‘Pose’ actor Ryan Jamaal Swain honors activist Bayard Rustin and more LGBTQ icons

Ryan Jamaal Swain looks up to Audre Lorde and more LGBTQ+ icons, because they “lived truthfully and unapologetically.”
6:47 | 06/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Pose’ actor Ryan Jamaal Swain honors activist Bayard Rustin and more LGBTQ icons
Brought everybody. Cried I wanted to celebrate. It shows that I stand as a black and brown person and I'm thinking about the people that are in my lane or who have. Created such a frenzy or yeah. Stir in American culture and Justin will check. Often times. Now people are at the center of it's what often times we find people at the front line social change be people of color and what's more. Specifically. We're people of color the self proclaimed feminists. Lesbian. Mother warrior RG lord. As a native new Yorker and daughter are immigrants. Both her activism in her published works its importance struggle for liberation. Press people. And organized in coalitions across differences of race gender. Sexual orientation. And availability. Jazz is beautiful quote that I'll never forget now might have tattooed on me it's it's. Those of us who stand outside the circle the society's definition of acceptable. Those of us who had been forged principles of difference. Those of us who are war we're lesbians blacks who are older and know that's her Bible. Is not an academic skills is learning how to take active currencies and neat and strengths. In our reward the queen. Has given me so much hope. In this time of uncertainty. She's just giving you that needs to govern our own troops governor and its. Incredible incredibly credible possibility. One of my inspired as it is a young whites. Who is my cousin Birmingham Alabama my scorpio want to sign girl. Who is a registered nurse and also like to build its championships like world champion from a time and it was often during my chocolate that they islands alleged it was first iMac this. Where life in front of me. You know how assures she was fat ass so happy. I think that's often times in quick children's lives order Bailey's ability BTQ right plus community. We often don't find our mince words war our. Co conspirators. Should come to us until like later on in our lives. Let's have hurt while I was still trying to figure out who I am I think that it's a powerful force. Individuals to see anyone that is an apologetic live in their true choosing the truth over the safety. And then also. Telling everybody else to get in line behind that. This is icon that I got a good. Another one of my inspired areas where it's a raptors. Is my fellow high seas bare breast. He was an openly gay American leader in social movements for civil rights socialism. Pacifism in gay rights. A lot of little note this when he was chief organizer and 93. Mark Bausch. Ressam was known for his incredible artists and count tomorrow junior. The bubble that was an incredible partnership he heads often times it is sexuality. Trucks here and stocks. EE was a black man who happen to be here for me that's so important we're talking about rights activists and entertainment. And four in the pendulum around how we in for everyone around this suggests to some of us some people that are hand gently in our comforts it's. And I think they him being disruptive and being opened here. Inside of the space. And time. Where he got so much ridicule and still never chose to back down but only to apple wants its fleet. I think those shows at giants. Tammy Baldwin AKA James Baldwin. Went out between its century's greatest voice. It was bow when broke literary ground with his radical intelligent approach to discussing world views. Somebody that I look at even now just posthumously. His work is coming to a fourth trial you know being seen. Not only does Mike repeat but also everyone. It would be even his own work where he was discussing and talking about it society in which you know and are governed by our racial disparities. Are. Our other guests but that in truth our other needs aren't aren't deep in its. Is SARS the power and that's what makes us beautiful but the compliance us. Ended. When a man this starters. Is John Michelle Bastia. He was according visual artists. Me his ability to champion. The marriage between texts and images. Called Ellison a phobia homophobia sexism classes. And philosophy that struck in silhouettes are. Any problems. Animal use it heroes and the saints world. But there were as we look at and be studied his work. It is half table understanding. Half mysticism. Boy that. Cool with Andy Warhol cool with -- Freddie. Instill also give you obviously that represent most as the generations of ethnicity and race and culture. And religions and still also never lose my voice. Now we're talking about a particular class. Matters. A lot of things were built up of the acts. Doctor branch passengers people where people exceptional people. People into where follow we have the time in the State's bureau euros each Piero. And I hope that if nothing else you got from this list. Antioch culture and unique in this universe yeah being that individual ballot we understand they always living. Truthfully. In their bodies in an experience. Be true BU. Ends everything else off flicks. I.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Ryan Jamaal Swain looks up to Audre Lorde and more LGBTQ+ icons, because they “lived truthfully and unapologetically.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71085646","title":"‘Pose’ actor Ryan Jamaal Swain honors activist Bayard Rustin and more LGBTQ icons","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/pose-actor-ryan-jamaal-swain-honors-activist-bayard-71085646"}