Rob Lowe opens up about 'The Bad Seed'

The actor dishes on what fans can expect from the new thriller.
5:14 | 09/06/18

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Transcript for Rob Lowe opens up about 'The Bad Seed'
Now back, we have a fantaguest. He's one of the Harde working men in Hollywood. You don't have to. He stated on a televi show every year fro 1999 to the sent. Come on. Plause ] An he's starringhe new movie "The bad seed." Please W R You're the best. He darling. How are you?oood to see you. Plee, sit. [ Ap Thank you. J ofhose people we love havre. I love cg he. You're a man - ha man of danger. Last time youe you had surfed with sheater and came from South Africa. Jbay? For its G shark. A guy got attack by a surf. Stupidly not L my lesson and went but it fine. There were no sharks, it was great. Was there weo. When did you STA surfing? I start when I was 40. It was my mid-life crisis. Ughter ] It could have been have beeno much rse. Had yourted kwloupger I grew up in malib I was the only didn' sur and I'm glad that I didn't becau I ably would have ever gotten a reajo We're glad you have job. Lot of jobs. You're a bad seed you're a bad seed. Omesrom this cult Horr cult classic but you ded to reke.why? It was made 1958. It created thereepy kidenre so before "The" or "The ex-cist." Directing as a dream a'm really, realroud O how it turned out. Tell us about Thi young actress. So the original acts who played the bad seed nomite for anar so W needed to find somebody worth and Mckenna G a performance of a lifeti in this. Oking intoheyes of like a Jodie foster or an I've worked with. Would ye to see this young woman inaction? Thn directing her? Here we go. Here's a bit"the bad seed." Ma, what's won what do nt? I think you. Oh. H. End well for that kid. Not -- thihattle boy has problemsl directing, acting, you know, so so talk to Regina king and she says you bring S erou're directing. Theob of a director is to haveoint ofw that is so specific you the movicould not be made with it when I read it as an actor, I thought, I have sun ea fhi movie, I really want to don it's abity for me at this point I my life to use all of the at I'v Bui up over so many years of Doi what I've been doing. Did you enjoy it WHE you weren't in a scene and you just behe doctor? That was the best. That was the best. Oh, my . No makeuphair, just direct, worry about -- St, yeah, when had to direct myself, THAs favorite. Turns out I'm very difficult to [ laughtarned thatye Dirr th "The outsider was thereittle bit of a nod to Thank you. Ank you. Plause ] W there a little nod to that. Is. I put a little eas egg for thoseutsiders fans in the movie. Even -- turns out even the title badeed likes to read S.E. The bad seed. Even bad see likes to read "Thes". What is 35 years. Uess there is a big arin theew"time" magazine that L Dunham wrote -- befj.k. Rowling.before any th, there was E. Hint, 13-year-old, 14old inn a coun'tri about M and to change her nameo R story I amazing and that book's influence is St exary.s are you thank Yo rob. Just I M ill sincerity. E are theseuman beings who exuddness and you are them and just how you have share your cra with all of us.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"The actor dishes on what fans can expect from the new thriller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57642964","title":"Rob Lowe opens up about 'The Bad Seed' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/robe-lowe-opens-bad-seed-57642964"}