Regina Louise shines a light on foster care and adoption

The inspiration behind a new Lifetime movie chats about her incredible story, live on "GMA."
5:42 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Regina Louise shines a light on foster care and adoption
story about how love and perseverance helped one woman beat so many odds. Regina Louise was moved to facilities before she found her forever home. Her new lifetime movie "I am somebody's child." First, linsey Davis has her story. I want nothing more to do with this child. I want her out of my life. Reporter: The new movie tells a story of rejection and perseverance. You had a hard day. Your dad gave me some information that may help me find your mother. Reporter: A young African-American girl forced to navigate life in and out of fosters homes all by the 18 years old. She found her shining light. You're not going to be alone. You're going to be okay. You're going to be all right. Reporter: Group counselor believed in Regina when no one else did. Taking her under her wing, attempting several times to adopt the then 13-year-old. I reject the grounds -- Reporter: Racial injustice stood in her way. Defeating the odds and succeeding, 25 years later, Regina got her forever mom in the very same courthouse that previously denied them. We're proud to have Regina Lewis Louise here live with us. Right, right. You put out into the universe. You wrote a book. You wanted this to be on the screen. You fought for years to make it happen. Absolutely. 16 years I worked it. Yes, yes. And I heard a lot of nos and I remember someone saying, every no is just the door to your yes. Keep going. Keep going. I hit it hard. Robin, I'm like nothing -- somebody told me there are no black girls to play you so we can't make this movie. Then, I'll wait until one is born. Because this movie is going to get made. Yes! We heard what linsey said. It's so poetic and true, the very courtroom where you were denied years later that's where the adoption went through. You can't mess with that, robin. How do I talk on that? How do you talk on Providence? Some things are left in the world of the gods and we let them do what they do and make the conditions. Hammer it. Hit it hard. Stay to it. Stay to that. Yolanda Adams said, if there's something in you keep the dream alive don't let it die. Keep trying. That's what I did. I was determined to take every black girl and bring her from the margin to the center which is why we're sitting right here, right now. Do you feel me, robin in. Yes. Lifetime is going to have a psa talking about the foster care system. Yes. Which is so important. 'S your message for anybody who's in that system right now. My book is what motivates this movie, check what people are leading you to believe. Okay, check the messages. Check your belief systems. Be willing to go inside and ask yourself, is that what I believe about myself? What you're saying about me. I was led to believe that would make something of myself and I was led to believe -- I was led to believe I wouldn't. And so, check that. Check the things that motivate you and make sure that the things, the spells that people are putting on you you're willing to con-sign yourself to. But willing to know more about you and be willing to do whatever it is to pursue your destiny from your own experience, not what someone who has led you to believe. Unless of course, if it speaks to your higher self by all means. I posted on Instagram. I'm reading this book "Limitless." There's quote, don't allow -- the author, I encourage you not to give a vote on your life that shouldn't even have a voice. What would you tell yourself? If you look back, what would you tell yourself? The best way I could do it is -- ��� don't stop believin' ��� ��� hold on to the feelin' ��� Don't stop believin'. She's an author, she can sing, and she has a great movie, "I am somebody's child." The Regina Louise story premieres Saturday on lifetime.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"The inspiration behind a new Lifetime movie chats about her incredible story, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62451486","title":"Regina Louise shines a light on foster care and adoption","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/regina-louise-shines-light-foster-care-adoption-somebodys-62451486"}