Summer movie preview 2020

Film critic Peter Travers on the top movies to be released this summer.
16:47 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for Summer movie preview 2020
Hi everybody. Oh and welcome you shut ins just like I am US special edition of armed Whitney Peter Travers that's going to preview. This summer movies that are. I know you're an artist blue. There are you know there any hitters and only re Asia while. It is all and end. And Wonder Woman 1980 war in Milan ever think that they are going to dean. But you know we have we try and they've come back. I haven't year. The world. This is the beginning at Everett Memorial Day we Memorial Day weekend. Lumber well RE or. A real Omar. And cope in nineteen was an error in our lives. This would be forced open and nail guns on. Each and wrecked. And they're all from rhetoric in Miami U yet playing in New Orleans couple who. Are having a huge fight and deciding to break. And yet there chased round bout psych outs all new war. And have there been plot but it doesn't matter when she power. And their record. A we have. Not now you've never heard. Would be. The best arm the net or is. Ready he made sense. And basically it's about in 1950s and you're in Mexico. And a teenage DJ and his corporate and that he owns or operator aren't kind act with. Some kind of aliens from days I'm not saying anymore. Just put this down the bat night. 82 basic moody and it's coming out on May 29 so. Next up is Shirley. Early is the story in a way Sharon Jack. The author who wrote a lottery were all who heard that one and the definite. Here we have Elisabeth Moss was so caller earlier this year alone in the invisible. And. At this time she claims Shirley Jackson as she worked hard. About one of them books passes and scared novel but she invites young couple that with her and her professor let me. And it becomes who's rated junior will each race. And by we're giving Academy Awards. Government he's I'd say Elizabeth Smart about it. Next. King of Staten Island opening on June well and you get it on a one man. You know that he didn't. Eight fire writer father died at 9/11. And yet Jeddah. Collaborated with. And it doesn't go to what he became later as comedians they believe none of that happening. But you see him growing up in Staten Island thinking I don't know. And jet after tests that it's comedies street where she is how it starts are. Beauty and yet she's growing up companies somebody. And he's going through all the day's. Ration boxes with. It will be at the end of the year one year. And we have artists. Are out go no hitter again but you can get it on Disney plus an issue that. About a twelve year old Irish prodigy. Is art in this two. And he has got to rescue these criminal mastermind father from the whole underground world of. Demons. And Ares. Goblins and everything else that's happening it's the Urquhart kind of thing. And they see as long as that. Young yeah. I of those things that. Don't five blood. I. In his honor roll at Lee and this is a story about five veterans of Vietnam. Who decide to go back. And they gonna get at buried treasure and gonna try to find out what really happened. Late by black and himself checked both. And this is like each prize an epic trying to do something that you've never done toward them. And did bring people together. And talk about the morality of war and still fund. And we have Ponce. From June 20. Yen on. December and his lonely island reducing. Being and start as a guy who girlfriend to the wedding. Arms. And winds up actually falling for the ride this made it all. We run an attic or crawl happened in the are among them for an. This isn't that is earth where they. It also doesn't. Thing. Where are well anymore. She. Should eat this prizes matters. Another. And Rachel and Jana. Already union. Just the idea that will are doing original. Landing and even. Comes into it as Russian. And who always sings with shirt. This is what we want don't want any. Million over Whitewater. Because. We want and that's. Yeah. We have and be called unhinged. Unhinged. Action League Aaron open not tutors. I don't know how many. Mostly dry. But its start Russell Crowe. And heat building up roar in case were 08. About a single mother and her son. Who dared to question him at a red black somewhere. It builds up to such an intensity of craziness and Russell crook and you go so are we not entertain. And a bit. And then ate berries Eshleman beast especially for me because I wanna have a cop it yet it Tamil. It is not that Lin Manuel Miranda being a movie of panel and had no. Shot on a on Broadway in the year one east and he went every member of the original. Not just win Manuel ran Butler Leland junior as Aaron Burr. Tools you. Dot BT 828. Blah yet and I'm mr. they're all there and that all gonna do in this and look from rent. I wonder they have all meet you got at us do it. Then money in the cost. Acts my Portland July you know. Move up in July to July in the old gar net. And this is Charlize. Who you're Yuri wrote. No. Next equal rate in action and what she