two of the top quarterbacks, number one and two in the Heisman race. Listen, this game has everything you want, a lot of points, a great atmosphere and everything is on the line. Saban has the same issue as last year, he has the high class problem of having two world class quarterbacks. What is he going to do with who starts and who plays? You know, I think it's Tua's job. I think, you know, Tua had the injury but had an operation. It's a really good operation. He's about 90%, maybe slightly above with the adrenaline with everything the doctors will be able to do for him. I think Tua will be able to play tonight above 90%. I think he'll play well. I think you also have that blessing of having Jalen hurts as a backup and we saw the S.E.C. Championship game, what he can do if he has a chance but Tua is the guy. Tua got them here this year and one of the best in the country. You roll with Tua tonight. I think to myself this is why I'm not a coach. Does he tell Tua, you can run hard and play hard and hit hard because if you get hurt, we got a backup. Is this a conversation or even a thought that might be going through his head? I think you do have a lot of freedom. You have freedom where you don't have to worry about Tua and let him play his game and scramble and make plays because you know you have a solid backup and more than just a backup, listen, Jalen hurts is a guy that two years in a row brought his team to the national championship game. He is a big-time quarterback. I think he's the top 15 quarterback in college football. So if you need to put him in the game, you can trust him as well. All right, let's switch gears to the earlier game, the cotton bowl in Dallas, clemson/notre dame, this one seemingly a little bit more closer matched, I assume. I haven't looked at the line. Who do you like in this match-up? I like Clemson in this match-up. I think Clemson has more speed and more at athleticism and I think they're more physical. Notre dame is extremely well coached and play hard but for notre dame to have a chance Ian book has to be the MVP and best player. As the quarterback for notre dame, the biggest weakness on the defense for Clemson is their secondary. South Carolina threw for over 500 yards. This is an opportunity where Ian book and notre dame has to take advantage of that secondary. If he doesn't they have no chance. Kind of a warm-up bowl game. I shouldn't say that but the peach bowl at noon today. Florida against Michigan. Who do you like there? I think Florida. I am going to give them a slight edge but I think so much is on the line for Michigan right now. So much pressure. Listen, they've lost their biggest games this year and lost to notre dame to start the season and lost to Ohio state and if they were to lose to a Florida team that wasn't supposed to be anything this year, I think some of that momentum that Harbaugh has had goes away and hurts them in recruiting. I think Florida will show up. Michigan needs this one badly. You are a pro and said that with a straight face as if you weren't a Homer rooting for Florida. You are a true unbiased journalist. Thanks so much for your insight. We always enjoy talking with you. Big match-up today and good luck tonight at the Orange bowl. We'll all be watching and happy new year, my man. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. All right. You can all catch the Clemson and notre dame game, 4:00, cotton bowl followed by Alabama versus Oklahoma at the Orange bowl at 8:00 P.M. Eastern time, both, of course, on ESPN. Looking forward to today. Rob, why didn't you ask for my analysis? Well, you know, we got that during the break and it didn't hold much. Our stat man, Dan Harris.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow talks college football playoffs ahead of the Orange Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60064071","title":"NCAA football bowls preview with Tim Tebow","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ncaa-football-bowls-preview-tim-tebow-60064071"}