Why the royals love their fascinators

You don't have to be a queen to wear a fascinator, but it will make you feel like royalty.
1:28 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Why the royals love their fascinators
Mehta is actually something to fascinate the attention. That is. Probably of the offices facts. It's a wary that was Christie's and Edith Wharton's books and a fat 1899. Here is let's have all of the hats that we happens though are made on the premises or my guess designs or equivalent. Nothing less than a forage base is really not considered to be a catalyst system. And Tennessee played a generational divide what tends to happen is the deficit with the same age as applied it can be and patsy taste. Well Al generation going to be more like three hats. Six like this a pretty popular with the queen. Well hats at the royal wedding David Beckham did have a top hat but for some reason he only seemed awful in his hands and that means it was too big to smaller he deflected. Crack team. This won't be used to pull up probably not what we'll see all of the princess Eugenia has been noted to be very attention napping will be and she's. Do you think that the royal way you're not supposed to make you or that he. So if you're hot is getting more attention on the rise. We've gone from.

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{"id":55216257,"title":"Why the royals love their fascinators","duration":"1:28","description":"You don't have to be a queen to wear a fascinator, but it will make you feel like royalty.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/royals-love-fascinators-55216257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}