Sarah Ferguson and Dr. Olivia Audrey read 'Arthur Fantastic: The Search for Happy'

Sarah Ferguson and Dr. Olivia Audrey read “Arthur Fantastic” a book they co-authored for every one of us that has ever felt isolated, alone, and without hope.
27:14 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Sarah Ferguson and Dr. Olivia Audrey read 'Arthur Fantastic: The Search for Happy'
Clinton called Clinton called Clinton called to duty cop who's got the best Hannah in the world he's got the best mainly in no well. There was a best friend in the world also fantastic. And doctor Libya train an end here with money sons Sonny. And we are going to be beating aren't they fantastic the search for happy retired colonel on the third brigade Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York. Ready he. I'm right. Students are does not. The first page. And and placed itself finally you're acting in the yen crying. And asking. And vehicle at her. Please show and this time is they can't order reconnaissance and no amnesty locked rooms on room he could inspire him. To get our captain playing and that's an explanation for all the aren't alone date to be. And he may have pins dance moves hinting you can simply if you secede I think panting happily I think his coat sparkle. I think the didn't mean anything stands for I think that influence. Asking you and me thinking he can think there's one problem. Aren't and then. And it. He felt so different from the other horses living in the map out and he had no unicorn friends to anyway. Divorce isn't and it didn't think he was fantastic. They Tony as we hear. Are trying to make you happy but nothing seemed to work as far as he could remember the horses had made fun at him. Meet me here on the unit cart around because they already know me from you hop hop courses teased. It appears those special magic Arthur and wants to be happy go and find have to eat and bringing here. Then we'll lean and unit warrants and magic they sat. No matter where her Rabin boring and I'm interesting clean brown morris'. It really does nothing different about these horses down in fact they meet certain that they all looked exactly missing. The people. Every day they sit next to each other to compare that coats who's entails. And look for anything that was different. Even the horses were together in we're very unhappy. They hadn't smiled personal and that they have forgotten how to. They've become so busy making sure that they are all the scene and thinking even allow that anymore. Every horse and decided that different weapons saint. And different. Was ears. They were very unhappy and they didn't even now act. Chapter to the cheering began. His union park this way. And there's art and not. They obtained the matter became only for Arthur he would run through the trees and across the field are cheap. Butterflies in the tall grass for fun in this. But every night when he laid out under his favorite oak tree his heart would feel sad and alone. Long silver tears sent out. Sometimes I wish I was a magic are different. Look you could keep its. The next day and Arthur he decided he'd gone journey you'd find happy for the more. Surely you. If I'm happy and I bring back they want to teach her and I'll never be million. Just let the hot the other parts except in the heart leaped twenty Y. Before he knew he was running full speed across the matter into the forest. There's anywhere I can find happy and it surely must be dramatic forests mountains. I don't have never gotten attic floors before. His heart more than someone in the unified happy. Are there walked into the fourth and came to that cleaning for the most marvelous champion trees he had seen his eyes lit up in some time. Janet being my most favorite thing in the entire world. Only stopped for a minute just a line you have to fill my belly well let these lovely Kelly means there's this science leaving treat heat off. Ha ha ha yeah right. Tell me to all the delicious jelly beans when he heard a voice. Nobody here and why I currently want. Growing his jelly beans but 300 is that there is that day and you have nearly eaten them. All. Are thinking about its. They issued a small out dressed in a white costume covered pregnant conducts. A wide right Linehan. He doesn't happy. You need. There is sorry that I'm there it's just. I have seen and degenerate into this as being the best I've ever had. All walked up top there. Hope you. And didn't hear very very. Long time to grow these jelly beans you know it's 300 years and the reason they. 300 years of 37 days your client out. Aren't there was a little confused. Aren't you Matt. It's for Angelina Jolie means you've worked so hard to grow. You see the grumpy horses in the meadow all means which is why I'm trying to find happy and bring it back. Might have to be different. And I wanna be lonely anymore. The Al with a carefully. No are there he sat I'm not angry with you. In fact I'm very. Key yeah yes. One. I've never accurate eaten my means it's taken me so glued to grow them that I didn't want to try them in case well. In case they weren't about Saddam. In he think we're just horrible. Then he came a lot of just. Start eating them. And you said there asked you ever patent. Law. I was stunned he always thought that people but this time it was different he had really helps them. How can eat poking out with so kind he pulled that on purpose strain. I knew where he is are there to take this team he's acting. This purple string represents compassion. Compassion is one and caring for others. And when you show kindness