How ‘Shark Tank’ millionaire was scammed out of nearly $400K

Barbara Corcoran’s bookkeeper received an email from what appeared to be the “Shark Tank” star’s assistant to approve a $388,700 payment, but was actually an elaborate phishing scam.
3:07 | 02/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How ‘Shark Tank’ millionaire was scammed out of nearly $400K
Back now with a wild story. One of America's most savvy businesswomen scammed out of nearly $400,000. Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran's team tricked by a phishing email costing them big. Now she's speaking out exclusively on ABC about the incident sharing a warning. Rebecca Jarvis is here with more and this is such a crazy story. It's so wild, Tom. You are going to look at that in box in a whole new way after you hear this. Unfortunately these scams are so common and the fraudsters are getting so good they cost victims $1.7 billion last year and now you can add Barbara Corcoran's name to that list duped out of nearly $400,000. Here's how it all went down. I want to say something -- you've got to give up this crying stuff. Reporter: This morning "Shark tank's" Barbara Corcoran scammed out of nearly $400,000. This morning I wired 3 $8,000 to a false bank account in Asia. Reporter: It all started last week when Barbara's bookkeeper, Christine, received this email appearing to be a routine message from Barbara's assistant Emily approving a $388,700.11 to a German company called ffh concept. The only problem Barbara's assistant Emily never sent that email. It was a con artist on the other end. Christine, the bookkeeper, even replying to ask what is this? Need to know what account to pay out of. Someone sends you a bill, it's paid and this one instance it was not a good strategy. Reporter: The crook responding with a detailed explanation, the money nearly $400,000 then transferred. It was only after the fact that Barbara's team noticed this, the missing "O" in the from address. When she showed me the emails that went back and forth with the false address I realized immediately it's something I would have fallen for if I had seen the emails. Reporter: As it turns out Barbara falling prey to an all too common email scam. Something her co-star Robert herjavec who made his millions running a tech company knows all too well. 85% of all cybercrime across the world comes through email which is what happened to Barbara. This is very, very common. It's been happening to businesses for two, three years now, it's now happening to individuals. Reporter: So how can you protect yourself? Always verify that the email is coming from somebody you get that person to call you. Number two, check your bank statements every single day because if you catch it within 48 hours, the bank can get it back for you. Reporter: Now Barbara says the money is gone. She doesn't blame her bookkeeper. Her team was able to trace those emails back to a Chinese ip address and says she and the team have learned their lesson, slow down, double-check everything and always verify, guys. If there's any question, pick up the phone, call that person on the other end, make sure it did come from them. Good advice there. You can see how this could happen. It's pretty wild, yeah. Thank you, Rebecca.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Barbara Corcoran’s bookkeeper received an email from what appeared to be the “Shark Tank” star’s assistant to approve a $388,700 payment, but was actually an elaborate phishing scam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69252493","title":"How ‘Shark Tank’ millionaire was scammed out of nearly $400K","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/shark-tank-millionaire-scammed-400k-69252493"}