claimed she order a group of more war. You know they have special hours ending it through centuries are they good or bad you know at one point somebody. And century. In the presence and sharp character. Like Ian and there's too much is too many people watching what he's doing they're trying to steal secrets. Of these immortal warriors. Shouldn't be on this July I want us. RN. Rally relic on the same day on July. And he had yet this can be in. Harmony. Are. Actually any. This is in that kind of red Herring manner wary. A grandmother. Daughter and granddaughter. Who in the same house and Australia. End something's wrong with what to mention is that Alice. Everett east though B time Cree. Dot. Is Christopher know. This is Christopher Nolan saying this god not notes. Theaters are going to be close thing. What and on the map there are going to be in need only be won it by an ass and take all the theater in your. Show this. Will he tell you went back. You know. Saying that but we know it's time travel we know it stars John B Washington and and we know basically Null and does things visually that need to be seen at eight screen I don't care how B heaters all. He beauty. Each base. And will you be there I looked in place you know I can be sure they all do it. But notice. If we haven't effort by July 17 on this. And he's never gonna go Omar. Are going wait. All right Chris on rooting you rest. We wanted to. Next stop is. Mu law this is. Yeah I'm but not animated movie. All for this is from director Nickie Karl on action. And EU. As exciting as any of Disney's. Live action versions. There animated classics. A lot of problems line. Last summer it just didn't work for me. Everything about this one does term from Austin Lu who is the star of the movie to be actions it. But again it needs the theaters they're Docklands and let us see. Your. Yeah obviously it's legal our sorority merit. Which he's going to beat him up enhancement. At age you know Max. And managed in or out or mentioned B&B. Seth Rogen behind the scenes and letting the dual role. That aren't in the nineteen want to. He wants that money any minds. Harold and Brian hundred years and suddenly he opens an. One H one. Ed. As a great. Also late wrote and basically who compete in garner has about a litany. And it's them viewing. Are. And lobby. Okay the kids in the hall I am I remember how troll world word shall well. Enough in the middle of this pandemic. Charged in exchange or compress it and it hit at me and it ain't. Now but his bottom of the funds on the rock. I don't know why the weeks. And this is a sequel to the 2015 once on Chad order. Everybody's back plot you more and basically. But by needs to say carry all of them forced you know Tom. He thinks they don't act like aside. And so to rescue ship. But to these characters I'd love. This odds on. And I look back. So. We're gonna do that we our image. Our. All right August 14. What asked. Johnny and. Nineteen he wore. Everybody back 1984. The last Wonder Woman it was like 1918. And Chris Harden is still back. As Steve Trevor hurt like what what friend even and you watched and are in the last nobody has backpack. I don't get it but I know that Chris and wait year Lang right and Ottawa in an office she really she are all. And grotesque doll is also would it as some kind that infomercial. Is trying to take over the world. It sounds like a complete mess what a mess sounds like. At least we want to be in theaters once he let you know. We're not when women get away. What's a lot of need. OK we're competent yet now we have August 21 NB a and he's. Three decades. Under which he. Out went up ought to shape their souls with act overcame bad. This is not beat our. Nobody has many guys at the age of that we need to know they're fighting another battle it out there. And these. Each of them. You can write a song that city. I don't go on and I'll say an assault on Ron Byron. Here's a movie people it calls the forgotten the whole one thing. Argued that in a world. In all are and I'll be there whether it's theaters or whether just wind up. Somewhere beyond the man. Our last can be at this Omar. Which opens on August 28. InterDigital and theaters. And get us lower any of those called the new new. You're in your or you get us started shooting it reached. Actually did me Williams is Spartan armor artist star game roms. She will saying and and it's Eric Jordan and Emma. Is magic and it's one of those air accidents. In offs younger hotter actors. And sitting there win box which the X-Men movies or back to his name. That is we have the corona virus that we shoes you don't know what this turned out to be. It could turn out to be just an unholy mess and yet. We're looking from the group he formed the sun. And Wear a movie in Britain on war. And I'd say. Welcome to disarm we. All these don't know where they are what will hate where we get. And from all of us here popcorn. As states they say. Stay strong and Lee. Let's hope we can all be together with popcorn in the hands together at them.

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