and other compassion. This will help keep your turn remember compassion. For the let he. A look at that are there. Chapter three art their aches and yeah. And aren't there walked him on that was very. Get very hot. Clouds of greater yet out from his coat as he started to act soon he was sweating so much that I can see it being. Here masks. And are picking upon big blue is most perfect and ever ever seen all like cotton kill me if I. That looks so much and why is my most favorite bass is thing ever are just out here have a let us when he talked. I just flashed in the water begins his son. He cleaned himself and stopped. They wouldn't care. If not. Why can't quite happy with him and so we shouldn't somebody to help you find happy. I. He was found when they. Hit it I think candor and near the princess floating about while. There. She's and independents and that beautiful blue red hair. And heard your wish and I understand that you true English how your friends. This said our I want to find happy. I don't ask friends helped human journey to the meaning his Jeanie Jeanie Jenkins and you'll know her by her crown threatened. And sort of true. I will go now are there are things might have been surprised that consists floated away. I declined out of the river advocate locking. It bit of heat and are just unified somewhere in the nicest. He came across entries. One of the trees had it thinks and I am on it. He walked through her parents love and that means also topped the need to change. Today he. Mind you. Can he do he it is evening there. Arthur was cozy and warm beneath the tree. You know what he can be arrived in line. Yeah. That's right. In unicorn. The not convinced Luca with guys and me along route one hi about it. It was Cheney's caught days Kenya Watson that was voted down Jeannie I have. Been beaten. I'm huge fight are fantastic and magic's fourth and happen this charity. That I'm always ready to power. Jeannie turned to dare contract Dierker was fast asleep. Or I don't Derek. Staff she says she gently nudged him. Understand who are not say you're what happens hatched you you mean. Have you done any snack. Kate pocket and pulled out dragons that. Some are some. It dared to have to police followed it got much. Jeannie Stover and picked up her fire he would bright shining cash. But the king of the fireflies he think I'm doing and here are playing days. We kind of are fantastic. But we surrounding mr. Snyder acting. Then met and Dini said as she kinda bored Daryn and then he's been a plane from Washington. OK. Anyway she can hit and they took to this cat. I. Talk nice. Let it go away. Good morning Jeanne. It's. And 28. G Wii and this indeed he always. Beings men now not just after. It. But Derek was already done. Connect. Still not. It just popped them in front of the tree ran off with this. Oh. A. It's. Perhaps. The sense he'd drop to see dexterity and god to. It's itchy. That aren't I don't. Here today he had. These Brandon not matters he Gil Gil friend who I. I'll. And did not. To Jerry this undated. 81 points mine. Pol Pot wouldn't. You beat me critics it would come with Reggie. It's. Truth. Meet genius. Yes to help. Well I'm. Happy act Britney. It is obvious to. Me fine. Just. Me and also true. I'm Oscar shorts. Tees he's wrecked the soul. Six pack. And here. What does it say that this says if you pray I'm 6218. I dreaded. Oh. Said what. Might. Britain. Will exist. So with no links news. A us. This. I don't feel and it would step than it used we'll peacock. He you know couple is his feet what remains in good news. Dad leaned across the suggestion. Yes it's okay. He's quite friendly actually said Jeannie. In this capacity he said I heard you're going to see. And you variation. Analysts replied. Happy and submitted for that rock hosts. Nancy. I think needs. You. You do. Do the right thing. I'm sort. He's going into this market if she should be the change that. Jessica. Well faster critics of tree he is grateful that you just see him. And he could help you. But not so safety spot to see. That process by me this morning he gave up and the biggest bands that. I doubt that. I really happened something right to rule. Yes you have that's FiOS Zelman is great. Lesson. UCS. He's Rico act he has. Fish on his legs and base and that got his walking stick. And then there's actually do to him. Imagine produced stray from his that is. Perhaps Jiang's is this fair access gratitude which is somewhat happy days. The things we need real difference. Things we need to reconfigure the times when we did it. And we feel the astronauts. Took the period district hundreds of his neck out. Keep capacity. Grew break through this congress that you hear me. We don't care if liquor and I'm happy opposite. Little separate. Three adventures war tool that difference. To. Lost and encouraged. A rumbling soccer behind it and new yeah. The product he pledged dogs Harry orange. Which object to them. Cheap cheap source British art Jerry drew breath. Rich vision that once cage to Boston driving not a big. And. But he was running in a city open way he's different in his arms dropped off and I'm as rat and he kept tripping out. JD. That's Kodak's patent so she's asked I struck. The monsters dot Sony and stood Turkish. It'll look to the masters Martin's. It was a sudden noise. Why. Order the most about. We'll get the G-8 tackles on the ground not they couldn't stop. You. Exit the months that are attractive option between nothing. It was a why aren't. It was started knocking. Me. Off at school walls well. To be honest that I didn't mean to scare people and friends night is maybe a good ones name. It sounds scary so. Soon nonstop that. The monster might see it sounds scary doesn't strip. What GQ yet usually can't let. I'm happy embrace the credit for that rob Wilson's this spring. And well. I don't ever happy news sick here today we can't. Arsenals held artists during this. Friendship then when you have good friends you could be. And Acura. You lost your thoughts reading your friends about it. Sergi you'd better get now I can't get there isn't that pretty adventurous. Went all together. Will he long opposite. Originals. So. It. They will not negate the process. To protest. Ops or abuse the abuse who goes numbers. This current. When did not mention about mr. brown she's bringing. Him. Okay. And yes. Also. They walked inside his office after class act how brushing his views booming. Today my very best but aren't happy and Britain perhaps he filters. Suddenly he had to do powerful voice from behind him. You couldn't lost. Her voice. Before and disease problems brush in she's. And I seriously. I'm and mr. biggest well fit looking. Seen. Oh. Optimists get here what is so what is it pretty great courage. Tests. Opposite top. Ranked in the in the when he was perhaps. And I don't that didn't don't you peace and he means. There aren't enough horrible. Didn't do it would see him I'm just us. And hear what he keeps you prayed Rangers. My name is night and I'm very pleased BG seven I exchanged my actually sent it coolly slid in and. Why are pleased to me is right it my name is off that aren't property tax state I'm looking ball hockey. Give activist group rocky horses in Baghdad. Reached into his pocket you know that the red strange. That he's had. And where it's. Grave and ranges. This is extreme. Reminds us eat that we may know. How things are not. And it is generous to me think back. B. And Stan. Okay thank United Center opera and he placed a string around his neck. Thirty minute GE debt can pass the cost. Yeah. And writing. Strategy. Is in my friend he's a string but street Hartford. Well thank you not at city. It's and I had to take action brush is good well go to it may not be able to vent forest. Bring them. Captain. Surprise guests join the differences. Can annoyance. This isn't instead went into the Orange Bowl. Kelly. I think G pledging. Coast compounds at GE that ball an hour. Where we constant. Blocked blocked while parents. We are not happy says. To bringing accident. Policies. Well how long list keep guns at GE. Here you have the registry that you. He is an actress of strings. That and. I think will own office stalls. He said let's G. When he we wish he and not just. Adventurous team deep reach the not for hours all the time GE Derek. What can I do know for sure but he. I and a compassionate caring and being. And break abuses of the I. She. She. Strains. Connected to run he's. Rat and what are the zigzags. Eight written them together in long. Range bad tax day 286. This. Virus that what. This got him to me. You and well the fantastic magical place scoffed at mr. G go into the distance. Yeah yeah yeah. It's. It's got a and it's pretty happy. To the wolves is. Or he says. Don't politics. I think two of this secret G jumped on deck. It Bowen put it behind an old British fascinating. Floating parade let's stop and threw across this guy. Scott stoked about all of this man. They're dropping moves he looked up. When the months. This topic to shine disk isn't write speeds down onto the bed. That is be very interested. The brain scuff think it just didn't Voss and her pasta. And pasta pasta. Wow. It's different. And how does custom and hospitals soon and the way it's supposed to cross that may. What did they couldn't have. It only got stops it's not actually. Was. Jeanine. Right to see you brought fields and DOS and join us. The host. Did you Britain has been this happy it did you bring this. This happy. A yes I did it says. What it's great it's fine and it makes us feel really good. I'll two for a couple of his new happy friends he felt certain problems. Heads. You know just how dangerous is it you really did it happened I'm it's true you can opt not good unit Cologne. Do you see six he's happy he's going to need. He sheriffs. How to feelings. It's all back into her it was. Remove. I don't what's the next great great. Advantages. Fantastic I'm Jeannie checks. Thank you so much to do one definitive yet. Want to do. Full co author and our fantastic Jean jackets with me. But today precedent from the no colorful illustrations. Only get. This bill. This is them. This is just beginning. There was any the beginning of the great relationship between. That often Cheney. Because. Figures. And G. Capsules true. And to get an ordinance. We have strong. Strong for kindness. But not all. It had to take out student. Everybody has their right to beans. Everybody has a right to be better. Everybody has a right to be. Everybody has the right just to go to that and horizons. Comment or her rights enough. The book is right. Now. Goodness. Kindness. Yeah.

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{"duration":"27:14","description":"Sarah Ferguson and Dr. Olivia Audrey read “Arthur Fantastic” a book they co-authored for every one of us that has ever felt isolated, alone, and without hope. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77225778","title":"Sarah Ferguson and Dr. Olivia Audrey read 'Arthur Fantastic: The Search for Happy'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sarah-ferguson-dr-olivia-audrey-read-arthur-fantastic-77225778"}